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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- XY49 Promo

Date Reviewed:
May 27, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.50
Expanded: 2.53
Limited: N/A

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Regirock (Promo) 

Most Blister Pack Promo cards are rubbish . . . this is probably a good thing (for players, anyway) as the distribution is sometimes a bit iffy, and they can be almost impossible to source in your particular region. Every now and then, though, they make good ones that players will want for a particular deck: Toxicroak G, Litwick, Plasma Landorus (almost unavailable in the US, apparently) illustrate that point. 

As for the ones that were released alongside Roaring Skies . . . they’re not bad. Take Regirock, for instance: his 110 HP may be slightly disappointing for a Basic Legendary, his retreat cost is a bit sucky, and his attacks are unusable, but what he does have is the excellent Ancient Trait Ω Barrier – yep the same one that Primal Groudon has. This means that Regirock cannot be affected by Trainer cards: he’s immune to Hypnotoxic Laser, Pokémon Catcher, Lysandre, and all that nasty disruption you see in Seismitoad decks (Hammers, Xerosic, Team Flare Grunt). 

Obviously, not every deck has a use for a disruption-proof Bench sitter with nothing else to offer, but he is a very nice card to have in a M Gardevoir deck. Stick Regirock on the Bench, heck, give him an Exp Share (it can’t be Megaphone’d away!), and just pile Energy on him to fuel the damage from M Gardevoir’s Brilliant Arrow. Unless your opponent can drag him out with an Ability (such as Genesect EX’s Red Signal) or an attack (e.g: Galvantula PHF’s Cobweb Trip), he’s quite safe. 

Regirock is really only an upgrade on Ω Barrier Elecktrike PRC, but it’s a good one as it is much less vulnerable to being sniped/KO’d by Golbat/Crobat PHF shenanigans. Even so, it fulfils a niche, and not always necessary, role in one deck only. If you want to play Gardy, you should try a copy out, if you don’t . . . then Regirock is no big deal. 


Modified: 2.5
Expanded: 2.5
Limited: N/A 


Wait, what? Regirock wasn't in Roaring Skies! What is this rabble rabble rabble... 

Yeah, that's right, we're taking a look at a couple of promo cards over the next two days. These came out with the three-pack blisters of Roaring Skies, so you can still get your hands on them and what-not. Course, they are still promo cards, so don't be expecting too much from them. Who knows how useful they'll be. 

Still, Regirock here has a couple of things going for him already in the form of his Typing (Fighting being very well-supported right now) and his Ancient Trait Omega Barrier. That means he'll be able to dish out damage and keep your opponent from messing around with him too much! Not too shabby for a Basic. So what do you get for all of that? 

Well his first move is...okay. Land Maker costs just one Energy and returns two of your Stadium cards in your discard pile back into your hand. That's not bad, could combo well with Battle Compressor to grab what you need or just get some more utility out of your Stadiums after your opponent's been wiping them off. I just don't know if people would be running enough Stadiums to justify its usage.

And then there's Stone Edge, which costs a whopping 4 Energy for just 80 damage and a coin flip for an extra 40. Combined with Fighting support, that could be anywhere from 100 to 180 damage (including Muscle Band, Strong Energy, and Fighting Stadium) - which on a coin flip of heads is a OHKO on any Pokemon-EX that isn't a Mega. Or Wailord-EX. But other than that, it's not that impressive, and frankly it doesn't strike me as being worth the investment. Once again, thank Pokemon-EX for ruining that. 

In any case, Regirock's not a bad option, but he's not a great one either. If you get one, feel free to hang onto him - that Land Maker could be useful! Otherwise, maybe consider the other Blister set...or not, what can I say? Promos are mostly just fun! 


Standard: 2/5 (maybe there's some use for Land Maker, but Stone Edge is meh)

Expanded: 2/5 (let's be honest, that Fighting Typing is the biggest asset here)

Limited: N/A (oh yeah...not technically part of a set...) 

Arora Notealus: Regirock is part of the Regi Trio from the Hoenn region, and they are an interesting bunch to say the least. There's one idea about the trio that they each represent a particular Age of Man - Regirock being the oldest with the Stone Age, with Regice following up with the Ice Age and Registeel coming after with the Bronze or Metalworking Age, depending on how you look at it. Pretty fascinating stuff! 

Next Time: And the other promo in the blisters is...


Our second card for this shortened week is Regirock (XY Black Star Promo XY49), one of the for promos available in the three booster pack blisters or XY: Roaring Skies some stories carry.  This is a Basic, which has been great for the last several years (and formats) and could be relevant to make it easy to TecH or to squeeze in multiples.  Being a Fighting-Type allows it to tap some phenomenal support and (as we’ll see) to possibly become an indirect part of that support in addition to hitting for Weakness against many Colorless-Types and most Darkness-Types and Lightning-Types.  Fighting Resistance is one of the more commonly seen but Resistance itself is uncommon, so in the end it still isn’t that much.  The 110 HP is solid but part of what helps is that it’s on a Basic that isn’t a Pokémon-EX; top decks can and will score a OHKO against this amount unless their set-up is significantly incomplete or it is a deck that sacrifices damage output for something else (such as Seismitoad-EX relying on Quaking Punch to block Items).   

The Grass Weakness is not good but despite sharing it with some cards that people love to hit hard like Seismitoad-EX and Primal Groudon-EX; mostly just a few decks are able to effectively work it in (or are mostly composed of Grass-Types) and even then its HP is at a point where the weakest attacks are likely to still need a boost for the OHKO while the stronger attacks didn’t need any help in the first place (or maybe just saved on a Muscle Band).  No Resistance is typical so I won’t be penalizing Regirock for that, though obviously no Resistance is the worst Resistance.  Besides being common, it’s also a hit-or-miss bit of protection; not only can your opponent sometimes shift attackers to get around it, since it is only good for -20 many times it won’t matter anyway.  The Retreat Cost of [CCC] is definitely there and you’ll really feel it if you get stuck paying it.  Fortunately many (most?) decks have ample reasons to run effects to lower Retreat Costs or bypass manually retreating entirely, so its not as big of a drawback as it might seem.  Additionally in Expanded it becomes a legal Heavy Ball target. 

Regirock sports no Ability but does bear an Ancient Trait: Ω Barrier.  This Trait has proven pretty potent on Primal Groudon-EX, allowing it to safely build while on the Bench except for a few exceptions.  The first attack, Land Maker, requires [F] and allows you to add two Stadiums from your discard pile to your hand.  For [FFFC] it can use Stone Edge for 80 damage, plus another 40 if you can get “heads” on a coin toss.  These attacks are lackluster but not completely useless; if they were a little less expensive/did a bit more they could actually be pretty good.  Just remember that adding cards from the discard to hand via attack is vulnerable to disruption like that of N or Red Card (the former being the main concern) and that sometimes that coin will come up as “tails” at the worst possible moment (as well as being “heads” when it’s pointless overkill).

So what use is this card?  Ω Barrier being on a Basic Pokémon is key.  This rock lord can provide a firm foundation for certain decks, namely those that need something they can Bench which is difficult to force Active.  It seems tailor made to see a copy in a Primal Groudon-EX deck, just in case; hypothetically speaking if the rest of the deck works well enough, you may be able to afford a turn’s attack, an Energy card and attachment as well as a Prize letting this get back two Stadiums so Primal Groudon-EX can get back to OHKOs.  Thanks to Ω Barrier, you can slap a Pokémon Tool on Regirock with only a slight chance of it not getting a chance to do anything.  Float Stone makes it into a pivot Pokémon while Exp. Share turns it into a (basic) Energy sponge.  The latter could have a use in decks like Fairy Transfer in addition to Primal Groudon-EX decks that are running an adequate about of basic Fighting Energy; anytime something with a basic Energy is KOed, it can go onto Regirock to be moved off later, though in a Primal Groudon-EX deck it would require additional cards… but it does make for a surprise cleaner that you didn’t have to burn any Energy attachments on, and/or something worth a single Prize for when that proves relevant. 

Right now, these uses are in doubt mostly because of Bench space.  The PTCGO actually already has this card available in it, even selling the virtual version of the blister pack in the online store for Tokens (which can be earned in various game modes).  Sadly I’m not an old hand at Fairy Transfer decks, so perhaps my problem was just that my build was wanting, but I had to cut back on too many cards I see commonly included or run a single copy (of both Regirock and Exp. Share) which meant one or the other seemed perpetually Prized or otherwise out of reach.  Expanded adds at least one other Energy moving deck that has had some success: Klinklang (Black & White 76/114), though as per usual more competition for deck space.  Limited isn’t even an option, but it would be a solid pull if it were reprinted into a set anytime soon: not a +39 candidate but if you are running a lot of Fighting Energy, a (hypothetical) good pull unless the set has fantastic Grass-Type attackers, or similar exceptions. 


Standard: 3/5 

Expanded: 3.1/5 

Limited: N/A 

Summary: Not a powerhouse, but Ω Barrier has proven far better than I expected when I first saw it.  This could have some interesting, combo heavy uses in certain decks, though in general Regirock isn’t something to run.  You won’t need to run out and instantly buy four copies, but do try to get some.

Emma Starr

                Ah, Regirock. I remember it as the first of the Regi trio I caught in Emerald, and I thought they were all really cool-looking legendaries. I later learned that people seemed to think they were the worst once I was introduced to the Internet, but IDK, I still think the Regis are pretty awesome.

                With 110 HP, it comes as a solid enough amount for a basic, non-EX Pokémon, though the Grass weakness can be worrying. Regirock is coolio enough to have an Ancient Trait, which prevents all effects from Trainer cards (minus Tools or Stadiums). So, this guy doesn’t have to worry about things like Hypnotoxic Laser or Team Flare Grunt, which is always nice.

                It’s first attack, Land Maker, is a unique attack, that has some nice potential with Primal Groudon EX. If you had a stadium in play when your Primal Groudon EX used Gaia Volcano, when you have to discard the Stadium, you could switch to Regirock (preferably using Switch; that 3 energy Retreat Cost is horrendous) to easily bring out another, and use Primal Groudon’s monstrous 200-hitting attack again, along with any other bonuses said Stadium would give to you! Or, if your opponent just replaced your Stadium, you could also use this attack to search for the poor Stadium, and give it another chance to shine. Of course, the attack costs one Fighting Energy, and Regirock will have to be active to use this obviously, so one can’t help but think that if this ‘attack’ were an ability instead, then he might be much more useful. Alas, it is not, but it’s still probably better than his second attack, in most cases.

                His second attack, Stone Edge, costs 3 Fighting, and 1 Colorless. The energy for it makes me think of the cost of most EX’s second attacks. Unfortunately, it only does 80, with a 50% chance of doing 120. You could attach a Trick Coin to try to make that chance go up to 75%, which can 2HKO an EX if things go right, but chances are it’ll probably be hard to make Regirock survive that long.

                Standard: 2.5/5 (nice synergy with Primal Groudon EX, but not too useful otherwise, though it can make use of all the current Fighting supports, like Strong Energy)

                Expanded: 2.5/5

                Limited: Erm…I don’t think you’d be even allowed to use him here. :P

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