Subject: Please help my deck kind sir
    It's nice to be concidered with some respect. I don't always get the 'sir' treatment.

 I have every Water and plant rare card except nidoking. I can get more
 evolutions too. This is what I've came up with so far:

    Ok, that's nice to know. Let's see what he does with them.
 2 Blastoise
 2 Wartorle
 2 Squirtle (all I have for now in this evolution. How many more do I need?)
    See below. BKH
 2 Vileplume
 2 Gloom
 2 Oddish
 Professor Oak
 2 breeders
 CPU search
 3 Centers
 3 balls
 14 water
 14 plant
    "reletively small number of energies" he says. Looks like a decent balance to me.
 Vileplume is a very under rated card. He can do 120 damage (if you get 3
 heads) but he's confused afterwards. Good for big guys, but not for
 weaklings. Their purpose is their power! Put them on you bench and leave them
 there unless you need them badly. But every turn you can heal 10-20 damage.
 Better than potions. I have a reletively small number of energies because of
 Rain dance and energy trans saves a lot of discarding. Very convenient. I
 also use energy trans to give exeggcuter a nice, powerful punch. Chansey is
 just a staller while a bring out my bigger guns. But my main reasons why I'm
 asking for help is:
 1. I don't know what ratio of evolutions I should use
 2. I don't know what plant and water rares I should include.
 3. I don't know what trainers I need to have.
 Please help. It would be greatly eoreciated. This is just my first deck, so son't laugh.
    For a first attempt, it's not bad. Actually it looks like something I would have put together in building my first deck. If I had the cards.
    First off, let's get those questions answered:
1)    When it comes to evolutions, you should have one more of the basic or stage 1 than the level above it. In the case of say the Squritle line, you should (and I say should) have a 4 Basic/3 Stage 1/2 Stage 2 set-up. That isn't always the case, though. It depens on your playing style and what cards you have to work with.
2)    Rares are nice, but they aren't always effective or able to get into play. You do have one of the better Grass rares in your deck: Scyther. Basic, 60 HP, 0 retreat, a resistance to Fighting Pokémon, and a 30 to 60 damage attack make Scyther a good Pokémon to have in this type of deck. Blastoise is a very solid rare, but being a stage 2 Pokémon makes hin hard to get into play quickly with out a Breeder. If you lean towards a raindance style of deck, maybe think of Lapras or Articuno from Fossil. Both are rare, basic, and have decent HP and attacks.
3)    Trainers you need to have? I would say Bill, and to a leser extent Porfessor Oak, are trainers you should have in any deck you play. Pokémon Breeders and Traders are good for speeding up a deck, but aren't always needed. I would also say the same is true about Energy Removal and Super ER. In their case, look at the local playing environment. Other Trainer cards are deck style specific, but you should keep in mind Gust of Wind and Switch as decent utility cards.
    With the questions answered, let's deal with tweaking the deck some. I've thought of two approaches. The first keeps the split energy/focus of the deck, but gives it some depth. The second goes mono-grass and slides towards a style of deck a friend of mine calls assassin.
    Before I go into either approach, there are four cards I would remove in either version: Exeggcute, Exeggcutor, Chansey, and Computer Search. In principle, singles of a card don't help the deck much since you don't know when or if you will get that card in hand. Chansey and Comp. Search are decent cards in their own right. The problem is you can't depend on getting them. Exeggcute and Exeggcutor are fair cards as well, but you don't have any Psychic energy in the deck to make full use of what they can do and a 1/1 evolution run doesn't always work.
    The first take I did on this deck was to see what improvments and or comprises I could make. What I see is to get the draw speed and deck manipulation up, as well as to get the some of the single Pokémon out of the deck. I would remove the four cards mentioned above plus Magikarp/Gyardos, 1Poké Ball, and 3 Water energy. I would then set the Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Oddish lines at 3/2/2. I would also add one more Scyther, Oak, Breeder, and Trader. This still gives you some decent hitting ability and allows you to get the Pokémon you need into play. If you want to include a couple of Bills into the deck as well, loose 1 Grass energy and a Pokémon Center.
    The other approach leans towards a style of deck a friend of mine calls assassin. This style uses statis elements and reteat to set up and kill of your opponent's Pokémon. What I would do is loose all the water elements (22 cards total), the four cards mentioned above, and all three Poké Balls. In their place, I would set the Bulbasaur line to 3/3/2 and the Oddish line to 4/3/2. I would also add 1 Scyther, 3 Koffing, 1 Oak, 1 Trader, 2 Bills, 3 Gust of Winds, and 10 Grass energy (24 energy total). I realize taking out the Water elements is rather drastic, but I think these chsnges would make a solid deck.
    Keep trying your best. Your off to a good start. Just keep playing and expermiting with the game.
    Bryan Howland