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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 BREAKthrough

- #9 - Florges & Florges BREAK

Date Reviewed:
November 17, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

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Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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And now we touch on the brand new mechanic in this particular set: BREAK Evolution. As I understand it, BREAK Evolution is pretty much like every other Evolution, so it follows all the same rules as Evolution, i.e., you can't BREAK Evolve a Pokemon you just played, you have to have the Pokemon in play first, etc. The interesting thing about BREAK Evolution is that you can play it down on ANY Pokemon with the name of the card you're BREAK Evolving into, and instead of completely replacing all the text on the former card, you get a sort of "Shrine of Memories" effect where you access all the attacks, Abilities, Weaknesses, Resistances, and Retreat Costs of the Pokemon you BREAK Evolve from. In short, it's a way of breathing new life to standard non-EX Evolutions to make them more powerful in the face of the daunting EX. 

Cause let's face it, EX are already pretty powerful. 


Luckily, two such BREAK Evolutions in this set are actually competitively viable, and Florges BREAK just happens to be one of them. In addition to looking at the main BREAK card, we decided we would also take a look at the Florges included in this set, as the two work really well together. Keeping in mind though the only other viable Florges to use this with would be the one from Flashfire, as Florges-EX is...well, not a "Florges" but a "Florges-EX". Not to mention the BREAK would be a little bit of a downgrade with only 140 HP compared to Florges-EX's 160 HP, BUT DETAILS!! 

Starting off with the regular Stage 2 Florges, she wields an already powerful Ability in Calming Aroma. Effectively, she makes all Fairy-type Pokemon's attacks that much cheaper by an entire FAIRY-TYPED Energy. This is a pretty powerful Ability to have, as no doubt seen with Dimension Valley's effect on Psychic decks, though the attachment to a Stage 2 does make this a lot slower than throwing down a Stadium. Still, I imagine this will help boost Fairy decks back into the limelight once more so that they can go toe-to-toe with other decks at a much faster rate. But why stop there? Since this affects ALL of your Pokemon, Fairy decks may even be able to tech in some Dragon-types that run on Fairy Energy! Not to mention it makes Florges' own attack, Wonder Shine, just that little bit cheaper, since it already costs 3 Fairy Energy to deal 70 damage and automatically Confuse the opponent. 

Compared to Flashfire's version that wields the power of Brilliant Search and dealing 20 damage apiece with Petal Blizzard, it's easy to see why an upgraded Florges would be useful. And then Florges BREAK comes in, showing off that BREAK Evolutions don't necessarily need to carry attacks - they can tack on extra Abilities too! And Floral Breeze is a pretty good support one, healing off 30 damage from the Active and removing their Status Condition with ease. This effectively checks things like Sceptile-EX and Ariados who will frequently Poison your Pokemon to deal more damage for the KO like what HTL did back in its heyday. And if Rough Seas is any indicator of how powerful healing off even just 30 damage a turn is, then Florges BREAK deserves some play in Fairy decks. 

The only real drawback to Florges as a BREAK Evolution though is the amount of cards required - at minimum, getting to a full Florges BREAK takes up 4 cards (the Basic Flabébé, either Floette or Rare Candy, the regular Stage 2 Florges, and THEN Florges BREAK), which is a LOT of investment into it. If you're running the full set, you're taking up 16 cards in your 60-card deck, making an entire fourth of your deck devoted to just Florges BREAK. With something like this, it's a really REALLY tight squeeze, so whether or not Florges BREAK even sees play will be because of how useful its Ability is seen as. 

And maybe it's worth running at least one just to keep your opponent on their toes! 


Standard: 3/5 (a hefty bit slower than most Evolutionary lines, but with the Ability, hehe, to keep healing off stuff and combine with the Ability to make one's attacks cheaper, Florges and Florges BREAK combine into a powerful support for Fairy decks) 

Expanded: 2.5/5 (though she is great support, there's only so much you can do with an Evolution that requires 4 cards) 

Limited: 4/5 (your mileage will vary here for sure, but again, cheaper attacks and constant healing/Status removal will make things quite challenging for your opponent...provided you get all the set-up you can get) 

Arora Notealus: Florges getting a BREAK Evolution is really nice, especially considering she needed a much better Evolution than the Flashfire variant, and the whole BREAK Evolution adds some power to her that regular Evolutions need. Unfortunately, this much effort for just a really good support may not necessarily be worth it, but hey, I dunno, it could be worth running one! 



Our ninth place pick is Florges (XY: BREAKthrough 103/162) and Florges BREAK (XY: BREAKthrough 104/162).  That is right, two different cards but this time, it isn’t because they are tied but because BREAK Evolutions are basically half a card.  I don’t know if this is more or less confusing for those of us that remember the Level-Up cards released during the DP- and Platinum-eras.  In fact, I am just going to link to the official site for an explanation.  If you can’t use that, the short version is that BREAK Evolutions Evolve from what is normally a fully Evolved Pokémon, is placed sideways on top of what it Evolves from because you still use the prior Stages Weakness, Resistance, Retreat costs, attacks and Abilities.  I think the card’s Stage becomes “BREAK” and I know you use the BREAK Evolutions Type, Hit Points and anything else printed on the BREAK Evolutions card (like additional Abilities or attacks).  You do have to follow all normal Evolution rules, so for a most relevant example, you have to wait a turn after Evolving into Florges before you can BREAK Evolve into Florges BREAK.  Something I’ll mention because it is different from the old Level-Up cards is that yes, “BREAK” is a part of the card’s name so you may have four Florges and four Florges BREAK in the same deck.  The “Lv.X” designation on Level-Up cards was not considered part of the name, hence me bringing it up at all. 

I’ll start with what is common to both cards: being a Fairy-Type.  XY-era Dragon-Types have so far all been Fairy Weak but that’s it, while nothing resists Fairy-Types.  Exclusive Fairy-Type support (that which explicitly only works for Fairy-Type Pokémon) is not overly impressive but when we look at support that either applies to [Y] Energy we get some winners like Fairy Garden, which zeroes out the Retreat Cost of cards with a source of [Y] Energy attached and Aromatisse (XY 93/146) which allows you to freely move around your in play [Y] providing Energy cards from Pokémon to Pokémon (well, only on your own side of the field).  Fairy-Type decks aren’t absent from the competitive scene, but either use something off-Type in a totally supporting role like Slurpuff (XY: Phantom Forces 69/119) or otherwise seem to be Fairy Transfer variants.  Everything else is either different between the cards as I’m not counting aspects shared only because Florges BREAK would be played on top of Florges (XY: BREAKthrough 103/162).  So now we’ll have fun bouncing back and forth between the two.

Florges is a Stage 2 Pokémon and that makes it resource intensive; at least two other cards and a turn of waiting will go towards getting it into play.  We’ll cover its lower Stages (and the other versions) after we finish with the rest of this Florges and then Florges BREAK; just remember that when compared to the time, space and general user friendly nature of Basic Pokémon and even Stage 1s, being a Stage 2 is a definite drawback.  This means Florges BREAK is effectively a “Stage 3” Pokémon and effects that explicitly reference Stage 2 Pokémon won’t apply to Florges BREAK; not that most of us use Training Center but it won’t grant an HP bonus to Florges BREAK.  Florges has just 110 HP: all but a few decks (namely those focused on attack effects more than damage) will be able to rapidly, reliably and repeatedly score a OHKO and remember that as a Stage 2 you’ll be granting your opponent at least one turn of setting up over a similarly sized Basic.  Florges BREAK jumps up to 140 HP which is notably more stable but still capable of being OHKOed by more than just a few decks; again if it isn’t focusing more on attack effects than damage, a deck will be able to reach 140 damage once its set-up is complete, possibly multiple times and without needing a lot of time for the setup. 

Metal Weakness isn’t the worst but the Type has seen successful competitive play without going too far back, though not always as the main attacker.  With just 110 HP, “big” attacks by Metal-Types were already going to score the OHKO against Florges so on it the main concern is allowing a weaker, less resource intensive attack to do the deed.  Florges BREAK has the same problem, except fewer weaker attacks turn into OHKOs and fewer of the moderately sized attacks would score the KO without Weakness.  Darkness Resistance will make either of these slightly harder to OHKO; due to their specific HP scores, this may prove relevant as it shifts Florges from being OHKO by something like a Muscle Band enhanced “Y Cyclone” scoring a OHKO to a Yveltal-EX needing to just go with “Evil Ball” and Florges BREAK needing an effective 160 damage to be OHKOed.  So this time, Resistance may be relevant, at least if the rest of the cards live up to their ranking.  The single Energy Retreat Cost on Florges is great; easy to pay and to recover from having paid for most decks. 

Florges has one Ability and attack.  The former is “Calming Aroma” and it drops the attack costs of your Pokémon by [Y].  The way this Ability is worded I believe it stacks; so with one instance of Calming Aroma attacks that cost [Y] become free, two means attacks that cost [YY] become free, etc.  It does not affect any other Types of Energy costs; even if a Fairy-Type needs just [C] to attack, it still needs [C] to attack even if you somehow get four copies of Calming Aroma in play.  It doesn’t specify a Pokémon-Type either; while most cards with [Y] Energy costs are indeed Fairy-Types, all versions of the Dragon-Type Goodra have had at least one [Y] Energy cost in its attacks.  Florges also has an attack called “Wonder Shine” that requires [YYY] to hit for 70 and Confuse the opponent’s Active.  That is a little overpriced on its own, but unless Calming Aroma is being negated, it will actually only require [YY], which is a bit better.  Regrettably, even if you have two other copies of Calming Aroma on the field to completely zero out the attack cost, I don’t like having something so small using an attack that isn’t going to take a OHKO.  The Confusion provides a smidgen of protection, but not enough for a Stage 2, or BREAK Evolution of a Stage 2, or Mew-EX using Wonder Shine via its “Versatile” Ability, etc.  It is good that the two work together so well and is a better “filler” attack than I would have expected.  The Ability is the important thing though and we’ll discuss its potential uses soon enough. 

Florges BREAK adds the Ability “Floral Breeze”, which allows you to heal 30 damage and a Special Condition from your Active Pokémon once per turn before you attack.  If you manage to get multiple copies of Florges BREAK (and thus Floral Breeze) into play, they can both be used once per turn.  A nice little trick but not something that makes me want to run Florges BREAK for its own sake.  It definitely is relying on whatever Florges is contributing to justify its inclusion and that may not actually be a bad thing so long as we have a worthwhile Florges.  The real rival for her is whatever else might be used to buff Florges or heal Pokémon in play or replace the entire line.  Of course you’re not going to find something that does it all, but if it does less while taking less space and thus being more reliable, that is often better. 

Florges evolves from Floette Evolves from Flabébé.  We have three options for Flabébé: XY: Flashfire 62/106, XY: Flashfire 63/106 and XY: BREAKthrough 101/162).  All are Basic, Fairy-Type Pokémon with Metal Weakness, Darkness Resistance, Retreat Cost [C], no Ancient Trait, no Ability and a single attack.  XY: Flashfire 62/106 has 40 HP and for [Y] can use her “Aromatherapy” attack to heal 10 damage from each of your Pokémon.  XY: Flashfire 63/106 also has 40 HP but for [C] she can use Razor Leaf for 10.  XY: BREAKthrough 101/162 has only 30 HP and her “Wish” attack requires [Y] and a coin flip; “tails” means the attack does nothing but on “heads” you get to search your deck for any one card you want and add it to hand.  All three of these are easily KOed if stuck up in the Active slot, so the attacks aren’t all that meaningful.  Still I would avoid XY: Flashfire 63/106 because she can’t cash in on Calming Aroma and while Wish is amazing when you get “heads” that 30 HP means several effects can OHKO this version while it is on the Bench.  So by default go with XY: Flashfire 62/106; who knows maybe healing 10 off of everything could come in handy. 

Floette is similar, with the options being XY: Flashfire 64/106, XY: Flashfire 65/106 and XY: BREAKthrough 102/162; all are Stage 1 Fairy-Type Pokémon with 70 HP, Metal Weakness, Darkness Resistance, Retreat Cost [C] and no Ancient Trait.  XY: Flashfire 64/106 has the Ability “Flower Veil” that boost the HP of your Grass-Type Pokémon by 20 (and yes multiples stack) while for [Y] she can use “Fairy Wind” to attack for 20 damage.  XY: Flashfire 65/106 has two attacks: for [Y] she can use “Petal Blizzard” to hit all of your opponent’s Pokémon for 10 damage while for [YC] it can use “Razor Leaf” for 30.  XY: BREAKthrough 102/162 “Aroma Therapy” for [Y] though this time it heals 30 damage from each of your Pokémon, while for [YY] she can use “Magical Leaf” to hit for 20 damage and flip a coin: “tails” means the attack just does the initial 20 but on “heads” the attack does an additional 20 (so 40) plus heals 20 from herself.  All three of these fail at being really worth the effort, but due to Item lock I would be leery of relying solely or even mostly on Rare Candy; if you have no Grass-Types ignore XY: Flashfire 64/106 and unless your deck is built around them only consider making one Floette this version.  Take your pick for either of the remaining two for your other Floette needs. 

There is one other Florges to be released so far: XY: Flashfire 66/106.  It has the same attributes as today’s version but with two different attacks and no Ability or Ancient Trait.  For [C] she can use “Brilliant Search” to do just that: brilliantly search your deck for three cards of your choice to add to your hand.  For [Y] it can use “Petal Blizzard” to hit all of your opponent’s Pokémon for 20 damage each.  These would be amazing on a Basic Pokémon and perhaps still worth it on a Stage 1, but not on a Stage 2 or pseudo-Stage 3 if you use it to BREAK Evolve, not even as a single.  You can find a review for this Florges here; the reviewers were quite generous (I wanted it to somehow work as well), which is why it manages to score as well as it did (and 2.5/5 isn’t exactly “good” in the first place).  Floette (XY: Flashfire 64/406) also got its own review due to the Ability and again, I can’t speak for the others but I thought there had to be some use in buffing Grass-Types and so far, I have been quite, quite wrong so again, the scores are too high. 

So are either Florges BREAK or Florges (XY: BREAKthrough 103/162) worth running in a deck?  We don’t have tournament results for some nice, obvious data and I haven’t been reading or watching a lot on the uses for the cards in this set, so I can only speculate.  I don’t think Florges BREAK is worth it, but this new Florges has generated a lot of ideas.  Granted they are all similar: 

1.    Bench Florges.
Use reduced cost attackers.

Step 3 is pretty important to be represented by that joke but that is the point; I can only look at a few Fairy-Types and ask “How much better would they be with just eliminating some or all of the attack cost versus going with something tried and true like a Fairy Transfer deck?”  The one example that leaps to my mind is appropriately enough Florges-EX.  Though it only sports 160 HP, this Basic Pokémon-EX has an attack for [Y] called “Lead” that allows you to search your deck for a Supporter to add it to your hand and another attack for [YC] called “Bright Garden” that does 20 damage times the number of your Grass and Fairy Pokémon in play.  It sees a tiny bit of use in Fairy Transfer decks but other attackers simply do better.  I tried building a deck around it that didn’t use Fairy Transfer and while it could be fun, mostly it was frustrating because of how difficult it was to stream Bright Garden hits.  It is possible lowering the cost of each attack by [Y] would solve a lot of this, though the fact that any Shaymin-EX on your Bench subtract from your maximum damage is another concern: I tried just using Slurpuff instead and had mixed results.  Florges (XY: BREAKthrough 103/162) would need space and time but in a weird way it might be a relief for this particular deck that Florges-EX can only benefit from a single Calming Aroma; you won’t have to set-up multiple copies of the Stage 2. 

Still for competitive Standard and Expanded play this is a longshot; other Stage 2 cards that have proven themselves recently either use a super shortcut like Archie’s Ace in the Hole or have a useful Stage 1 form as well or work as part of a lock.  I consider it worse for Expanded play because it just seems that much more fragile and faces that much more general competition.  For Limited play it all depends on how many other Pokémon you pull that use [Y] Energy… at least for regular Florges.  You might risk Florges BREAK for the Ability.  So if you get all that, go for it but if you only have some of it, I’d skip it. 


Florges (XY: BREAKthrough 103/162) 

Standard: 3/5 

Florges BREAK 

Standard: 1.75/5 


Summary: Florges offers the faint promise of killer attacks for budget prices but I don’t know how to help it cash in on that.  Florges BREAK offers just an HP boost and so-so Ability for a lot of extra hassle, and that assumes you have already justified including today’s Florges; it doesn’t offer anywhere near enough validate running the line on its own. 

I had Florges on my list as #15; I still gave it too much credit.  Florges BREAK didn’t make my list, or at least didn’t until we settled upon reviewing BREAK Evolutions alongside their non-BREAK counterpart from the set.  If one of the others knows how and why to use either of these, I’ll be thrilled to be wrong… because at the very least I own M Glalie-EX an apology as this card garnered the same number of voting points as it did but I broke the tie in the favor of Florges and Florges BREAK.

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