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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 3 "New" Generations Cards

#2 - Olympia  

- XY Generations

Date Reviewed:
February 25, 2016

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.88
Expanded:  2.83
Limited: See Below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Oh Olympia, your Gym was so...trippy. And so are your clothes. And so is your MIIIIIND~ 

Anywho, Olympia is another Supporter Gym Leader (what a surprise), and as I said earlier in the week, the best Supporters tend to move around the opponent's Pokemon and draw cards. Olympia does things a bit...differently. She does move Pokemon around, but she actually moves your Pokemon around, switching your Active Pokemon out with a Benched Pokemon and healing 30 damage off of whatever you put onto the Bench. 

What this means is she's a Potion combined with a Switch in the guise of a Supporter, and that's a pretty neat effect to have. Switching is a big part of the game, as it's usually the main means of getting rid of Status Conditions - hence why stuff like Keldeo-EX and Zoroark BREAK are so huge! But the caveat with Olympia is a bit steeper for a little extra; while you can throw a Float Stone down on your Pokemon to make the "switcheroo" even easier to pull off, Olympia demands you spend your Supporter for the turn in order to do the same thing, and that may turn people away from using her in a deck. After all, why use a Supporter that can do what a Pokemon already does better? 

Well, there's a couple of reasons to consider putting in Olympia into your build. Certainly, the Switcher (referring to Pokemon that can push themselves into the Active slot like Keldeo-EX and Zoroark BREAK) coupled with a Float Stone is a viable option and still the best way of getting rid of Status Conditions, but Olympia can do the same combination with just 1 card rather than 2 or 3. Sure, she can't switch around again to put whatever you Benched back into the Active slot, but if you're running Float Stone, then it's still just as easy to pull off - just put the Stone on whatever you want to rotate around, and then have Olympia switch your Active Pokemon with the Pokemon carrying the Stone, problem solved! 

On top of that, she's healing off 30 damage from your Pokemon, and if you know how significant those little numbers are, you know that that 30 damage can just as easily save your Pokemon from getting KO'd immediately the next time it comes out. In my opinion, that oughta give anyone a reason to consider teching her. 

Definitely not a 4-of, though. DEFINITELY not a 4-of. 


Standard: 4/5 (I'd say a strong consideration towards the classic switcheroo maneuver we've dealt with before) 

Expanded: 4/5 (not necessarily a REPLACEMENT for that, but better one card to do multiple things than 3 cards to do the same mix-up) 

Limited: N/A (seriously how do you rate this thing in Limited? eh, I'd say 5/5) 

Arora Notealus: Before you ask, no, she's not the best Kalos Gym Leader, that title belongs to Wulfric. No, that's not because he's the eighth Gym Leader.

Next Time: A flash of lightning brings with it a surprising #1!!


Our second place pick for the 20th anniversary celebratory set is Olympia (Generations 66/83)!  This is a new Supporter and her effect has you switch your Active Pokémon with one of your Benched Pokémon; if you do then you heal 30 damage from the Pokémon you moved to your Bench (your former Active).  In other words, it is a Switch plus a Potion all in one.  So… is a Supporter worth two Items?  I say that it depends upon the effect, and while Switch is a long time loose staple (usually some card that allows a similar changing out of your Active is included in a given deck), Potion is not.  Indeed there were times when Potion was seen as absolutely worthless, or at best something useful for players still learning the game: keeping something alive a bit longer even if it was an inefficient use of resources gave you more time to “learn” that Pokémon.  Eventually we saw more decks that could make use of Potion, such as some of the formats where damage counts were even more tight and so “One more turn attacking with my fully powered Pokémon-EX!” totally was worth an Item.  At least in certain decks, and often with an additional combo element. 

So the real question is “When is a Supporter worth those two, specific Items?” and the answer is… not often.  You need something injured but not so injured that healing 30 damage from it wouldn’t matter, and you need to have a good reason for sending it to your Bench.  You could just run one of those two Items or one of the alternatives unless you need both effects at once, lack room for the two separate Items (but do have room for one Supporter), or various other nitpicky options.  If you can afford to discard everything from the card and then Bench it again (like when using Wailord-EX to stall), then AZ does the job (and can help you reuse coming-into-play effects).  If you have something up front and you just need to get rid of a Special Condition while healing it, Pokémon Center Lady heals twice as much damage.  Maybe I am just missing something in the card, but as you can tell, I wasn’t impressed.  If you can somehow set up a Limited format kind of thing with Generations, then this would be a nice pull, as denying your opponent a Prize, lessening the usefulness of Bench hits, having a means of Benching your Active other than retreating manually, etc. are all much more valuable here, in addition to you lacking a Supporter most turns anyway (so less competition). 


Standard: 1.75/5 

Expanded: 1.65/5 

Limited: 3/5 

Summary: Olympia seems like she needs to heal a bit more, or move only the Pokémon itself (so that the new Active gets the Energy and attached cards of the previous one) or draw a card or two or just something else beyond what it does.  She still does a little something useful and reliably (so long as you have a Bench), so she’s probably more valuable to you than say Cedric Juniper. 

As you can tell, Olympia did not make my Top 3 list for Generations.  Or my Top 5.  It isn’t the worst of the new cards in this set, but most of what elevates it is that for all their competition, Supporters are still relatively easy to play and work into a deck.  Hopefully Aroramage has some more luck with this.

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