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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Ancient Origins

Date Reviewed:
October 16, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.45
Expanded: 2.50
Limited: 3.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Hey remember when Flareon hit #15 on our list? Vaporeon's the same thing but meh. 

Aqua Effect lets Stage 1s get Water Typing in addition to their own. Not a great one unless Fire comes back. 

Hydro Splash is a 3-for-70 vanilla meh. 

He's alright. 


I like his design. 


Standard: 2/5 (not as relevant as Flareon, to be honest) 

Expanded: 2/5 (it's all dependent on what's relevant in the metagame) 

Limited: 3/5 (...eh?) 

Arora Notealus: Seriously, Vaporeon's my favorite of the original Eeveelutions! Course, I also really liked using Water Pokemon back in the day, so have at you.

Weekend Thought: Like this week's cards? Any ideas on how to use that Whimsicott? Or maybe you've already thrown Regice in your Water decks - I'm willing to bet he's the new Suicune already! Maybe...I dunno. At least Vaporeon could be interesting in the future though, right?


Before we review our final card for the week, we’ve got two things to address.  One is that I still don’t have information for the second week of the Autumn Regional Championships; the usual places I go for such data hasn’t had it, nor have I found a good alternative.  The other thing is that all of pojo.com is getting a break next week, so no new Pokémon CotDs next during that time though maybe you’ll catch me on the message boards (in general; I got nothing planned). 

So we close with Vaporeon (XY: Ancient Origins 22/98) and it is *gasp* another Water-Type.  Since I have no new data, nothing has changed; the Water-Type seems good but not “great”.  If that sounds odd since Water-Types are involved in (if not the focus of) multiple top decks right now, I’m talking about what benefits a Pokémon gains from being that Type; if a Type grants the best benefits but nothing in that Type does enough with them to succeed, it can still be the best Type.  In this case, Water hits for Weakness again nearly all Fire-Types and a chunk of Fighting-Types, runs into Resistance against most BW-era Grass-Types (but no Water Resistance in the XY-era releases), technically could run into a few “meh” anti-Water-Type cards (that mostly see play in Theme Decks) and has some great Type support but gets shown up by others like the Fighting-Type that offers counterparts to everything Water has and then some.  Again, “good” just not “great”. 

Vaporeon is a Stage 1 which means two cards to get  and a turn wait for it to hit the field versus the dominant Basics which are one card and one turn, barring specific forms of Evolution acceleration (one quite relevant and mentioned later).  It also is one of the many cards that Evolve from Eevee, which you’ll see me referring to as “Eeveelutions”; it isn’t an official game term so don’t waste time looking for it on the cards.  90 HP makes Vaporeon a legal Level Ball target, but means that apart from a substandard set-up or attack being used for its effect.  This also means the Grass Weakness only matters when one of those “exceptions” apply, like Virizion-EX using “Emerald Slash”.  No Resistance is typical so moving on we see a Retreat Cost of [CC] which is also pretty typical; low enough you can afford it but high enough you’d prefer to not to pay it if you can avoid it. 

Vaporeon has no Ancient Trait but it does have one Ability (Aqua Effect) and one attack (Hydro Splash).  The former causes all your Stage 1 Pokémon in play to count as Water-Types in addition to whatever Types they normally are while the latter requires [WCC] to hit for 70 damage.  The Ability allows any Stage 1 to tap Water-Type support and exploit Water-Type Weakness, which is (again) good but not great while the attack is adequate due to the Energy cost; even in an off-Type deck a few basic Water Energy or special Energy cards like Rainbow Energy can cover the [W], with the rest handled by any Energy acceleration in the deck (Double Colorless Energy working in many decks).  So the entire package seems like a nifty trick for some decks.  What about the rest of the Eeveelution family? 

Normally I’d give into my more obsessive compulsions and run through all currently legal versions of Eevee and its Evolutions, but this time I’m just going to focus on the best options to consider for these roles.  Eevee (XY: Furious Fists 80/111) is a great pick if you’re running some basic Water Energy and/or have at least one Eeveelution that matches a Type of Basic Energy in your deck: its “Energy Evolution” Ability triggers anytime you attach a Basic Energy card to Eevee from your hand and allows you to both search your deck for and then immediately Evolve into an Eeveelution.  Even if you won’t often be manually attach a Basic Energy to Eevee, it is a useful bluff and fallback option, plus when it probable you skip the turn wait for Stage 1 Pokémon without having to include any additional cards.  Still in some decks this will be so rare (or impossible because you’re not running any applicable Basic Energy cards) and that is when Eevee (BW: Plasma Freeze 90/116) is your next best bet, at least in Expanded.  Its first attack (Signs of Evolution) requires [C] lets you search your deck for and add three Eeveelutions hand.  While you really want to avoid having to attack with an Evolving Basic in most circumstances, when an Eevee is stuck up front it is a good option to have. 

As for the Eeveelutions themselves, the primary relevant ones are Flareon (BW: Plasma Freeze 12/116), Flareon (XY: Ancient Origins 13/98), Jolteon (XY: Ancient Origins 26/98) and Leafeon (BW: Plasma Freeze 11/116).  The two Plasma versions are strong, established attackers; being able to shift them to part Water-Type simply means more favorable match-ups, assuming you can do so without hurting the deck’s reliability too much.  Jolteon and the “plain” Flareon might see play with Vaporeon because the three together can help a Stage 1 attacker hit up to three more kinds of Weakness.  You usually won’t have a reason to use them all at once, so if a deck doesn’t call for running them heavily, you might run as few as one Eevee (though I prefer a minimum of two because of Prizes) and one of each of the XY: Ancient Origins Eeveelutions (I again favor a minimum of two for any that are particularly useful). 

The Abilities don’t affect Stage 1 Pokémon in the deck or discard pile so the best Water-Type specific support (Archie’s Ace in the Hole and Dive Ball) won’t be particularly useful; Vaporeon is about hitting a few more cards for Weakness (and maybe tapping an opponent’s copy of Rough Seas) in Standard and Expanded.  I haven’t seen a lot of Fire in the recent Top 8s we do have for Autumn Regional Championships except for Flareon [Plasma]; not much point in most attacks shooting for double damage against something they can already OHKO. so that limits the appeal of this Eeveelution over the others.  Flareon (XY: Ancient Origins 13/98) may have some utility because while the Fire-Type doesn’t show up that much it actually has some really good support that may be worth tapping, while exploiting Lightning Weakness is pretty big right now and so Jolteon (XY: Ancient Origins 26/98) also has more appeal.  In Limited play, Vaporeon is a great pull for both the attack and (if you have another Stage 1 worth attacking with) the Ability.  The mostly Colorless Energy cost should allow it to work with just about anything else that you pull, though obviously if you get a Pokémon-EX worth using in a +39 deck, go with that instead. 


Standard: 2.9/5 

Expanded: 3/5 

Limited: 4.75/5 

Summary: An obvious piece of the new Eeveelution combo from XY: Ancient Origins but while it might have the best attack of the three, they seem to mostly be about their similar Abilities, in which case changing a Stage 1 to the Water-Type is currently the least useful. That might change with the next set and if you’re looking for the next broken combo, digging through old and new cards that can only be used together because you’re changing something’s Type seems like a probable route.

Emma Starr

Vaporeon, along with her original Eeveelution friends, Jolteon and Flareon, have been helping out Stage 1s ever since Ancient Origins came out. Will we see Vaporeon much, since we have indeed seen Flareon in a good amount of Vespiquen decks?

            With 90 HP and the unfortunate Grass weakness, and Retreat Cost of two, Vaporeon is destined to be a bench-sitter, especially with her sad 3-for-70 Hydro Splash attack (It’s not even Hydro Pump, just Hydro…Splash.). What can she do, then? Well, she can turn any Stage 1 into a Water type, to help deal with certain Pokemon’s weaknesses, which means maybe half of Fighting types, and most Fire types. But what Stage 1s can you use with it? Vespiquen (10/98) is the obvious answer, but there are many other options you could have too, such as Pyroar (FlF 20/108) for Fire decks. With it, you can also give Water support to those Pokemon which admittedly…isn’t that much. You have Rough Seas, with which you can heal them by 30 each turn, but that’s about it. It could actually be kind of useful to Pyroar, since he blocks all attacks by Pokemon EX, so your opponent may have to switch to a weaker attacker, and the healing may be more significant in this situation…or I’m just drawing straws here.           

            Standard: 2.5/5 (Could be useful in some situations, but in most, Vaporeon might just become deadweight. But with the right weakness, you can easily OHKO many things…)

            Expanded: 2.5/5

            Limited: 1.5/5 (Good if you run into a deck running Volcarona, either Entei, or Flareon, but if Flareon is being used to counter the many Grass decks you’ll probably see, Vaporeon could be a good counter-counter card…but I don’t like to rely on those.)

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