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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Phantom Forces

Date Reviewed:
Jan. 27, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.63
Expanded: 2.50
Limited: 4.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Regigigas (Phantom Forces) 

Love the art on this card. kawayoo has taken a very odd-looking Pokémon and made him look as awesome and mysterious as a Legendary ought to be. 

The card itself? Well, it may have just enough going for it to exist on the fringes of playability. 130 HP is great for a non-EX Basic and his attacks sufficient damage to give you something to work with. Obviously, the main attraction in Daunt, which can take two-hit KOs on most things with the aid of a Muscle Band, while reducing the damage that Gigas takes next turn. 

Being a Colourless Pokémon helps too: Double Colourless will provide the acceleration, and you are free to play Gigas with practically any support Pokémon or alternative attackers you like. Virizion EX and Grass Energy would protect him from Status effects, while Mew EX with Dimension Valley could speed the deck up a bit while shielding Gigas from his less-than-ideal Fighting Weakness (mainly because of Donphan). I don’t think we are looking at a top tier contender with Regigigas, but a card that may be vaguely playable with the right support, and one which is capable of surprising an unprepared opponent.


Modified: 2.75 (better than you would think)

Expanded: 2 (more things do more damage here)

Limited: 4.5 (tanky and splashable – what more do you want?)


Best art, crushing the sign, 5/5, 10/10.




Sta-I should stop doing this joke. Anywho, welcome to Regigigas, the spot where we talk about Regigigas being Regigigas. He's won a soft spot in my heart from one of my friend's getting a small doll and saying how Regigigas would "hulk out" in various adventures. Such a buff guy.


And given he's not an EX, he's as bulky as he can be at 130 HP! His biggest problem though is his Fighting Weakness - that hasn't gone away last I checked. And sadly, while his attacks are Colorless enough to be in any deck, they're really not worth it...well, Heavy Impact isn't at a vanilla 4-for-100 damage.


Daunt's a little different. At 3-for-80, it's...actually really good value. On top of that, throwing on a Muscle Band gives it the same damage output as Heavy Impact, so already it's better. On top of that though, Daunt gives Regigigas the power to ignore damage - up to 40 BEFORE applying Weakness and Resistance! In a format where damage is everything, this is INCREDIBLE! Now Lucario-EX NEEDS Muscle Band, Landorus-EX NEEDS Strong Energy, Seismitoad-EX NEEDS HTLBank to do any sort of damage cheaply to Regigigas! All the while, he's got the strength to MOVE MOUNTAINS, PULL CONTINENTS, AND TO take a bit more damage than usual while 2HKO-ing most of these guys, BUT STILL!


Sure, it's not going to save Regigigas from Grenade Hammer, Land's Judgment, or Somersault Kick, but Daunt is Regigigas' saving grace in such times. If his attacks were cheaper, he'd be able to wreck shop as an alternative attacker - but then again, you only need 3 Energy on him, and there's a lot of ways to get that onto him...




Standard: 2.5/5 (a powerful first attack that can reduce damage enough to save Regigigas for the turn he needs)


Expanded: 2.5/5 (still pretty good here)


Limited: 4.5/5 (I'd run him, honestly. He's probably the best non-EX attacker in the set!)


Arora Notealus: His flavor text on the card alludes to the fact that Regigigas is the master of the Regi Trio, consisting of Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. Competitively, he's not that viable because of his Ability Slow Start - in fact, most of the Regis are in NU, the only exception being Registeel currently in RU. Darn you, power creep, DARN YOU!!


Next Time:...what am I holding exactly...


Our second subject this week has also seen some exposure through its usage in a deck, but this time it happens to have been a subject of Pooka’s “Bad Deck Monday” videos on Youtube instead of top cutting (or winning!) City Championships.  Let us take a look (huh, for once pun not intended… mostly) at Regigigas (XY: Phantom Forces 86/119).  To start with it is a Colorless-Type; there is a little direct Support (Aspertia City Gym) and a little indirect support (Tornadus-EX was widely used when it was new) but nothing that has recently proven major.  It never gets to enjoy Weakness but never has to worry about Resistance, which is a net negative as exploiting Weakness is much more useful than dealing with Resistance is a problem.  It is a Basic, the best Stage to be right now.  Regigigas sports 130 HP, the maximum we’ve seen printed on a legal-to-play Basic Pokémon that lacks some other gimmick (like being a Pokémon-EX); this puts it into “more likely to survive than not” territory, though only just so OHKOs will still be happening.  Especially against Fighting-Types because of Fighting Weakness and their already hard hitting nature.  No Resistance to help a little, but that’s pretty common so it doesn’t really count against the card.  The massive Retreat Cost of [CCCC] does matter as its something you should only pay when you absolutely must, though fortunately few decks lack something to lower the cost of or bypass manually retreating.  In Expanded there is an upside as it becomes Heavy Ball legal. 

Regigigas has two attacks; for [CCC] it can use Daunt, good for 80 damage an effect that is could be great could be useless; until the end of the next turn, damage from attacks by the Defending Pokémon is reduced by 40 (before applying Weakness and Resistance).  This effect resides on the Defending Pokémon, which if like me you’re still trying to make sure you don’t goof that up now that Defending Pokémon has an adjusted definition, it means that the effect resides on what you attacked.  The bad news is that this means your opponent can use the usual tricks to remove the effect like Benching the Pokémon that was attacked or Evolving it… in the case of the former if you can promote it back to the Active place it can attack normally.  It also means that if you KO what you attacked, the effect of Daunt is wasted.  The good news is that this means if the opponent doesn’t do something to ditch the effect, then even if Regigigas is KOed or Benched the damage reduction effect remains on the Pokémon hit with Daunt and it applies for damage done to multiple targets!  The second attack much simpler; for [CCCC] Regigigas can use Heavy Impact for 100 points of damage. 

The Energy Costs to these attacks are pricy but also all Colorless, making them easier to meet.  While Daunt isn’t much less expensive, at least it is staggered instead of both attacks requiring [CCCC].  Daunt actually does decent damage; I’d prefer a little more, but with a Muscle Band or similar damage buff you’re scoring 2HKOs against Pokémon-EX… and if the damage reduction effect of Daunt sticks then Regigigas has an effective 170 HP with respect to attacks that do damage (110 for attacks exploiting Weakness and 190 if you can somehow grant it Resistance to the attacker’s Type).  In fact Daunt is the preferred attack; Heavy Impact is something to use when you can spare an extra Energy and the effects of Daunt aren’t likely to matter, such as pushing for a KO. 

So how should one use this card?  Pooka tried using it with Mew-EX and Dimension Valley; this way Mew-EX could use the attack with just one Double Colorless Energy.  In Expanded you could risk trying to work in Gardevoir (BW: Next Destinies 57/99, BW: Dark Explorers 109/108 on top of that so that Mew-EX hits for 80 while soaking 40 damage for the price of a single Psychic Energy (which Psychic Mirage would double to provide [PP]).  This would also allow Heavy Impact to be used with two Psychic Energy attached even when Dimension Valley wasn’t in play (as they would provide [PPPP]).  Do I think that is a good idea?  No, Pooka was right to show the simpler, Standard deck that doesn’t involve a Stage 2 on Bad Deck Monday; it sounds very fun but not very competitive.  You’ll always be unprotected when you score a KO and you can’t block all the potential workarounds at once even if you decide to just focus on Regigigas. 

Focusing on Regigigas isn’t likely to work for competitive play, but it isn’t too unreasonable.  With Double Colorless Energy, its just two attachments for it to attack.  The soon to be officially released (though still a ways off from being tournament legal) Silent Lab Stadium could allow you to shut down Abilities that aid in retreating (most are on Basic Pokémon) while still including Abilities to either speed up Energy attachments and/or make it more difficult for the Defending Pokémon to manually retreat… though a Switch still ruins the whole thing.  The good news is Daunt still hits reasonably hard so it isn’t unfeasible to make such a deck function, it is just that after you invest all that effort, there is a good chance something else can use that set-up better.  The real pity is that this card probably is reasonably well balanced, it just isn’t “broken” enough to be competitive… though I’d be thrilled to find I am wrong.  Oh, decent odds of being obscene in Limited play; it is a risky choice, but feasible as you take three turns to build so Regigigas wouldn’t get attack twice before you could start using Daunt.  That means you could run it in its own +39 build.  If you don’t feel daring, it can fit into anything that is not a +39 deck. 



Standard: 2.65/5 

Expanded: 2.8/5 

Limited: 5/5 

Summary: Regigigas doesn’t seem to quite have what it takes but its close enough to be worth keeping an eye on; at the very least you need to know how Daunt works for when someone wanting to be creative or working on a budget runs it in a deck that you bump into early at a tournament.  Hitting for 80 while reducing the damage the Defending Pokémon can do on the next turn by 40 is amazing, especially as it is before Weakness and Resistance but the backing you’d need to make it easy to do is likely to work better with other attackers and even your opponent doesn’t shake the effect before attacking, every time you Daunt for a KO you lose your protection anyway.

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