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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 BREAKthrough

- #5 - Brigette

- BREAKthrough

Date Reviewed:
November 20, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 4.08
Expanded: 3.88
Limited: 4.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Our #5 card brings us to one of the big Supporters from this set, and I'm not talking about Skyla (who I am SO happy to see return to the game after a few month's break!). No, I'm talking about Brigette, who is the sister to the "Bill" of the Hoenn region, Lanette. Which is to say, Lanette's the one who organized the PC Storage System for the Hoenn region, similar to how Bill organized the system for the Kanto and Johto regions. 

Brigette operates in the Pokemon Bank, these days, and this translates pretty well to her effect as a Supporter. Search cards are always a big part of the game, and Brigette offers more than just search power - she offers flexibility! When you play her, you're allowed to search for either 1 Basic Pokemon-EX OR 3 Basic non-EX Pokemon and put them directly onto your Bench. Course, you may not always have the space for 3 extra Pokemon, or you may not be running a deck with at least 3 non-EX Basics, but regardless, you do what you can. 

This is a fantastic effect to have! With it, you not only get to play out one of your strongest cards directly, but you also get to speed up your entire deck! And if you're grabbing for 3 Basics instead of 1 Basic-EX, that's even better! You can thin your deck out, thus improving your chances of getting the card you need, while also setting things up for your next turn - whether that's Evolving your 3 Basics, Mega-Evolving your Basic-EX (if it can), or even just powering up all of your guys at once! 

Personally, I think the deck that will make the absolute MOST use of Brigette will be Grass decks running the Forest of Broken Plants - after all, while most decks will be halted by the Evolution ruling that keeps Pokemon from evolving during the turn they've been put into play, Grass decks can circumvent that rule and go straight to their best stuff with ease! So in a way, this is a great card for most every deck out there, except for Grass decks who only get that much faster. 

Still, Brigette is bound to be a staple in just about every deck, everyone should be running at least 1 copy of her - I'd recommend running 2-3 copies especially for EX-heavy decks, though keep in mind the more you run, the more you risk potentially making her a dead draw late in the game. After all, if you can't grab a Pokemon or your Bench is already full, she can't do much to help you there. 


Standard: 4.5/5 (an absolute must for just about any deck, she speeds up your plays and brings stuff out onto the field faster than ever before) 

Expanded: 4.5/5 (ABSOLUTELY) 

Limited: 5/5 (you may only really need 1 copy here, but if you pulled a Basic-EX, you're solid) 

Arora Notealus: You know how her sister is Lan-ette? And how she's also the main organizer for Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire and, more recently, Pokemon Bank? It's like she's some sort of "bridge" between all of your 3rd gen games...... :P 

Weekend Thought: Kind of a crazy week, huh? Two twofers (or I guess threefers, with Florges BREAK there) in a week? But in any case, do you agree with our list? Think that there's a card far more deserving of the spot? I imagine a lot of people's mileage will vary, especially with Florges BREAK there, but I imagine there's at least a couple of cards people are expecting for the Top...4 now, I guess? 

Next Time: Well naturally he has to show up on here.


That’s right, our fifth place pick is also going up today! 

Brigette (XY: BREAKthrough 134/162, 161/132) is a Supporter, that precious once-per-turn Trainer that tends to be the backbone of most decks, as it supplies the primary draw power in the form of either Professor Juniper or Professor Sycamore, and in Expanded usually augmented by N or Colress and then several other tricks.  Said tricks are usually search like Skyla (any Trainer) or Pokémon like Winona (any three Colorless Pokémon) or Pokémon Fan Club (any two Basic Pokémon) or powerful plays like Lysandre (which wins you games by forcing the opposing Benched Pokémon of your choice into your opponent’s Active slot).  So… Brigette needs to be really good to see play, especially in Expanded (there is a power gap in Standard).  So what does she do? 

Brigette allows you to search your deck either for any one Basic Pokémon-EX or any three Basic Pokémon.  If you don’t need a Basic Pokémon-EX at that moment, it is a 50% better Pokémon Fan Club; if you do need a Basic Pokémon-EX, it is only half as good as that other search Supporter.  Such a fine distinction means this will be pretty deck specific… or will it?  Quite a few decks already include two pretty key cards: Hoopa-EX (XY: Ancient Origins 36/98, 89/98) and Shaymin-EX (XY: Roaring Skies 77/108, 106/108).  Both have potent Abilities that trigger when you Bench either of these two: Hoopa-EX and its “Scoundrel Ring” Ability lets you search your deck for and add any three Pokémon-EX to your hand (Basic or Mega Evolutions) while “Setup” has made Shaymin-EX a staple for nearly all decks and often in multiples because drawing until you have six cards in hand is phenomenal.  So why might these help Brigette and not make Pokémon Fan Club more attractive? 

In the decks running one or both of these but also many important, non-Pokémon-EX Basics that aren’t Colorless-Types (Winona being the choice if they are) you can still get that key Pokémon-EX with your Supporter usage if you absolutely must, but you can also get the Basic Pokémon you really need.  If the deck runs Unown (XY: Ancient Origins 30/98) for every Basic Pokémon you need less than the full three, you can convert it to drawing a card (at least if you have enough Unown left in your deck).  Ultra Ball is another common deck sight and if so, it can then just grab whatever Pokémon-EX you do need; after all Hoopa-EX can turn around and grab three of them.  There are some very popular decks that use small Basic Pokémon that are not Pokémon-EX as attackers, such as Night March or those built around Vespiquen (XY: Ancient Origins 10/98) and/or Flareon (BW: Plasma Freeze 12/116).  The latter which runs both of those Stage 1 Pokémon also runs multiple Shaymin-EX, a full four copies of Unown, but no other Pokémon-EX.  Bridgette may have a place there, though as Flareon [Plasma] means it is an Expanded deck, you probably have enough superior options.  For a straight up Vespiquen deck in Standard?  That seems like a probable fit.  Of course it is a must run in Limited unless you pull a Basic Pokémon-EX and plan to run an entire deck built only around it (as in there will be no other Basic Pokémon). 


Standard: 3.65/5 

Expanded: 3.25/5 

Limited: 4.9/5 

Summary: Brigette technically can fit into any contemporary deck unless it runs just a single Basic Pokémon, but it won’t be optimal unless you need three Basic non-Pokémon-EX more than you need two Pokémon where one or both can be Pokémon-EX.  It might actually be quite valuable to a few key decks and decent in a few more, but there are also decks where it is pretty obviously outclassed...

...which is why I had Brigette as my 11th place pick.  At the same time, I’m not all that worried about her ranking so high; the voting points for this section of the Top 10 were pretty close together.  Just as a quick rundown, Brigette scored only two higher than the other CotD for today, Gengar (our sixth place card).  Gengar managed only two more Empoleon (our seventh place pick), and Empoleon was just one higher than Magnezone (the eighth place card). Magnezone was only one point higher than our tied 9th and 10th place finishers, the combo of Florges (including Florges BREAK) and M Glalie-EX.  So just six points between 10th place and 5th.

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