Subject: Weed killer

 If you're gona post that deck post mine.

As the old saying goes... Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
 Weed Eater 1.2
 22 grass energy
 2 Double Colorless
 1 Bill
 2 Pokecenter
 3 Pokemon Trader
 2 computer search
 1 Poketrader
 2 Nidoran male
 2 Nidorino
 2 Pinsir
 1 Nidoking
 3 Venonat
 2 Venomoth
 2 Oddish
 1 Gloom
 1 Vileplume
 2 Weedle
 2 Kakuna
 1 Beedrill
 2 Venonat
 2 Venomoth
 1 Chansey
 2 Bulbasaur
 2 Ivysaur
 2 Venusaur
 The goal of this deck is to get Chansey up as a wall while Venusaur,
 Nidoking, Vileplume and Beedrill are building up.
    Greetings Mike, (I believe that's the sender's name)
    I figured that comming back to the garage wouldn't be a problem. Boy was I worng!
    I don't know where this person came up with this, but I seriously wonder if he's smoking the weed instead
of killing it. I mean this deck isn't as bad as some of the ones that I've seen, but it does have a couple of
serious problems. The first being it's 65 cards, 5 over the limit! The other being the use of 32 Pokémon.
That many, IMHO, is way too many to have in a deck.
    With the noticable problems found, time to see what I can do to fix it. The first thing we need to do is get it to 60 cards. The quick fix is to drop the second listing of Venonat/moth (the 2/2 listing) and the Poketrader (I think he ment another Pokémon Trader). That brings the deck down to 60 cards.
    Now here's where the real fun begins. Grass, for the most part, relies on mild damage with statis effects to get the job done. The ideas presented in this deck are decent, but even with the quick fix, the deck still has 28 Pokémon. This is four to six more than I would use at maximum. After taking a decent look at the deck, I've thought of two different appraoches to this deck.
    The first deals with quick evolution to the stage 2 Pokémon. I would remove both centers, all seven of the stage 1 Pokémon (not counting the Venomoths), Chansey, and both Pinsirs. That is a total of 12 cards. I would add 4 Pokémon Breeders, 2 Bills and Oaks, 1 more Trader, and 1 Nidoran male, Nidoking, and Bulbasaur. This should allow you to be able to get what basic or evolved form you need into play.
    The second deals with loosing a couple of evolution lines and strengthing the remaing ones. I would remove both Pinsirs, the Venonat/moth line (5 cards), the Oddish line (4 cards), and Chansey for a total of 12 cards.
I would add another Nidoran male, Weedle, 2 Bulbasaurs, 1 Ivysaur, 2 Bills, Oaks and Energy Retrievals, and 1 more Grass energy. This strengthens up the more powerfull lines of Pokémon in this deck. The deck's drawing ability is increased and you have a way to recover some energy if you have to center without a Vensaur being out.
    While I did notice your strategy of using Chansey to stall for the rest of the deck, just having one in the deck is unsound. I pulled Chansey out in both refits because of this. You have some very soild creature lines in this deck as is. All you need to do is be able to get them out a little faster and let them work, not hide behind 1 lone Chansey until they are ready.
    I hope this hels in your enjoyment of the game.
    Bryan Howland