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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


 Glalie EX

- XY BREAKthrough

Date Reviewed:
January 5, 2016

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.6
Expanded: 2.8
Limited: 4.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Glalie-EX is...well...not as remarkable as M Glalie-EX. He's another example of how Pokemon has kinda forgotten to really give us memorable base EXs when it comes to Megas. 

...actually, can I just talk about that for a second? Is it just me, or have the Mega-evolving Pokemon in the TCG gotten some fantastic Megas and maybe some...mediocre base forms? I mean, there are some cases that are exceptions, notably the earlier Mega-evolvers like Charizard-EX back in Flashfire, Lucario-EX in Furious Fists, and even Gengar-EX in Phantom Forces, but what other Pokemon with a Mega Evo have been more usable outside of evolving into their Mega form? 

I'm thinking of Manectric-EX, Sceptile-EX, and...um...well...I'm not really sure outside of that. 

Glalie-EX isn't going to be joining that list either, since his attacks are...meh. Don't get me wrong, there are times when they're useful and even powerful, but they are very niche and need to be planned around. Ice Breath starts off with only 1 Energy, does no damage, and gives you a coin flip to Paralyze the opposing Pokemon. 50/50 for Paralysis is fair, but this attack SHOULD be doing damage! I'm almost positive if it were just Glalie-EX, this would be doing at least 20-30 damage and be keeping the Paralysis effect, but no, he's gotta MEGA EVOLVE!! 

And you know what's better than having one okay attack that doesn't justify using Glalie-EX normally over M Glalie-EX? HAVING TWO OKAY ATTACKS THAT DON'T JUSTIFY- 

And that's where Instant Freeze comes in. It's an abysmal 3-for-50 strike that only gets stronger under one condition. It'll do 100 more damage if and only if you and your opponent have the same number of cards in your hands! Now that's not to say it won't happen, but you're going to have to go to greater lengths monitoring your opponent and making sure that you don't overextend your hand so that you can match up with the number of cards in your opponent's hand so that you CAN do more damage instead of doing far less damage that isn't even worth it whereas the MEGA form just needs to take enough damage to do absurd amounts of damage. 

So again, I ask you: why do base forms of Mega-Evolvers suck? 


Standard: 2/5 (a coin flip strike that does no damage and an attack that wants you to play around your opponent...yeahhhhh, he's made to Mega Evolve) 

Expanded: 2.5/5 (at least here there are cards that can make it easier to match your opponent's hand size!) 

Limited: 4/5 (yeah, he's definitely worth it here, considering the overall lower HP score) 

Arora Notealus: At least Glalie's got the niche appearance of giant ice mouth covered in Pokemon. Especially when he goes MEGA, cause then he's JUST a giant mouth. His Shiny form though gets red eyes, making him look a little bit more...evilllllllll. 

Next Time: From the icy core of doom to...butterfly?


Glalie-EX (XY: BREAKthrough 34/162, 155/162) is a Water-Type, striking Weakness against nearly all Fire-Types and a chunk of Fighting-Types, with Resistance will only be an issue in Expanded play on many older Grass-Types.  It also grants access to some nice support cards (Archie’s Ace in the Hole, Dive Ball, etc.) and the few anti-Water-Type cards aren’t worth mentioning in detail.  Being a Basic Pokémon is the best: easy to put into play, minimum space requirements, some Stage based support and many effects naturally work better for Basics than other Stages, but there are some anti-Basic Pokémon cards that show up from time to time.  Glalie-EX is of course Pokémon-EX so it gives up an extra Prize when KOed, has to deal with certain anti-Pokémon-EX effects and can’t access certain beneficial effects, but this might lead it to having better-than-usual attacks and did give it better HP than it normally would have had.  Glalie-EX has 170 HP which is the lower of the two typical score for Basic Pokémon-EX but still high enough to not be an easy OHKO, except perhaps when Weakness is factored in; Metal Weakness isn’t a good thing mostly because Bronzong (XY: Phantom Forces 61/119) is used to back a couple different decks, and while it is usually not built around Metal-Type Pokémon, something like Heatran (XY: Phantom Forces 63/119).  Lack of Resistance is typical so while it could have been handy, it isn’t a problem.  What might be a bit of a problem is the Retreat Cost of [CCC]; definitely past the point you’ll be able to easily pay and recover from having paid, though if you need Heavy Ball or Heavy Boots they’ll work. 

Glalie-EX has no Ancient Trait nor an Ability, but it does have two attacks.  The first is “Ice Breath” for [W], which allows Glalie-EX to Paralyze the opponent’s Active if you get “heads” on a coin flip (on “tails” the attack does nothing).  This is just a little expensive, perhaps more noticeable because it is on a Pokémon-EX, but it makes for a decent low Energy attack while you’re trying to set-up for the next one, “Instant Freeze”.  Instant Freeze requires [WCC] so two manual Energy attachments, with one providing [W] and the other being a Double Colorless Energy can ready it at a decent pace.  For the effort Glalie-EX hits for only 50 damage, which is pretty poor however the attack has a clause stating the attack does 50+100 (so 150 total) if you and your opponent have the same amount of cards in hand.  150 for three is really good; a Muscle Band allows you to OHKO 170 HP Pokémon, with Poison taking out 180 HP targets (with Virbank City Gym you could even leave out the Muscle Band).  Faded Town can also prove handy if you’re facing Mega Evolutions; even hands synched up, Muscle Band, Poison and Faded Town you’re not scoring OHKOs except for the smallest (rarely if ever played) Mega Evolutions, but if your opponent doesn’t discard Faded Town, heal, bounce, devolve or something to make it so that their Pokémon are no longer Mega Evolutions then the deed will soon be done.  You might also consider Empoleon (XY: BREAKthrough 38/162) for a boost. 

As you will recall from our Top 10 Cards of XY: BREAKthrough Glalie-EX doesn’t have to be the focus of a deck that needs it: M Glalie-EX was our 10th place finisher!  If you need a quick refresher, M Glalie-EX keeps the same Type, Weakness, lack of Resistance, Retreat Cost, lack of Ancient Trait and lack of Ability as Glalie-EX but adds 50 HP (so 220 HP now), the baggage of being a Mega Evolution (extra card, extra turn that ends when you Mega Evolve, anti-Mega Evolution cards) and the attack “Cryo Mouth” that costs the same as Instant Freeze but does 100 plus another 150 (so 250 total) if M Glalie-EX has at least 10 damage counters on it.  Once again The Charizard Lounge has been keeping a tally of what managed to at least make top four at the recent City Championships in the Masters Division and M Glalie-EX doesn’t seem to have managed it… but Glalie-EX did!  I am seeing a single third place finish for Hot Springs, Arkansas by one Micah Page… and that was good enough to justify giving Glalie-EX its own review. 

In Standard you don’t have as many choices for… well technically for anything like you would in Expanded.  Glalie-EX has less competition for being a hard-hitting Water-Type attacker in Standard, but also will have access to fewer tricks; I’m not sure which suits it better.  In Limited play it is a very nice pull; as it needs only [W] for Type specific Energy costs it is relatively easy to splash into decks and while it will be much more difficult to match hand sizes with your opponent, odds are you can still manage a solid +39 deck around it (a deck where Glalie-EX is your only Basic Pokémon, guaranteeing you open with it every game but that you lose if it is KOed). 


Standard: 3.15/5 

Expanded: 3.15/5 

Limited: 4.25/5 

Summary: If a quick, potentially misread write-up of recent City Championship results is accurate, then Glalie-EX is currently outperforming its Mega Evolution in competitive play.  I haven’t tried it out personally but since I used M Glalie-EX for a recent PTCGO challenge I’ve got a playset handy.  Looks like I’ll need to try and see if I can figure out a Glalie-EX deck because it never hurts to have a little more variety available.

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