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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Promo XY40

Date Reviewed:
June 22, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.92
Expanded: 1.83
Limited: N/A

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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I don't think anyone will deny that Ditto is one of the most unique Pokemon out there. It may not be the only blob-like one out there - looking at you, Muk - but he's the only one that actively transforms into other Pokemon. There's really not much you do with Ditto in the games other than copy your opponent's Pokemon and use them against him. 

And here with this promo card, Ditto does the same thing!...sort of. I mean, it's not Duplicate like the Delta Species Ditto were, and it's nothing like BCR Ditto's Transform, but...well, I guess you'll see as we take a look at this Ditto. His only attack is Stick On, a miserable 1-for-10 that puts a basic Energy onto Ditto from the discard pile. SNORE 

Alright, so what makes this Ditto different from other Ditto? Well, there is this wacky Ability, Metamorphosis Gene. As long as Ditto is Active, he can use the opponent's attacks against them! AH-HA!! Oh, wait, Ditto stays Colorless? And you still need the necessary Energy to use the attack?...oh. 

Basically, Ditto is a fun card. Competitively, he's terrible - you'd have to build an entire deck around getting him out, sending Energy to your discard pile, and hoping you can attach the right amounts of Energy just in time to get rid of your opponent's Pokemon before he gets rid of Ditto. And considering Ditto only has 70 HP? Yeah, he ain't sticking around for long (HO, HO HO). 

In other words: don't play Ditto. Get him cause you like the Pika-goo art. 


Standard: 1/5 (there's just no good way of making him work fast enough)

Expanded: 1/5 (nope) 

Limited: N/A (not even Limited can save him cause he's a promo card) 

Arora Notealus: As a concept, Ditto's fascinating! I kinda wish there were more Ditto cards that could really take advantage of Ditto's uniqueness more than what we've seen. Most of the time, it's usually, "Oh, copy the Defending Pokemon," or, "Transform Ditto into another of your Pokemon." Just once, I'd like to see more of that Ditto from Skyridge, where every Energy attached to Ditto could be used as any other Energy, which made using Copy easier! All he needs beyond that is more HP - heck, maybe make him a Ditto-EX or something - and he'd be set! Not absolutely all-powerful 180 HP set, but like I'd say a 110-130 HP Ditto-EX would work a little for a deck. 

Next Time: Guess we're taking a look at the pecking order next.


Welcome to another week of reviews: we’ll begin the week with… Ditto (XY Black Star Promo XY40).  As a Colorless-Type it enjoys some decent support and never has to worry about Resistance but also never enjoys exploiting Weakness.  It is a Basic Pokémon and that is unambiguously the best Stage right now: fast and space efficient.  Its 70 HP is good for a Ditto but otherwise is a likely OHKO by your opponent.  The Fighting Weakness makes it difficult for your typical Fighting-Type attacker to not OHKO Ditto (it’s a dangerous Weakness to have) while the lack of Resistance is typical and only missing out on a small “bonus” for that reason.  The Retreat Cost of two seems to be functionally average; pricy enough you won’t want to pay it but low enough (thanks mostly to things like Double Colorless Energy) that you will likely still be able to afford and cope with the cost.  For a smaller Basic though it seems a bit odd.  Ditto has one Ability and attack.  The former (Metamorphosis Gene) allows it to copy the attacks of your opponent’s Active Pokémon (you still need to meet the Energy requirements, though).  Its attack (Stick On) helps with this as it allows you to attach a basic Energy from your discard pile to Ditto itself. 

There is one other Ditto to compete or perhaps combo with and that is only in Expanded (today’s version is it for Standard): BW: Boundaries Crossed 108/149.  Game relevant differences between today’s version and this older one are a Retreat Cost of [C], different Ability (Transform) and no attack.  Transform allows you to play a Basic Pokémon onto Ditto, causing Ditto to be count as that Pokémon for all intents and purposes (even Evolving) but it retains all cards that were attached to Ditto as well as things like turns in play.  If you use Transform to turn a Ditto that had been in play for over a turn into an Evolving Basic Pokémon, you could instantly Evolve if you have the Stage 1 (or Stage 2 plus Rare Candy) in hand.  Dealing with problematic Evolutions, being a variable placeholder and/or increasing how many Pokémon ultimately end up in your discard pile are this version;s purpose.  I doubt it meshes very well with today’s iteration. 

So for what is Ditto (XY Black Star Promo XY40) good?  Probably just as a decent variable attacker.  It is no where near as good as most others because they either

  • Don’t require you pay the Energy cost to attack
  • Can copy more than just the opponent’s Active
  • Both of the above

but it isn’t useless and in Standard will likely be more useful as rotation is likely to cut Mew-EX out of the game.  You won’t be running this in place of Mew-EX except where Mew-EX was there to counter a particular Pokémon by copying its attacks.  Niche, but for example it could be nice when facing Seismitoad-EX or other inexpensive, Colorless Energy requirement attacks.  It isn’t Limited legal but it would likely be potent if it were. 


Standard: 2.75/5 

Expanded: 2.5/5 

Limited: N/A 

Summary: Ditto does what it does “okay” but would be a lot stronger if its Ability attached Energy to it and it attack copied your choice of attacks on your opponent’s Active Pokémon.  It might be more useful in the future, at least for Standard play.  So… if you were wondering why we are reviewing this card it is… because Ditto seemed like a card that while technically off-theme, still fits in because hey, its Ditto.  Another reviewer probably already revealed it, but the week’s real (and quite simple) theme begins tomorrow.

Emma Starr

Ditto, the Pokémon first introduced in Generation 1, who didn’t really become usable until Generation 5, where it got the amazing hidden ability of Imposter, which, when combined with Choice Scarf, gives you one of the most versatile Pokémon you could have on your team. Is Ditto as useful in the TCG today as he is in the video games?

To start off, Ditto does share one point with his video game counterpart already – the low HP stat. With a total of 70 HP and a Fighting weakness, it won’t be sticking around long. The Retreat Cost of two isn’t very beneficial either. Ditto’s real strategy lies in its ability.

Metamorphosis Gene allows Ditto to use any attack from your opponent’s Pokémon, though it still has to have the required energy to attach to it. Right away, you can see that this card would have seen some good use with Blend Energy and Prism Energy before they got rotated out, but thankfully, we still have Rainbow Energy, which this card will need most times in order to be successful, since most attacks use at least one specified type in their attack cost, so unless you run the same energy as whichever attack you want to copy, Rainbow Energy is almost always a must (unless of course, you’re copying Mewtwo EX’s X Ball, of course. :P). That said, this ability also makes Ditto more of a counter-card more than anything, since really, you’ll most likely only even want to put Ditto into play if you know you have a good opportunity to do something with him, as he otherwise could just be Lysandre bait, and taken out for an easy KO. But if you see the right opportunity, and have the right energy, you could try to use him, but you may be disappointed if you use him as one of your main attackers at any point, because with that HP, it won’t be around long.

And, unlike any Ditto in the video games (unless you do some glitching on Pokémon GSC, and use it in Stadium 2…not that I’ve ever done that… ;o ), Ditto actually does have an attack that can do damage, though not much. For one energy, it can use Stick On for 10 damage, and you can attach a basic energy from your discard pile to Ditto. While not really the most amazing attack, since it can’t find you any Rainbow Energies which you’ll probably be using, it IS a way to attach two energies to Ditto in one turn, which is indeed welcome, since as you know by now, Ditto is a fragile little jelly. Just be aware that if you use that, you can’t make any use of any copied attacks that turn, obviously, so you’re basically going a turn without attacking (for much damage, at least).

Standard: 2/5 (situational most times, but it can work to your favor if things go right.)

Expanded: 2/5

Limited: nopesville

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