Hello. Sir, i would appriciate if you could help me with my deck. It is an
unorthodox and ridiculously fast haymaker. It can handle all sorts of
decks; it can take blastoises in one hit, it can kill all psycic in one
hit, as well as most fighting and grass with psy weakness. It makes avent
use of the movie promos. (Please dont flush my deck because of this, they
are tournament legal in dci, i checked) You might not know what they do, so
here is the stats for the 2 i use and one possiblity:
    ::: Snip out Listings of Promo Cards :::
   Not to be mean or nothing... But I know the Promos are tourney legal and I why would I "flush my deck because of this?" It's nice to be thoughtfull in listing the Promo cards. If I didn't know what they did, I should look them up. I know I will with the Promo Jigglypuff from the Movie Soundtrack.

OK. (whew!) the deck.

4 promo picachu
4 promo mewtwo
3 jynx
3 (regular) electabuzz
4 bill
4 oak
4 gust of wind
4 super energy removal
2 energy search
2 scoop up
13 psi energy
13 electric energy

my best combo of very few combos in this deck is to start with a mewtwo and
have an oak and three psi in hand. drap a psi on the mewtwo, play all that
i can in my hand, play the oak, and energy absorb the 2 discarded psicic.

Qs to ponder:
        Do you think i have enough energy or too much?

    You have a Solid amount of energy here. Maybe a little too much.
        Is the promo electabuzz worth using?
    In this deck, No. The Promo 'Buzz is interesting, but I really haven't looked at any solid applications for it yet.
        would raichus work?
    In this deck? Hell Yes! Concidering you could have a Basic set Raichu powered for it's agility attack in two turns, instead of three.
        would swithces be better than scoopups?
    Possible, but I'm not sure...   See what I comment below.

Thankyou for your time. I really appriciate it.

    This seems to be an interesting deck. The concept looks solid. Although as I mentioned above, I think you have a little too much energy. I mean this by one or two energies. I also noticed you have way too many Oaks as well. With four Bills and two Energy Searches, four Oaks is a little redundant.
    Now on to what I would do to tweak it. For starters, loose one Electric an Psychic energy, as well as two Oaks and a Gust of Wind. In their place, add two Switches , two Basic set Raichus, and a Fossil Raichu. I dropped the energies just to lighten the deck a little in that area. I dropped the Oaks and the GoW because you had pleanty of them and felt that those slots could be better used. The inclusion of the Raichus gives the deck a little bit more heavy hitting ability (in the Basic set) and some added bench hitting (with the Fossil one). I did include a pair of Switches because the average retreat cost of your Pokemon is 2. While the energies can be recovered by the Mewtwos, I wouldn't guarantee on it. The only thing I might do other wise is replace the Searches with Retrievals. That way you have a better chance fo getting back some energies.
    I hope this helps,
        Bryan Howland, Deck Mechanic