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Ness's Nest
with Jason Klaczynski
Worlds 2006
August 23, 2006

                I arrived in Anaheim on Tuesday and had four days to decide what to play.  I already knew I wanted to play Mewtric, simply because I trusted the deck’s consistency over Dragtrode, and felt I had no bad match-ups.  While accepting literally almost no strong match-ups in my favor, having no bad ones was more important to me, because I felt I could outplay any of the players there.

                The match-ups I worried about the most were Dragtrode, Delta and other Mewtric decks.  On Thursday & Friday I tested Mewtric against a lot of decks, and decided that I had four spots to dedicate to basics other than Electrike & Mew ex.

                These choices were:
Minun: Minun is intended to sway the Lunasol match-up in our favor.  Luna/Sol generally beats Mewtric as it simply wins in a constant 2hit KO prize exchange, but grabbing two prizes to our one.  Minun’s Sniff Out is also useful in some situations, and Negative Spark opportunities do arise.

Girafarig: Girafarig has two main purposes.  One is obviously to prevent our opponents from using Jirachi’s Wishing Star, a power that will allow many decks, including Rock Lock, to develop stronger evolutions that overpower Mew ex.  However, an equally important option is Foresight.  Foresight can help us early game, and when our opponent is in a bad situation, can seal our win.

Roselia: With LBS being the most popular deck at Nationals, and it being obvious that it would be popular at Worlds, Roselia is necessary.  LBS often either prevents or avoids a Disconnect, or somehow manages to work around it, developing a Blastoise ex +Latias*/Steelix ex threat that turns into three consecutive ex knockouts.  With Roselia, Battle Frontier and Rocket’s Admin., we can Flick Poison Blastoise ex and follow-up with a game winning Disconnect.

Regirock ex: With Delta being one of my hardest match-ups, I noticed that Regirock’s 100 HP, almost immunity to Raichu d’s Zzzap, and fighting type gave Delta trouble.  However, Regirock is a terrible opener.

Deoxys ex (Speed): Deoxys ex is intended mainly to avoid Safeguard Pokemon.  (Dustox ex, and attacks like Celebi ex.)

Rayquaza*: Rayquaza* provides an advantage in the mirror match, and has other occasional uses to win a game that could otherwise not be won.  (Dragtrode, Flariados etc.) Also, another bad opener.

With less than five minutes left to register a deck, I finally decided I would run Minun, Girafarig, Roselia and Regirock ex.  But fear of Dustox ex or random Safeguard Pokemon prevented me from turning in my list.  Some last minute advice from Matt Moss convinced me to drop the Minun and add the Deoxys ex. 

Here is my list:

Pokemon (17)
4x Mew ex

4x Electrike (DX)
3x Manectric ex
1x Roselia
1x Girafarig
1x Regirock ex
1x Deoxys ex
2x Holon’s Magneton

Energy (15)
11x Lightning Energy

4x Multi Energy 

Trainers (28)

4x Rocket’s Admin.
4x Professor Elm’s Training Method
4x TV Reporter
3x Scott
1x Mary’s Request
4x Dual Ball
3x Battle Frontier
1x Cursed Stone
2x Pow! Hand Extension
2x Switch

4 Electrike & 4 Mew ex are necessary to give us the highest chance of opening with one of them.  I had run 10 Lighting forever, but while at Worlds, finally decided to cut a Mary’s Request for the 11th Lightning Energy, and am glad I did.  2 Pows allow you to win games you would otherwise lose quite often, and 2 Switch help with bad openings, Flariados, status etc.

One thing that may seem weird is I am opting to play TV Reporter over Mary’s Request.  The main reason is simply because Mewtric often has cards it would opt to discard if it could, mostly useless Battle Frontiers and basics.  Discarding these basics benefits you later in the game, increasing your odds of drawing good cards through you & your opponents’ Rocket’s Admins.

In addition, TV Reporter has the added bonus of allowing me to discard supporters to copy Banette’s Shadow Chant for a OHKO, and allows me to discard basics in my hand that can be pulled through Unown E.

Round 1 (Germany, Dustox ex/Houndoom)
My opponent opens with a Wurmple and I immediately appreciate  Matt Moss’s advice to put the Deoxys ex back in my deck.  He Acensions into a Cascoon, and after Dual Balling for the Deoxys and benching it, I recharge with a Mew.  He nails the evolution flip and turn2’s a Dustox on me.  He Silver Winds, threatening a KO.  I immediately realize that even with Deoxys ex, the speed of his Dustox will give me trouble.  I Fastwave for 100.  His next energy drop is on a Houndour and I end up Powing his Rainbow to the Houndour next turn, leaving Dustox with a lone Cyclone.  The Houndour has Rainbow/Grass.  He ends up Copycatting me and hitting the Houndoom, but not a second fire.  He desperately Tight Jaws and flips a tails, and a followup Disconnect locks the game.


Round 2 (US, Rock Lock)
My opponent opens with a Jirachi DX and I manage to turn1 the Girafarig with a Dual Ball, immediately hindering his setup.  A quick Disconnect beats his Rare Candy, and he struggles to develop without it.  I end up Disconnecting repeatedly to win.


Round 3 (Netherlands, LBS)
My opening hand is 6 basics and a Professor Elm’s
Training Method.   My opponent opens with a Jirachi HL and I have to play first, passing to her.  She benches another Jirachi and passes it back.  I draw another useless PETM and play it, then pass.  She draws, then passes.  I draw an energy and am able to Recharge with Mew.  She draws, and Warp Points me, forcing me to promote an Electrike.  With no other energy, I can begin passing again, but finally get some help and draw a Switch.  I begin Disconnecting, and she benches two Squirtles.  They both evolve to Wartortle, and eventually Blastoise, and she begins to attack with Blastoise.  She takes out the Mew, but the Blastoise is eventually taken out after an Admin to 4, and she is unable to recover past the remaining Disconnects.


Round 4 (US, Flariados)
I am forced to open with Regirock ex.  My opponent Stun Poisons a tails Turn1 with his Spinarak, and I lay an energy.  I Dual Ball for a Mew ex, lay an energy.  He evolves to Ariados and Sleep/Poisons me.  After my math, I determine he can Reactive Poison for 70 +20+10 with the poison/burn flip, but Regirock’s body can trigger anytime between to save me.  Or I can pick the worst time to make a horrible blunder, and overlook the third special condition, giving him a 100 damage KO.  I lose second turn, and try to figure out how I let it happen.  I over thought the simplest situation and ended up making a horrible play.


Round 5 (Shawn Gettys, US, Banette ex/Medicham ex)
Banette ex/Medicham ex had been worked on by a group of UK and US players, secretly, for the past few weeks.  While some of them thought they had the Worlds winning deck, I immediately recognized the deck has several issues, including extremely low energy, Admin vulnerability, etc. (All of which make it horribly bad.)  I again open with Regirock ex, and on my fourth turn, am still unable to bench another basic.  I TV Reporter, discarding other semi useful supporters in anticipation of my own eventual Shadow Chant follow-up with Mew.  I end up giving Regirock a fourth energy as my opponent uses Banette’s Shadow Chant to fall 10 damage short of a quick win.  Then I draw a Rocket’s Admin., get a Mew & an Electrike, and have to find a way to deal with his Banette ex and Medicham ex.  After giving the first knockout, I am able to Pow+Admin again, copying Pure Power and Disconnect with a Cursed Stone in play.   His final Banette takes out my 2nd Mew, but I have gotten my six supporters in the discard pile by then, and am able to follow-up with a one hit KO from Mew on it to win.


Round 6 (Eric Craig, US, Mewtric)
Round 7 I play against one of the very few people in the World that know how to play Pokemon well.  I open with an Electrike, and he opens with a Mew.  He Recharges with a Multi, and establishes an immediate advantage.  I do the same and bench a Mew.  He disconnects, so do I.  He chooses to Megashot my Manectric immediately and I follow-up with an Admin.  I end up Megashotting a Mew ex for 80, and he ends up Koing something else, and I am looking for a Pow or Roselia after he Power Moves that Mew ex with 3 energy to the bench, but cannot find it, and in the end, am unable to prevent him from drawing his sixth prize.


Round 7 (Jpn, Eeveelutions/Pidgeot)
I again am forced to open with Regirock ex and my opponent slowly begins building Espeons.  I manage to take out an Espeon with a Disconnect from Mew+Cursed Stone, devastating him.  He follows up with a Pidgeotto KO, then is Admined to 4 and pulls a Rare Candy+Pidgeot.  In the end, I am repeatedly Admined, and eventually able to Mega shot something for the sixth prize.


Round 8 (Drew Guritzky, US, LBS)
Drew opens with a Jirachi HL, I open Electrike.  We both have strong openings and he eventually nails a huge Holon’s Scientist to get a Blastoise ex+Latias* on me.  I am unable to find a Battle Frontier and he gets several Backups with Porygon2.  Finally, I find a Frontier, and pow the Blastoise and Disconnect it twice after an Admin for a knockout.  A benched Celebi ex ends up giving up two prizes in the end, giving me the win.


I end up in Top32 6-2, in 12th place.

Top 32 (Jpn, Luna/Sol Rock Lock)
Game 1: 
I am forced to open with Deoxys ex, and a very slow start is difficult to recover from, as he opens with Lunatone and repeatedly Moon Guidances.  However, he fails three Explosive Evolutions giving me time to finally get something going.  I end up locking the Battle Frontier with Disconnect, preventing sand damage, but having to deal with two built Sand Damage Dark Tyranitars.  A close game, Admin again solidifies my advtantage when I am left with the only Pokemon with energy in play.

Game 2: I open with Deoxys ex to his Lunatone again, and another slow start is devastating.  After trading Kos, he drops a Cursed Stone and Admins me.  This Cursed Stone eventually sticks, and I know I am going to give up my final two prizes because of the Deoxys ex.  I need two prizes fast, and Mega Shot leaving myself with an energyless Manectric active, and a Manectric with two energy on the bench.  I need a switch and an energy, and do top deck the Switch, but couldn’t get the energy.

Game 3: He’s 3/3 with Lunatone openings, but I have a Mew this time.  He finally sees what a Turn2 Disconnect is and immediately loses as a result.

Top16 (Jamie, US, Rock Lock)

Game 1: Jamie top 8’d Worlds last year, but I was still confident in my match.  He opens Jirachi DX.  Unfortunately, I am forced to open with Regirock ex again, and he begins building.  I believe my loss was in this first game as I could not deal with all of the Tyranitars.

Game 2: After a better opening to his Jirachi DX, I am able to get the Battle Frontier in play and quickly lock it.  I Disconnect repeatedly with Admins and only have to deal with one Dark Tyranitar, and win.

Game 3: I don’t remember the openings, other than he opened with Jirachi DX again, and I got the Girafarig on him.  He repeatedly rips Double Rainbows and stadiums after Admins and I am in trouble.  However, the Cursed Stone ends up sticking and I follow-up with a Pow on his Pidgeot and a Disconnect KO, simultaneously Koing a Jirachi, and leaving me with an unpreventable Mega Shot KO.

Top8 (Eric Craig, US, Mewtric)
Game 1:
He opens with Minun as I Recharge with Electrike.  He misses his first few energy drops and I cannot find a Manectric, so I manage to Quick Attack 2/2 to KO the Minun.  However, despite my advantage, I must avoid the Rayquaza*.  Constant Admins+Disconnect give me the best shot at avoiding it, and in the end, he Admins to 6 with a fully built Mew.  He needs the Ray* to win.  If not, he loses next turn to a Megashot.  We both stand up and after a thorough shuffle, he cuts his own deck then flips his hand face up, card by card.  Everyone watches, and he whiffs on the Rayquaza*, giving me the win.

Game 2: We both open with Mew and he Recharges first.  A long, thought out game ends up with me desperately Flick Poisoning him repeatedly until he ends up with his Rayquaza* stuck.  I continually Foresight him giving him every bad card I can find, and time eventually expires, advancing me to Top4.

Top4 (Jpn, Metanite)
He opens with a bunch of Magnetic Call beldums, and fills his bench with them.  I recharge and face a turn two Metagross d, but follow-up with a Battle Frontier+Disconnect.  He uses Metagross DX to get energy in play, eventually Koing my Manectric ex and a mew ex, but loses all his energy in the process, and the final Admin to 2 + Disconnect is an easy win.

Game 2: He opens with Dratini and attaches a metal and I recharge.  He benches another Dratini and passes.  I Frontier+Disconnect twice and he concedes.

Finals (Jimmy Ballard, Eeveelutions)
His slow opening allows me to get some Disconnects, but I cannot find a Battle Frontier, and he eventually Rare Candys into a Pidgeot.  He gets a Flareon ex going, and I Disconnect it a few times for 20 to his Flame Screen, then after a KO, perfectly time an Admin+Fast Wave knockout, giving me a huge advtantage and the win.

Game 2:  Jimmy goes first and  Rare Candys into a Pidgeot.  I Scott for 2 Frontiers, one for this turn, then another to lock with Disconnect.  He doesn’t even take out the first one, and correctly concedes to a Disconnect the next turn.

Matt Moss, Alex Brosseau (Chuck), my girlfriend Danielle and a few others cheer for me.  Jimmy shakes my hand and tells me what I already know: He can’t beat Mewtric with his deck.

For first place I win a $7,500 scholarship, a Top32, Top16, Quarterfinalist, semifinalist and two Finalist Tropical Wind promos, and the No. 1 Trainer card.  I will be putting them up on eBay soon, or if you are interested, feel free to contact me on AIM: aatwoson.  Or E-mail me at aatwoson@aol.com

I also won a trophy,  a box of Crystal Guardians, and an invite to Worlds 2007 in Hawaii.

In the end, if I could change one card in my deck, I don’t think I would.  I was happy with the choice I made.  The Regirock didn’t do much, but there were numerous Delta decks from the U.S. I just managed to avoid them.

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