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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Ancient Origins

Date Reviewed:
November 11, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.67
Expanded: 2.50
Limited: 2.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Our first two Metal-Types weren’t all that impressive, but let us see if we can change that with one last Metal-Type for this week: Registeel (XY: Ancient Origins 51/98).  For the last time this week, I’ll point out all Fairy-Types and most (possibly all) of the chunk of Water-Types that correspond to the video game Ice-Type are Metal Weak, which is certainly better than say Dragon-Types (only BW-era Dragon-Types are Dragon Weak) but as very few of the applicable Types are tearing up the competitive scene, well below where I would like it to be.  XY-era Lightning-Types are usually Metal Resistant; not the worst but definitely not the best, though fortunately Resistance is usually an inconvenience and not a serious problem.  No card effects that explicitly state they do something detrimental to Metal-Types, but there aren’t that many that explicitly benefit them either.  The Metal-Type does have some really great bits of support, but it is flexible to varying degrees; some merely being strong attackers (and usually still pretty dependent upon a source of [M] Energy) to cards like Jirachi-EX that technically benefits from explicit Metal-Type Pokémon support but is run purely for its Ability that just doesn't care about Typing.  Perhaps a good, brief description of it all is that the Metal-Type is “good enough”. 

Unambiguous is that the Basic Stage is the best for a Pokémon to be; while hypothetically speaking the designers might be able to balance out the various Stages, it is quite difficult and based on what they have done, I don’t think they are all too concerned about it.  So Basic Pokémon need only a single slot in your deck, can be put directly into play so long as there is room for them and enjoys a natural synergy with many effects; for example card search just works better with them because one piece of search gets the “entire” Pokémon, unlike with an Evolution that gets only one part (one of the various Stages).  If that wasn’t enough, Basic Type Pokémon even have their own specific bits of Stage based support.  Without being something like a Pokémon-EX, Basic Pokémon are currently capped at 130 HP, and Registeel falls just 10 points shy of that at 120; this is enough to have a decent chance of surviving a hit.  That may not sound like much but if a deck isn’t focused on something more technical, when it has something resembling its main attacker with something resembling its proper setup few Pokémon can take the hit and when you have an optimal set-up, only things like damage preventing effects might save something.  So yeah, 120 is good for the effort it will cost an opponent to make the OHKO, especially as they may sometimes fall short. 

Fire Weakness is not happy, but it isn’t as bad as the most dangerous ones to have at the moment.  The main Fire-Type attacker to worry about if Flareon (BW: Plasma Freeze 12/116) and when it gets going it scores a OHKO anyway.  The Psychic Resistance is unlikely to make a huge difference but it is appreciated; with some luck it might place Registeel into a position where it falls just outside of an affordable OHKO.  Just remember that the Psychic-Type is one that seems to specialize in attacks that push for a KO without actually doing damage; damage counter placement, Special Conditions and even effects simply KO without lowering HP!  Finishing off this section of the review, Registeel has a Retreat Cost of [CCC]; slight upside that you can use Heavy Ball to fetch Registeel from the deck, and as one of the attacks requires it you may even have the three Energy attached, but rarely will you want to discard it or be capable of easily coming back from burning that much Energy; pack some alternatives to retreating at full price whether it lowers the cost, changes your Active without retreating at all or allows Registeel to at least attempt to tank while up front. 

For [MC] Registeel can use its “Iron Head” attack, which has you flip until “tails” to hit the opponent’s Active for 30 damage times the number of “heads”.  The upside of such attacks is that they are always technically a threat so long as nothing is preventing all possible damage, but this is one of the many with no guaranteed damage: you have a 50% chance of doing no damage whatsoever, with every other possible outcome contained in the 50% of “other” results.  I think; been awhile since I worked with this and I really don’t want to plug numbers into the various formulae, let alone figure out how an effect like that of Trick Coin might affect the odds.  The short version is that this is better than nothing and might allow an incredibly fortunate KO, but it is certainly not something to count upon.  The second attack is “Forbidden Iron Hammer”, a long but kind of fun name for an attack that requires [MCC].  It hits for 70 damage and if the opponent’s Active is a Pokémon-EX you may discard an Energy card from it.  This is actually a solid attack, a little beyond “adequate” but not something I want to label as “good”: with a Muscle Band or Silver Bangle you can 2HKO nearly all Basic Pokémon-EX (barring protective or healing effects) and potentially frustrate the opponent by discarding key Energy cards.  In some specific matchups that effect is amazing and offsets the fact that you need help to get into the aforementioned 2HKO range (or OHKO range for something like a Jirachi-EX) and that often discarding the Energy will be pointless (at the very least anytime you score a KO!). 

There is no other Registeel available in either Standard or Expanded play.  There is a Registeel-EX which we looked at here; but I don’t recall seeing it used a lot lately even though it is a Metal-Type Basic Pokémon-EX with 180 HP.  It has the typical Fire Weakness/Psychic Resistance and while it has a maximum Retreat Cost of [CCCC], that is pretty typical of big Metal-Types.  Its “Triple Laser” attack does 30 to three of your opponent’s Pokémon (which can hit the Bench or the Active and the Bench) while it its “Protect Charge” at one time was a decent fallback option, requiring [MMCC] to hit for 80 while soaking 20 damage from attacks during your opponent’s next turn (after Weakness and Resistance).  Those aren’t as impressive now but might have some niche use.  The real competition comes from other big, Basic, Metal-Type attackers like Cobalion (BW: Noble Victories 84/101, 100/101; BW: Legendary Treasures 91/113), Cobalion-EX, Dialga-EX (XY: Phantom Forces 62/119, 122/119) and Heatran (XY: Phantom Forces 63/119) and/or its kin Regice (XY: Ancient Origins 24/98) and Regirock (XY: Ancient Origins 40/98).  Once you get to Standard only, you lose most of the other Basic Metal-Type attackers, including the only other one that discards Energy, Cobalion-EX, which I think gives it a bit more of a use. 

So what about Regirock and Regice since I brought them up?  Well they follow a similar design: all three are Basic Pokémon with 120 HP, no Resistance, no Ancient Trait, no Ability but two attacks.  The attacks even have similar patterns: [XC] for the first and [XCC] for the second, where “X” matches the Type of the Regi in question.  The smaller attack also seems to be the filler/opening attack while the larger is the “main”.  Just adjust for Type, appropriate Weakness (Registeel is the only one that scored a Resistance) and correct damage and effects for the attacks.  The [MCC] of Forbidden Iron Hammer actually isn’t too terrible to pay as the [CC] part of the cost opens up a lot of Energy acceleration.  If Regice hadn’t proved useful due to its “Resistance Blizzard” blocking damage and effects from Pokémon-EX while hitting for 70 damage, there might be room in more decks for the other two.  As is, there still might be some room, namely where one needs a mostly splashable Metal-Type attacker. 

Though not formidable enough to function as the lone Basic Pokémon in a +39 build, its Energy requirements and usefulness against opposing Pokémon-EX make this a great pull for Limited play.  In fact if you didn’t pull a big, Basic worth building a +39 deck around, then whatever else you are running should make room for Registeel and some Metal Energy cards.  120 lasts longer here and the damage for the attacks means more; you won’t often get the Energy discard but when you do it may be a lifesaver.  It too is found in the “Iron Tide” Theme Deck, but as there aren’t a lot of Theme Decks that include Pokémon-EX, it performs a little worse than in regular Limited play.  In fact, I don’t know if there are any on the PTCGO.  With few or no Pokémon-EX to counter, it is just a nice, big Basic with slightly overpriced attacks, but still serviceable. 


Standard: 3.25/5 

Expanded: 3/5 

Limited: 4.8/5 

Theme: 3.75/5 

Summary: Useful in Limited and a nice option for constructed play as well, even if it isn’t spectacular, Registeel (XY: Ancient Origins 51/98) has one filler attack but the second just needs some not overly strenuous Energy acceleration for solid damage and effect, at least when facing off against Pokémon-EX.  It shouldn’t replace any of the other attackers mentioned earlier, but it may supplement them as a one- or two-of inclusion.

Emma Starr

Today, we take a look at the Iron Giant himself, Registeel. With 120 HP, he’s right where most non-EX basics tend to be, shares the common Fire weakness that many Steels have, and has the hulking Retreat Cost of 3 (but he’s a golem, what were you expecting?) Do his attacks give him any use with those average statistics so far?

His first attack, Iron Head, costs 1 Steel and a Colorless. Feeling lucky? Since with this attack, you do 30 damage for each heads you can flip until you get tails. A fun attack, but most people won’t like it due to the amount of luck this requires. It can be aided with Trick Coin, but most people probably won’t bother, due to their usually being better cards to put in your deck than Trick Coin, unless you don’t mind having a little fun. It makes a decent attack until you can afford the second one, at least.

For just one Colorless more (so, DCE will work here), it can use the FORBIDDEN Iron Hammer, which does 70, and discards an Energy from an EX opponent. So, now you can punish Lugia EX, Yveltal EX or the old Mewtwo EX for being the massive energy hoarders they are. Aside from them, however, unless your opponent runs very few energies (which is actually pretty common today), his brother Regice will give your opponent many more headaches, preventing their EXs from even attacking! Not only that, it even does the same damage as this attack, but obviously Regice will only (mostly) be played in Water decks, with Regice being a contender to be in Steel Decks. Why do I only say a contender? Well, Dialga EX (PHF 62) has an attack with this same cost, and though with 10 less damage, it lets you completely stop EXs from attacking. Do this on consecutive turns, and you’ve got a solid EX wall to shut down all of your opponent’s EXs with. Registeel just merely annoys them in comparison, and let’s not forget that Dialga EX has 60 more HP as well, but with the same troublesome Fire weakness. Dialga also has a 150 damage attack to finish off any EX that was previously weakened, too. Registeel has its advantages too, mainly for discarding (special) energies, and only giving up one prize, so although it may have its inferiorities, it may still be worth playing 1 or 2 in a Steel deck just to annoy your opponent.

Standard: 2/5

Expanded: 2/5 (There are a few more support Pokemon, but really, we’ve only started to get really good Steel Pokemon in the newer sets. Only Jirachi EX is an exception in my opinion, but as Otaku has stated before, he’s pretty splashable in any deck.)

Limited: 2/5 (The only other Steel Pokemon in this set are the two Metagross’s that were both covered the last two days (of which I didn’t get a review out for…sorry!), and they’re both Stage 2s, so you make the decision. Seems like maybe half of a dual-type deck at best to me personally…)

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