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Ness's Nest
with Jason Klaczynski
Top10 Modified Trainers

December 20, 2006

        Focusing only on basic Pokemon & evolutions, these are the strongest cards in modified at the moment.  If you've played in any City Championships, these cards won't be a surprise to you.

#10 Energy Removal 2 (Unseen Forces)

Energy Removal 2 gives fast decks the ability to prevent your opponent from making comebacks.  Buying turns to get more unanswered prizes let's you to continue to build your Stage1's and basics. ER2 is especially effective against Holon's energies.

#9 Crystal Beach (Crystal Guardians)

So many decks in modified rely heavily on either Double Rainbow Energy, Scramble Energy, or Holon's Castform/Magneton/Electrode.  Because of this, Crystal Beach is probably the best stadium in the game right now.

#8 Professor Elm's Training Method (Unseen Forces)

Getting any evolution from you your deck, without being limited to non ex, allows decks like Banette ex to work.  Without this card, ex Pokemon that aren't delta Pokemon would all become nearly unplayable.

#7 Holon Researcher (Delta Species)

Holon Researcher works great in decks that play Delta Pokemon.  While it requires a discard, it beats out Celio's Network because it has the ability to get ex's, basics, a metal energy, and most importantly, can be fetched with Holon Transceiver.
#6 Holon Adventurer (Holon Phantoms)

Having the option to simply draw three cards is great.  Before Holon Adventurer was printed, the only way you were drawing cards from a Holon Transceiver was if your opponent's hand size was larger than yours, and you'd get a Holon Scientist.  Holon Adventurer gives you the options to get three cards whenever you want, and in many decks, you'll often have the option to draw four.
#5 Holon Scientist (Delta Species)

Holon Scientist is a great balancing card to keep in the format.  When your opponent gets set up quickly, and you don't, Holon Scientist is going to be the only reason the game isn't over - giving you a chance to get a large hand just like your opponent, and set up.
#4 Windstorm (Crystal Guardians)

Without Windstorm, any deck relying on Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies would become significantly weaker because it would have no answer to Cessation Crystal.  Windstorm fits into any deck that relies on Powers & Bodies, providing an answer to troublesome stadiums and tools at the same time.
#3 Rare Candy (Holon Phantoms)

The speed advantage a Rare Candy gives a stage two deck is huge.  Having the ability to get lucky and get a Pokemon like Metagross d on the first turn can be a game-winning advantage.
#2 Holon Mentor (Delta Species/Dragon Frontiers)

Holon Mentor allows almost every deck in modified to set up, and is a great combo with Holon's Castform, giving you 3 Delta Basics immediately means you're getting three cards immediately.
#1 Holon Transceiver (Delta Species)

The ability to get Holon Mentor, Holon Adventurer, Holon Scientist, Holon Researcher, Holon Lass, Holon Farmer, either from your deck or discard pile makes Holon Transceiver a wildcard of options to improve the consistency of any deck.  It also allows decks to play what basically becomes "8" Holon Mentor; by having four Holon Transceiver and four Holon Mentor in your deck, you have eight cards to get basics early in the game.  That's why so many decks play four, and that's why it's an uncommon that sells for $10.



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