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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Fates Collide

Date Reviewed:
July 6, 2016

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.88
Expanded: 1.75
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Let's start with the Grass-type Wormadam for starters. She's got two attacks, with Solar Ray dealing 20 damage and healing from all of your Pokemon. That's a little like Rough Seas, except it heals less and you need to attack to do it, so it's almost like Fresh Water...but again, you need to attack. 

Then there's Leaf Cutter, which is 3-for-60 with a 50/50 shot of doing 90 damage. Useful somewhat if it hits 90...which means Wormadam is useful half the time. 

In any normal Grass deck, Wormadam is subpar healing with an okay offensive maneuver. In a dedicated Wormadam deck, she's basically a way of healing off the damage that Mothim can spread around with his own Ability, but nothing much beyond that. So I guess she's average at best and terrible otherwise, huh?


Standard: 2/5 (at least she can heal) 

Expanded: 2/5 (and evolve quickly, I guess) 

Limited: 2.5/5 (...yeahhhhhhh) 

Arora Notealus: NO EXCUSES, WORMADAM, YOU ARE A LADY AND A BUG, SO GET...wait, right, never mind... 

Next Time: Getting a little dirty for my taste, madam.


Wormadam (XY: Fates Collide 3/124) is our card for the day.  This review will be written under the assumption you read yesterday’s CotD.  I’ll try to avoid repeating myself except for I think it’s relevant, like directly comparing Wormadam versus Mothim.  Wormadam is a Grass Type and a little more of the specific Type support might matter to it.  For example buffing its HP with Floette (XY: Flashfire 64/106) or Poisoning the opponent’s Active but not Wormadam with the Ability from Ariados.  It also might benefit just a bit more from the supporting cards that happen to work better with Grass, like Virizion-EX. Grass Weakness on some Fighting and a good chunk of Water Types might matter as this one could be doing a bit more attacking, and for that reason the lack of Resistance may matter just a bit more as well.  There are some anti-Grass card effects, but most just reduce the damage they do akin to Resistance, and the best example (Parallel City) is used for its other effect more than messing with any of the three Pokémon Types against which it lowers the damage they do.  Being a Stage 1 isn’t bad and as the only Burmy is a Grass Type, Forest of Giant Plants can avoid the usual single turn wait to Evolve.  Still two slots in your deck for one Wormadam, though. 

100 HP may technically be worse than the 90 we saw on Mothim, as you now can no longer use Level Ball to fetch it but you’re not that much more durable.  Fire Weakness isn’t good but it isn’t especially bad; many Fire Types hit hard enough that Weakness is overkill, or just saves them a little since a smaller attack does the job they normally do with a larger attack.  Plus Mothim has Lightning Weakness, so we have the mixed blessing of Weakness diversification; your opponent has a better chance of something doing double damage to your Pokémon, but less of a chance of hitting everything for double damage.  Lack of Resistance is disappointing but typical, and the Retreat Cost of [CC] is low enough you could probably pay but high enough you really ought to avoid it.  The first attack on Wormadam is “Solar Ray” for [G], and does 20 damage while healing 20 damage from each of your Pokémon.  Not quite what I’d call adequate, though if we can keep Wormadam (any of them) from being OHKO’d it could serve a purpose as you spread the damage taken across your Bench and heal it away.  The second attack, “Leaf Cutter” is even less adequate though not wholly without use; for [GCC] it does 60 damage plus has you flip a coin with “heads” being worth another 30 damage while tails just means the base 60 is done.  90 for three is decent while 60 for three is not, but as long as you have a source of [G] Energy this would provide a deck built around the two a better Grass Type attacker than Mothim. 

That may be this card’s role in a possible Mothim/Wormadam deck; the token Grass Type attacker.  It is also possible you would use Floette and make this Wormadam your focus, accepting low damage because you’re going to bump it up to about 160-180 HP and then have the cards needed to constantly heal the damage Wormadam will be taking.  Which might include attackers like Kyurem (BW: Noble Victories 34/101; BW: Black Star Promos BW44; BW: Legendary Treasures 43/113), Reshiram (Black & White 26/114, 113/114; BW: Black Star Promos BW004, BW23; BW: Next Destinies 21/99; BW: Legendary Treasures 28/113, 114/113, RC22/RC25), and Zekrom (Black & White 47/114, 114/114; BW: Black Star Promos BW005, BW24; BW: Next Destinies 50/99; BW: Legendary Treasures 51/113, 115/113).  All three have good HP scores for Basics (130) and the attack “Outrage” for [CC], doing 20 damage plus 10 per damage counter on them.  You’d be sending them up when either Type matching or raw damage were worth it… and after you’d loaded them up with damage that had been on Wormadam.  Another option is to consider Vileplume (XY: Ancient Origins 3/98) to block Items and then include cards like AZ and Cassius to safely remove whatever Pokémon you load up with damage from the field.  In Expanded you might even work in Vileplume (BW: Boundaries Crossed 3/149) as well, to quadruple Weakness damage instead of doubling it. 

Do I think any of these ideas have merit?  Not particularly; the big issue is if you stumble onto something that works, what about decks with similar resources?  I mean if you make a good Vileplume deck but it isn’t better than Vespiquen/Vileplume, you still only run it for fun.  Which isn’t me saying this makes for a good deck, either.  In fact, I’d say it isn’t really good enough for Standard or Expanded play, only having a real home in Limited, for the usual reasons: most things are just better there because you’re building decks with what you pull from your boosters.  Even the Evolution Pack doesn’t look like it would raise the bar that much. 


Standard: 1.75/5 

Expanded: 1.5/5 

Limited: 3/5 

Summary: Another review for the Mothim/Wormadam Evolution line down.  Will any of the others offer some hope, or will they continue to be cards that at best are interesting but not worth using?  Today’s suggests I need to include those that aren’t particularly interesting or worth using as a category.

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