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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


 Lost Remover

- Call of Legends

Date Reviewed:
Aug. 5, 2016

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Legacy: 3.25
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Lost Remover is a unique Trainer card that, among a few other cards, references a zone that is completely separated from the rest of the game board in TCG games: the Lost Zone. 

For those of you who don't know about it, the Lost Zone is a lot like the Banished Zone in Yugioh or getting put into Exile in Magic or like the Bind Zone in Cardfight! Vanguard. (And yes, I've got experience with all of these games.) Essentially, it's a spot for cards that can't be used in the current duel, battle, whatever you'd like to call it - point is, they won't be getting used anymore. And Pokemon took that zone and made it a win condition through the effect of Lost World, a Stadium card that says if your opponent has 6 or more Pokemon in the Lost Zone, you can win the game. This led to a couple of decks being made around the card, and as a result it brought about a whole new archetype into the world. 

Lost Remover doesn't really support the Lost World win condition - it'd be a bit crazy if you could just get one step closer to victory by abusing this card - but it does the next best thing. When you use it, you can discard a Special Energy attached to one of your opponent's Pokemon and send that card to the Lost Zone instead of the discard pile. That's a bit more of a descriptive and probably flavorfully rule-bending description of the effect that's just "Put this type of card into the Lost Zone", but that's the core of it in any case. Point is it gets rid of a powerful form of Energy, and that's very useful. 

In the HGSS to Legendary Treasures era, there are several notable Special Energies that come to mind as being helpful - Prism Energy, DCE, the Blend Energies, these are just a few Special Energies that are no doubt present within the game. And Special Energies are always useful, so having it completely removed the game is an amazing effect! It denies your opponent a valuable resource, and it can easily turn the tables on them if they're not able to rebuild from that loss. 

Lost Remover isn't a card necessarily for Lost World, but it is a fantastic piece of general support that can easily disrupt plays and keep your opponent from doing more. 


Legacy: 4/5 (permanently getting rid of a vital resource for your opponent is extremely useful!) 

Limited: 5/5 (really, there's no reason not to play something like this here, even if it's just Darkness and Metal here - which by the way, they are Special Energies from looking them up) 

Arora Notealus: All things considered, the Lost Zone mechanic was pretty interesting, and while it didn't stick around in Pokemon for long, maybe the pace of the game has gotten to a point where it could be brought up again. Slow things down a bit! 

Weekend Thought: What did you think of this week's cards? How about the Legacy Format on the PTCGO? Have you tried it out for yourself? 


This week we have been looking at cards for the Legacy Format, a PTCGO exclusive format that only allows cards from the HeartGold/SoulSilver series, Call of Legends, and Black & White series of releases (nothing older, nothing newer), but follows the current rules of the game.  I’ve become fond of it and though there are no plans for it, I would very much like to see it in the physical TCG as well.  If you want a more detailed explanation you can read this article.  In fact even if you have read it before, you should check it again because I have been working on a significant revision thanks to input from aroramage.  If it has not been posted by the time this Card of the Day is up, then it should be by next Tuesday if not later today. 

So our final card this week is Lost Remover (Call of Legends 80/95).  This card is an Item, but since the term “Item” wasn’t used until the Black & White expansion (the next set released), it doesn’t actually say that on the card.  Its effect allows you to select a Special Energy card attached to one of your opponent’s Pokémon and put it into the Lost Zone.  The “Lost Zone” is one of the seemingly abandoned Pokémon TCG mechanics, and is a bit like a second discard pile.  Cards only go to the Lost Zone when specifically sent there by a card effect (unlike how various game mechanics can send cards to the actual discard pile).  There are no card effects that can reclaim a card from the Lost Zone; a few cards can still make use of removed cards such as how Mew (HS: Triumphant 97/102) can copy attacks from Pokémon in your Lost Zone, or how Lost World allows you to declare yourself the winner if your opponent has six Pokémon in the Lost Zone, but nothing actually brings them back to your hand, deck, discard pile, or Prizes. 

Which is why Lost Remover is a better Enhanced Hammer, though as reclaiming Special Energy cards from the discard pile is a rare effect, the difference isn’t dramatic.  Especially with Junk Arm there to compound the effect.  If you don’t have Lost Remover you can get by with Enhanced Hammer, but are either of them that important?  Yes, yes they are though it will vary by the exact decklist, not even just the matchup.  To give you an idea, the Legacy Format has Blend Energy GRPD, Blend Energy WLFM, Darkness Energy (Special Energy version), Double Colorless Energy, Metal Energy (Special Energy version), Plasma Energy, Prism Energy, Rainbow Energy, and Rescue Energy.  Some decks do rely quite heavily on Special Energy cards, but only a few lack it entirely.  Even decks focused on Basic Energy like Deluge decks backed by Blastoise (BW: Boundaries Crossed 31/149; BW: Plasma Storm 137/135; BW: Plasma Blast 16/101) or Reshiphlosion decks fueled by Typhlosion (HeartGold/SoulSilver 110/123; HS: Black Star Promos HGSS09) sometimes run some Special Energy; Double Colorless Energy for example can be used to get Keldeo-EX attacking when Blastoise is a no-show or Abilities are down. 

Of course these are not enough to justify running several copies of Lost Remover or Enhanced Hammer… but this is a format with Junk Arm, so whichever one you include you can reuse it up to four more times even if you’re not also running a card like Sableye (BW: Dark Explorers 62/108).  As such a single Lost Remover is either a loose staple (something all decks want to run and at least many do include) or an actual staple (...something most decks include).  If Lost Remover were to return to Expanded/Standard play, it would be huge.  Of course some of that is simply because it would also mean the return of the Lost Zone mechanic, but thanks to Puzzle of Time some key decks have become even more reliant on Special Energy (and at low counts) than possibly ever before.  The new Item card Special Charge (XY: Steam Siege 105/114) may further increase reliance on Special Energy, but if not like I said, already a major presence.  Where it won’t be a major presence is in the Limited Format.  Of course it isn’t likely you’ll have a chance to use Call of Legends cards in a Limited Format play, but if you do then what matters is the set does have two Special Energy cards, but they are the Special Energy versions of Darkness Energy and Metal Energy.  Odds are you can make room for it in your deck here, so I would still include it as your opponent will not like you discarding what is probably their only Special Energy card that they hoped to cash in on for a few turns. 


Standard: N/A 

Expanded: N/A 

Limited: 2.5/5 

Legacy: 3.75/5 

Summary: Lost Remover sees a lot of use as a single (sometimes a double) in Legacy Format decks because many decks use at least some Special Energy and a few rely on it.  Banishing the discarded Energy to the Lost Zone adds some extra kick to a trick that still sees some competitive play in Standard or Expanded play (via Enhanced Hammer), though reclaiming discarded Special Energy cards is deck specific in the Legacy Format. 

If you’re curious you can read the review for this card from when it was first released here.  It scored a bit lower as not only does it sound like Special Energy cards were a little less popular at the time, and there were mitigating circumstances with regards to the decks that did use them well (can’t discard a Double Colorless Energy your opponent already discarded for an effect cost).

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