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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Ancient Origins

Date Reviewed:
November 4, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.42
Expanded: 2.50
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Well, I'm not gonna oversell Goodra here, he's still only okay. Actually, if anything, the other versions are better, but that's really just one small opinion.

Don't get me wrong, Goodra's got some interesting attacks here. Liquid Blow hits for 20 damage on any one Pokemon based on how much Energy is in their Retreat Cost, so "heavier" Pokemon will end up taking more damage. At most, I think you'll only end up doing 80 damage with this attack, though (160 on the Active though, since this attack does still apply Weakness/Resistance against the Active Pokemon), but most Pokemon that I know of have 1-2 Energy in their Retreat Cost. Contrary to what Goodra here would like you to believe, there aren't so many that have 3-4 Energy. 

Shining Breath is a nice protective attack, though at 4 Energy it's pretty hefty for something that only does 110 damage. And on top of that, it only prevents Goodra from getting a Special Condition, something that while in Expanded will work well against HTL, in Standard it won't see much save for battle against Ariados and Sceptile-EX, and even then, there are probably better ways of going about it than a Stage 2. 

A little slow, doesn't have the powerful recovery option of his Flashfire counterpart nor the Tool-negating force of his Phantom Forces counterpart, Goodra here will probably be one of the few cards in the set that doesn't see much play outside Limited. 


Standard: 2/5 (too slow for what he does, but he does do some interesting things) 

Expanded: 2.5/5 (he'd do alright here, especially against stuff like HTL and Vanilluxe) 

Limited: 3/5 (eh, he's alright) 

Arora Notealus: I still love my goopy dragon though. 

Next Time:...meh. After that, though!


Time to throw something at the wall and see what sticks as we look at Goodra (XY: Ancient Origins 60/98).  It is our second Dragon-Type this week, so unless I got it wrong the first time or something changed overnight… yes I am aware that  XY: BREAKThrough officially releases today but as such it won’t be tournament legal for another three weeks.  I’ve got no firsthand data from using it yet and no reliable second hand information either; this will be a review for a pre-XY: BREAKThrough environment.  Also, I am already sick of capitalizing the “break” in “BREAKThrough”.  Just felt like sharing that. 

So back on track; Goodra is a Dragon-Type which means 
It only hits Weakness against BW-era Dragon-Types
Never will encounter natural Resistance
Has only one “anti-Dragon-Type” card to worry about and it isn’t a good one
Enjoys a little support but not as much as most other Types, though Double Dragon Energy is potent. 

So the Dragon-Type isn’t as impressive as several other Types but it does have a trick or two. 

Being a Stage 2 is difficult; the format favors crowded decks with a breakneck pace, making it difficult both to have room for the other two cards and three turns needed to reach Goodra (other two cards and two turns with Rare Candy).  Not sure if this is the most difficult Stage to use: Stage 1s that Evolve from Restored Pokémon and even Mega Evolutions rival it, as both have needed a lot of support to get to where they are at and it isn’t even all that impressive in the case of the former.  It does have an impressive 150 HP; just 10 below the maximum printed on Stage 2 Pokémon and enough to sometimes survive a hit from a deck, usually one with an incomplete set-up or focused more on attack effects than damage like Seismitoad-EX and its “Quaking Punch”; it doesn’t get much better than this without being worth two Prizes instead of one.  The Fairy Weakness shouldn’t be a huge issues right now as Fairy-Types aren’t really seen outside of their own decks, with only variations on Aromatisse (XY 93/146) having had any real success (and not much lately) and usually fielding attackers that were already scoring a OHKO or close to it.  The lack of Resistance is not only disappointing and the worst a card can have but also quite typical so no use dwelling on it.  The Retreat Cost of [CCC] is definitely high enough you’ll rarely want to (let alone be able) to pay and/or recover from it; include workarounds of some sort. 

Goodra has two attacks, the first of which is “Liquid Blow” for [CC].  This attack allows you to select one of your opponent’s Pokémon in play and hit it for 20 damage per [C] in its Retreat Cost, not applying Weakness or Resistance (as usual) for hits to the Bench.  Unless you were planning on copying the attack with something else, Resistance will never matter regardless of being Active or on the Bench, with Weakness seldom being important either.  You’ll need combos if you want to get reliable minimum damage, including options to deal with cards like Float Stone which zero out Retreat Costs.  As long as something has a cost of at least [CC] it is a solid attack due to the sniping; cards with costs of [CCC] or [CCCC] are pretty nice hits.  For [WYCC] Goodra can use “Shining Breath” to hit for 110 damage and protect it from Special Conditions; the damage is a bit low for the Energy invested but not by too much and the effect is welcome but this is on a Stage 2 Pokémon, so a decent 2HKO seems like a poor return, at least when it may be this hard to set-up.  At least with Double Dragon Energy and Double Colorless Energy you’ve got some decent speed for both attacks and this allows whichever attack is better for the situation to be used, like Shining Breath scoring a OHKO against a Shaymin-EX (XY: Roaring Skies 77/108, 106/108) if you can catch one in the Active slot. 

Goodra begins with Goomy and we can pick from XY: Flashfire 72/106 (reprinted as XY: Phantom Forces 75/119) or XY: Ancient Origins 58/98.  Both are Basic Dragon-Type Pokémon with Fairy Weakness, no Resistance, Retreat Costs of [CC] and no Ancient Traits.  XY: Flashfire 72/106 (and XY: Phantom Forces 75/119) have 50 HP and two attacks: “Gooey” for [C] which heals 10 damage from itself and Tackle for [WY] which does a flat 20 damage.  XY: Ancient Origins 58/98 has only 40 HP, one Ability and one attack.  The Ability is “Water Down” which triggers when you attach a [W] Energy from your hand to it; you then get to search your deck for a Goomy to add to your Bench.  Regrettably I need a ruling on when Water Down “checks” the Energy in question; if it doesn’t worry about the Type until after being attached, this is the better version; attach a Double Dragon Energy on a Goomy that has been in play a turn, get another Goomy, Evolve.  If it only works with basic Water Energy, then only if a build has several of those should you bother; use XY: Flashfire 72/106 or XY: Phantom Forces 75/119 for their 50 HP otherwise. 

Next is Sliggoo… unless use Rare Candy, such as if these have no real reason for being played.  XY: Flashfire 73/106 (reprinted as XY: Phantom Forces 76/119) and XY: Ancient Origins 59/98 are you only options; all are Stage 1 Dragon-Types with Fairy Weakness, no Resistance, Retreat Costs of at least [CCC], no Ancient Traits, no Abilities and two attacks.  XY: Flashfire 73/106 (and XY: Phantom Forces 76/119) have 80 HP with “Gooey” for [C] again, only this time healing 30 damage, and “Gentle Slap” for [WYC] which hits for 40 (and only 40) damage.  XY: Ancient Origins 59/98 has just 70 HP with its first attack being “Bubble” for [C], giving you a coin flip to try and Paralyze the opponent’s Active, or “Melt” for [WY] which hits for 20 (and only 20) damage.  You probably should have at least one in case of Item lock, but otherwise use Rare Candy as these are almost pure filler; both versions are terrible so decide with 10 more HP and desperate healing of 30 is more likely to keep something alive than a 50% chance of Paralysis. 

There are also two other Goodra: XY: Flashfire 74/106 and XY: Phantom Forces 77/119 (this time not reprints of each other).  Both are Stage 2 Dragon-Type Pokémon with Fairy Weakness, no Resistance, Retreat Costs of [CCC], no Ancient Traits, an Ability and single attack.  XY: Flashfire 74/106 has the same 150 HP as today’s version with the Ability “Gooey Regeneration”, which acts as a built in Super Potion, except it requires the Energy discard up front.  It can be used more than once per turn so with sufficient Energy you can heal all damage from this Pokémon.  For [WYC] it can use the attack “Heavy Whip”; fun name but a bit unreliable in the damage department as it is 80 with a coin flip that jumps it to 120.  80 for three is “okay” and 120 for three is “good”, but as a Stage 2 if one is knocked down it will take some time to set up another.  Additionally its healing only matters when you can spare some Energy and survive a hit; neither are likely.  We reviewed this card here and I was far, far too generous at least in score.  This one isn’t going to help or be helped by today’s subject. 

XY: Phantom Forces 77/119 has only 140 HP (though that isn’t a huge difference) and its Ability is “Slip Trip” which prevents players from attaching Pokémon Tools to their Pokémon.  The bad news is that it hits both players but the good news is you would have a small window to attach your own.  Preventing Spirit Links, Float Stone, Muscle Band and whatever is being used to activate “Garbotoxin” on Garbodor (BW: Dragons Exalted 54/124, BW: Plasma Freeze 119/116, BW: Legendary Treasures 68/113), though a player running Hex Maniac could also give him- or herself a turn to attach Pokémon Tools, plus as a Stage 2 this effect can at the earliest hit the field on your own second turn, so your opponent may will a turn or two then as well.  For [WYCC] you can use Dragon Pulse for 130 damage, though you also must discard the top card of your deck.  It requires effort but this one could rise to OHKO level a little more easily.  Its review is here and seems about right, at least for the time; the numerical score is probably accurate though the specifics have changed along with the card pool and metagame.  This one is at least tempting for a “fun-but-occasionally threatening” deck and might be an option to run alongside today’s Card of the Day. 

So… should you run today’s Goodra?  Probably only as a “fun” deck.  Pokémon like Team Aqua’s Muk or Jellicent (BW: Boundaries Crossed 45/149) as well as the Stadium Team Aqua’s Secret Base can all raise Retreat Costs across the board, with the two Team Aqua cards affecting anything that isn’t Team Aqua while Jellicent specifies your opponent’s Pokémon.  With just a Double Colorless Energy or Double Dragon Energy, Goodra could then snipe for enough to take out Benched (well, or Active) Shaymin-EX as four of either Stage 1 plus the Stadium bump its Retreat Cost up to [CCCCCC] for 120 damage.  If you go with Sky Field instead (and somehow find room for it all) you could get really crazy, upping Retreat Costs by upwards of [CCCCCCCC]... which means anything that doesn’t have its Retreat Cost permanently rewritten to “free” (such as with Float Stone) would take at least 160 damage from Liquid Blow.  Pretty unrealistic to manage a deck with not only a Stage 2 line but also two 4-4 Stage 1 lines even in a “fun”, but the amount was so high I decided to mention it anyway.  Four of your preferred Stage 1 backer and some cards to deal with Float Stone, Darkrai-EX and Fairy Garden (the last two being the other Retreat Cost nullifying options that see play) and this might actually work.  Probably not in a competitive setting unless we see an uptick in important attackers with high Retreat Costs.

I am unsure if there is any major benefit for Standard versus Expanded… or rather if the added benefits (Jellicent becomes an option, Jirachi-EX may be another target, etc.) outweigh the increased difficulties (Darkrai-EX, Float Stone until that is officially Standard legal again, etc.) or not.  As such I’m just going to score them the same.  This is a very potent pull for Limited, though the lower Stages still drag it down a little (technically they are a bit better here but still bad) as of course does the difficulty of pulling a solid line.  I would not dwell on running it with Fairy Energy and Water Energy; if the rest of your pulls work with those go for it but the main focus is on Liquid Blow and Bench hits.  Still when it all works out, Shining Breath is also appreciated as Special Conditions are more valuable here. 


Standard: 2.25/5 

Expanded: 2.25/5 

Limited: 4.75/5 

Summary: I think this Goodra can at the very least be a “fun” card; build an oddball deck with it and win a few (but not a lot) of games, sometimes against “real” decks.  Liquid Blow and the prominence of Shaymin-EX Jirachi-EX can lead to some nice hits.

Emma Starr

            Today we look at Goodra, who already has her third card in the TCG already with this card! I guess it’s not THAT surprising though, since Goodra is the obligatory signature Dragon type of the 6th generation. So, what can this one do?

            150 HP and Fairy weakness are both nice, so Goodra may have some staying power! The problems are, however, that Goodra is a Stage 2, and has a Retreat Cost of 3 to compliment that. However, Goodra may have a saving grace with her attack, Liquid Blow, which does 20 times the Retreat Cost to ANY of your opponent’s Pokemon! Thought Golbat and Crobat were good snipers? Well, they still are. Mostly because Goodra has to be active for this to be active, though the damage is certainly better. The energy cost honestly isn’t too bad either, as you can use either a DCE OR a Double Dragon Energy, the latter covering the second attack nicely for the Water and Fairy energy requirements. Speaking of that attack, it’s an expensive 4-for-110 attack that protects Goodra from special conditions. May be useful against Ariados, or Hypnotoxic Laser in Expanded, but Goodra’s main niche is using Liquid Blow to kill off weakened Pokemon on your opponent’s bench, as an alternative to running Gol/Crobat.

In fact, Goodra may even take up less space in your deck than Gol/Cro, depending on how many of each you run. At the very least, you don’t need to rely on Super Scoop Ups as much as Gol/Cro do, if at all (although they may still be useful if you have a very badly damaged Goodra). Goodra also has more means to protect itself if Lysandre’d, unlike Crobat’s additional 30 damage drop (which can still be good, but Goodra may still be doing more damage in the long run in most occasions, especially with the higher Retreat Costs we’ve been seeing lately). Either version will definitely want a number of Wallys, or even Evosodas, to deal with the fact that you’re running Stage 2s, but that shouldn’t be a surprise to you. They both may take a good deal to get out, but I shudder to think of what a deck that can effectively utilize both Gol/Cro AND Goodra could be capable of…if anyone is gutsy enough to make that happen… 

Standard: 2.75/5 (Goodra definitely has some untapped potential, if used right…)

Expanded: 2.75/5

Limited: 1.5/5 (Lack of DCE and DDE hurt, and there aren’t enough good Fairies in this deck to bother with running Fairy at all…)

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