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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


 Genesect EX

- Fates Collide

Date Reviewed:
July 1, 2016

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 3.10
Expanded: 2.80
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Genesect-EX makes his return into the TCG, this time with a new shiny Metal coat! Is he as powerful as his counterpart from Plasma Blast? And will he be able to recreate the power of the VirGen deck in the new Standard format?
Well, probably not. Never mind that Genesect-EX didn't get anything like G Booster this time around - that honor goes to Zygarde-EX at the moment. This version is just a bit more debatable. First of all, the Ability it has is now Drive Change, which once per turn lets you return a Tool from Genesect-EX back to your hand. Now last I checked, he didn't have anything like a Spirit Link for a M Genesect-EX (not that you could use that anyway if there was), so I'm not entirely sure what it would be. Maybe a Float Stone that you used to get him out? A Muscle Band you want to get on someone else? I'm not sure, but I'm sure there are some minor applications. As it is, it's just not that relevant.
...at least, to me. Like I said, there may be some Tool that works well with that.
As for his attack, he gets Rapid Blaster, which costs 3 Metal Energy and does 100 damage. You can also discard any Metal Energy you'd like from Genesect-EX while making the attack, and he'll add on an extra 20 damage for each one. Including the 3 you use and, say, a Muscle Band, you can OHKO most Pokemon-EX in the game outside of Megas. So running him with something like Bronzong (PHF) will be pretty much necessary.
So the deck idea in mind is simple enough: Bronzong are Benched, Genesect-EX attacks, you use Muscle Band to add more damage to Rapid Blaster, swap it for a Float Stone, switch it out for some other Pokemon, swap out the Stone for the Band, switch it around again after fueling it up with Bronzong, and then Rapid Blaster again. Unfortunately, this combination takes a bit of time, and if the other Pokemon you're swapping out isn't another Genesect-EX or a great attacker in its own right, it's going to come out slower more than anything.
He may not be Genesect-EX (PLB) material, but he's still reasonably good in his own right.
Standard: 2.5/5 (Rapid Blaster is the most appealing thing about Genesect-EX that I can see, apart from the 180 HP)
Expanded: 2/5 (but he needs good support to make him work well, and that doesn't really compare to what VirGen was)
Limited: 4/5 (still, he's got perks, so he's not all bad)
Arora Notealus: It's really hard to stand out on your own when you've already gotten the EX treatment and your first version was so good. Mewtwo-EX, Darkrai-EX, and now Genesect-EX have all been treated like this. At least with stuff like Dialga-EX, the remake was better than the original!
Weekend Thought: So what of this week's cards? What caught your eye? Did anything catch your eye? We've been pretty ourselves working away on different things, so it's no surprise that we've taken it a little easy with this one.


Let’s see if we can end the week with a bang as we cover Genesect-EX (XY: Fates Collide 64/124, 120/124)!  This is a Metal Type and I want to make a glorious pun by saying it is solid but as I mentioned Monday and Tuesday that might be a bit strong.  In terms of exploiting Weakness they can slam every Fairy Type released so far and some of the Water Type for double damage, but unless the latest metagame shifts change things you’ve only got a scattered handful of high priority targets where that will be significant bonus.  Metal Resistance is found on almost all XY-era Lightning Types so the saving grace there is that Resistance is actually well balanced, just causing you to do 20 less damage; it matters, but in edge cases.  Anti-Metal Type effects are either nonexistent or easily missed because I didn’t find any.  Beneficial effects keyed in specifically to the Metal Type are

·         Klinklang (BW: Plasma Storm 90/135) - Klinklang [Plasma] has the Ability “Plasma Steel” which protects your Metal Type Pokémon from damage done by the attacks of your opponent’s Pokémon-EX.
Reverse Valley - Though one half adds 10 to the damage done by attacks from Darkness Types, the other side reduces the damage Metal Types take from attacks by 10.
Shield Energy - The finicky successor to the Special Energy version of Metal Energy, while attached it reduces the damage that Metal Pokémon takes by 10.  It cannot even be attached to something that is not a Metal Type but the protection does stack.
Steel Shelter - This Stadium makes both players’ Metal Type Pokémon immune to Special Conditions, and removes any Special Conditions already present when it hits the field. 

No Type specific Supporter or Pokémon Tool or similar tricks found in some of the other Types, but still some solid options here.  The real strength of the Metal Type are from effects not restricted to them but which naturally favor them.  They have several solid, if not keen, attack options or forms of Energy acceleration

·         Aegislash-EX - Stall and attack
Bronzong (XY: Phantom Forces 61/119; XY: Black Star Promos XY21) - Energy acceleration from the discard pile
Cobalion (BW: Noble Victories 84/101, 100/101) - Solid attack or Stall and attack, regular Pokémon
Cobalion-EX - Discard Special Energy or pierce through protective effects while attacking
Dialga-EX (XY: Phantom Forces 62/119, 122/119) - Stall while attacking or potential OHKO attack
Heatran - Solid attack, potential OHKO attack, regular Pokémon
Klinklang (Black & White 76/114) - Energy acceleration via its “Shift Gear” Ability transferring Energy
Registeel - Discard Special Energy via attack, regular Pokémon
Registeel-EX - Spread attack, attack while reducing damage taken 

I left out a few that were more specialized and/or hadn’t seen as much play (either now or ever).  With all of this it seems odd that the Metal Type doesn’t have a greater presence.  I indulged in the extreme detail because most of these will get at least a passing reference later in the review.  So getting back Genesect-EX, it is of course a Pokémon-EX.  It has been almost a month since we reviewed the fundamentals of being a Pokémon-EX so as a reminder the only guarantees are giving up an extra Prize when KO’d though the cardpool already contains effects meant to counter Pokémon-EX, plus supporting effects that exclude them.  I think it so far has always come with at least a small HP boost (Jirachi-EX is all of 20 HP bigger than the various regular Jirachi), but the notion that it always means an awesome Ability, Ancient Trait, or attack is mistaken; we’ve seen some real stinkers that may hit hard or have a cool effect, but the cost just has not been worth it.  So with that in mind we’ll look at the 180 HP; this is good but just the higher of the two typical scores for Basic Pokémon-EX.  It is enough you ought to survive a hit most of the time, but OHKOs aren’t going to be rare, just less common. 

Fire Weakness is typical of Metal Types and not as bad as it might seem.  It isn’t good, but the Fire Type isn’t riding too high as an established top deck and any of the new decks XY: Fates Collide inspired that were Fire seemed to have already burned out.  Flareon (BW: Plasma Freeze 12/116) is still performing reasonably well in Expanded and you might catch someone still running an Entei (XY: Ancient Origins 15/98) deck, but these actually are built to OHKO non-Weak 180 HP Pokémon so Weakness doesn’t dramatically shift the matchup.  There is an outside chance (but still a chance) that someone will surprise you by working in a Flareon (XY: Ancient Origins 13/98) so that some other Stage 1 will be able to hit you twice as hard but take all of this and weigh it against the threat of being Fighting or Darkness Weak and it puts it into perspective.  Genesect-EX does enjoy Psychic Resistance, which can come in handy and a little more often than some other forms thanks to the popularity of Night March.  Sometimes your opponent just won’t quite manage the OHKO, but there is also when they could have but don’t because they forgot about Resistance.  Then again Psychic Types often focus on more than damage; Trevenant BREAK won’t care about Resistance if it already was going to use its “Silent Fear” attack.  The Retreat Cost of [CC] is functionally average; low enough you can pay it if you must but high enough you’re better off reducing or bypassing it entirely. 

Genesect-EX has the Ability “Drive Change”; once per turn you can bounce a Pokémon Tool attached to itself to your hand.  We’ve seen similar and even better effects before, but on stuff like Masquerain (BW: Plasma Blast 2/101) which is a Stage 1.  Even if you’re not running a Tool-centric deck like Tool Drop, many decks have two or three different Pokémon Tools in them right now because we’ve got so many great options.  Once more with the bullet points

·         Assault Vest - Soak 40 damage if the attacker uses Special Energy cards
Exp. Share - Energy acceleration via salvaging basic Energy cards
Fighting Fury Belt - +10 damage and +40 HP
Float Stone - Zero out Retreat Cost
G Booster - Probable OHKO attack that pierces defenses
G Scope - Attack that hits a Benched target for 100
Hard Charm - Soak 20 damage
Head Ringer - Special, see below
Jamming Net - Special, see below
Life Dew - Give up one less Prize when KO’d
Muscle Band - +20 damage
Rock Guard - 6 damage counter placement

You won’t be bouncing your own Head Ringer or Jamming Net since Pokémon Tool F cards are attached to your opponent’s Pokémon, but if an opponent attaches one to your Genesect-EX you can use Drive Change to send it to the owner’s discard pile as that is what happens when a Pokémon Tool F card leaves the field for any reason.  Some of these are quite unlikely, but more niche cards might get a shot because you can run one, attach it when you need it, and if Genesect-EX survives past that point you can then bounce it back to hand and put in something more useful.  Just letting you deal with Pokémon Tool F cards is useful, so being able to also tailor your assault seems fairly good to me. 

Genesect-EX has one attack called “Rapid Blaster”.  The printed Energy requirement is [MMM] but the effect means often enough you’ll want more than that attached to this Pokémon; the attack does base damage of 100 but the effect lets you discard as many [M] Energy from this Pokémon as you like, then does 20 more damage for each [M] Energy discarded.  100 damage is good enough to 2HKO most things in the game (OHKO for smaller targets).  A single discard doesn’t change things much but two and other buffs just barely brings the typical Basic Pokémon-EX beatstick into OHKO range, and discarding three means you just need a Fighting Fury Belt or Muscle Band to do the deed.  Four [M] Energy means you don’t need the Tools while five means you do but now to take out Mega Evolutions; you have to hit 8 to OHKO anything without protection (and without you needing additional ways to boost damage)... unles it’s like Wailord-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt you can’t ditch, in which case you still need more.  So this isn’t too likely to be a OHKO anything card, even with this Ability/attack combo, but a 2HKO attacker that can adapt a bit better than most which can be a reasonable OHKO attacker with the proper set up. 

Before we get to that, what about the other Genesect-EX?  Released as BW: Plasma Blast 11/101 and 97/101, it is a Grass Type Basic Pokémon-EX with 170 HP, Fire Weakness, no Resistance, Retreat Cost [C], the Ability “Red Signal”, and the attack “Megalo Cannon”.  It is also a Team Plasma Pokémon, so we can just refer to it as Genesect-EX [Plasma].  Red Signal acts like a Lysandre except instead of your Supporter for the turn you need to attach a Plasma Energy card from hand to Genesect-EX [Plasma].  Megalo Cannon needs [GGC] and does 100 damage to the opponent’s Active plus 20 more to one of his or her Benched Pokémon (your choice).  This is still a good card and once it was great.  We reviewed it as the third best card of BW: Plasma Blast and again as the seventh best card of 2013.  In hindsight I am pretty sure my review (missed one of them) makes me look like an idiot, but I can’t pin down anything specific; the whole thing is kind of a mess and reminds me of even older CotDs.  Fortunately as was often the case Baby Mario got it right.  There are also two Ace Spec Pokémon Tools that work only for Genesect-EX (either of them, since the printed names are the same for the cards): G Booster and G Scope.  Both allow the equipped Genesect-EX to use an attack named after the Pokémon Tool in question, and both have a cost of [GGC].  G Booster also requires a two Energy discard but it does 200 damage while ignoring effects on the Defending Pokémon.  G Scope just does 100 even if it can also hit Benched Pokémon.  I was hoping G Scope might be made better by Drive Change but I was being pretty unrealistic.  Now if Shaymin-EX (XY: Roaring Skies 77/108, 10/108) had 10 less HP it might have been different.  Out of these, G Booster may matter to Genesect-EX, but I don’t think Genesect-EX [Plasma] occupies a similar enough place for the two to compete or compliment each other. 

For Standard play the plan is to fill your bench with the above mentioned Bronzong so that you can afford to constantly use Rapid Blaster for big hits (at least if necessary).  Then select a good assortment of Pokémon Tools that will let you tailor things to the situation.  Probably Assault Vest, Fighting Fury Belt, Float Stone, and Muscle Band but maybe a Hard Charm in addition to or instead of Assault Vest.  I think most attackers still use enough Special Energy that Assault Vest is the way to go to deny some key OHKOs and even 2HKOs.  Fighting Fury Belt will usually be better than both but I’ve seen just enough exceptions that with Drive Change the variety might once again be justified.  Float Stone can fake being a Switch often thanks to Drive Change while Muscle Band is self-explanatory.  However this is my guess work and I’m seeing others that do things much differently.  What I can tell you is that in the European National Championships, you’ll see Bronzong/Genesect-EX decks pop up in the top eight and even win one (Gawein W. in the Netherlands). 

In Expanded I could see Genesect-EX could try and do the same thing.  Not sure why it would be that much better or worse save the larger card pool and general increased competition.  However if you want something a little kooky, how about a klunky combo that is amazing when you get it all working.  Combine Bronzong, Klinklang, and Klinklang [Plasma] which actually is nothing new.  You just won’t have room for a Bench full of Bronzong like in a normal build but you gain both protection from Pokémon-EX and the capacity to move Energy around.  Now include the Pokémon Tools I mentioned for Standard, with possibly one addition: G Booster.  This deck is already so packed that there isn’t as much room for a diverse array of attackers.  So either include some Rainbow Energy or two  Smeargle (XY: BREAKthrough 123/162) and a few basic Grass Energy cards.  Now by varying the Pokémon Tool, Genesect-EX can handle several roles; stall against some decks with Assault Vest, punch through protective effects with G Booster, and deliver solid attacks with everything else.  Bronzong can let you use G Booster turn after turn.  Since you don’t need everything all at once you might also want a Keldeo-EX both to handle any oddball Fire decks and to combo with Float Stone as usual (that means one less Bronzong though).  You also have the option of just using a massive Rapid Blaster for a final big push. 

In Limited, this is a good card and if the contents listing for Evolution packs didn’t show all three packing Fire Types I would suggest you just run Genesect-EX solo.  It will take three turns before you can attack but from there you can do 100 each turn with ease, likely taking four Prizes.  Even if a few of your targets are bigger, any turn you don’t discard means another Energy in reserve to discard for Rapid Blaster; so if you attach one Metal Energy per turn as planned and your opponent can’t mess it up for you, then by turn seven you’ll be able to attack for the fourth time and discard all your Energy to do 240 damage.  Since there is so much Fire, do not try this.  Build your deck around it since it isn’t something you can splash in; it will need a mono or near mono Energy Type deck. 


Standard: 3.7/5 

Expanded: 3.6/5 

Limited: 4.5/5 

Summary: When I first saw the new Genesect-EX I think I was impressed.  Then not impressed.  Then kind of impressed.  The attack can hit some important numbers, just not in a super easy fashion.  The deck will be Ability reliant, which can be a problem since more than one deck right now shuts them down (and in different ways!).  The biggest problem for this card is that it is way too easy to fixate on Genesect-EX [Plasma] and how this is not the same card despite some legitimate similarities in how you would use them. 

Genesect-EX ranked 12th on my own personal Top 15 for XY: Fates Collide, which gave it four voting points and allowed it to take 21th place on the Pojo’s list.  It even only managed that through me putting my thumb on the scale as it tied with a card that ranked lower but showed up on two lists (one being my own).  That means this almost missed even the fringe of the Top 10 lists, which I think may have been an oversight on our collective part.

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