Psychic & Fighting staller

Mr. Mime-3




energy removal-4
Super energy removal-4
Pokemon trader-3
Super Potion-3


12 Fighting
12 Psychic
3 colorless

This is the deck i have but not complete u can do what ever u want with
it but can u give me a report or rating on this deck that  I am trying
to create, so far my rating towards this deck
between 1 & 10, 10 begining
the best, I'll have to say its a "10"!!!

    Hi Andrew,
    A '10' you claim. Upon looking at it, I would give it a '-2'. The main reason for that is you have 66 cards in this deck. That's 6 over the limit! I see some other things wrong here as well (can we say grammar!), but I won't go into detail. The overage is enough.
    Here's what I would suggest. This will get the deck to 60 cards, but also give it a little more flexability. First off, loose 1 Kadabra, 1 SER, 1 Trader, all the Potions and Super Potions, and the 3 DCE's. I would only add 2 Oaks and Bills, and 3 Plus Powers. While the potions are nice, this deck screams 'Haymaker' rather than 'Stall'. I gave this deck some needed drawing ability and a little bit more offense with the Plus Powers.
    All I would ask in the future is to make sure that you have only 60 Cards in your deck. If you aren't sure about how many cards are in the deck, just deal out the cards into piles of 10. If the deck is correct, you should have 6 piles of 10 cards each. Pretty simple.
    I hope this helps your enjoyment of the game.
    Bryan Howland, Deck Mechanic