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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Phantom Forces

Date Reviewed:
Jan. 13, 2015

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.75
Expanded: 1.87
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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You know what's even more dangerous than a Pokemon like Joltik who can deal up to 220 damage with just enough Pokemon in the discard pile all for the price of 2 Energy? A Pokemon that can tag along with Joltik and change the Weakness of an opposing Pokemon to be weak to that attack and have it deal up to 440 damage! And that's why we're here looking at Pachirisu!
Pachirisu's most notable attack is his Trick Sticker, which sticks an Electric symbol onto your opponent's Pokemon's Weakness for 10 damage. Making your opponent's Pokemon weak to Electricity will definitely up the ante in an Electric Deck or a Night March deck focusing on Joltik (who will be able to KO many things much more easily as a result), and this change lasts until the end of your next turn just to make it matter. The big problems that come up are that it's a 2-turn process for a OHKO, and chances are that unless you're hitting hard and fast or KOing EXs, this isn't going to be ultimately profitable in the long run, seeing as you're almost guaranteed to lose 2 Prizes (Pachirisu and Joltik) in a Night March deck for only 1-2 Prizes - there are probably better sturdier partners to work with on that end at least.
Pachi isn't much better. All it does is tack onto a 2-for-20 attack the 50/50 chance to get 30 more damage. You might think this is pretty good for Pachirisu, since a previous Tick Sticker would make Pachi deal either 40 or 100 damage, but that's relying on Pachirisu being as bulky as the one that helped win the World Championships last year - which by the way wasn't that bulky, just really surprisingly resilient.
The TCG is far less forgiving than the video games in that sense - there's no reducing damage other than Resistance, and last I checked there were very few "Defender" effects at present that aren't Pokemon attacks. So while Pachirisu here will be a lot of fun for Electric decks to mess with their opponents on, don't expect too much from him - he's only so much electric squirrel!
Standard: 2/5 (purely a supportive Pokemon, and even then there are probably better options)
Expanded: 2/5 (not really better or worse here, though Eels are far higher for Electric-support)
Limited: 3/5 (be a fun trick for anyone who can pull it off)
Arora Notealus: Of the Pika-clones, I always did like Pachirisu. Just so cute and fluffy with that tail and his expression and dawwwwww, LOOK AT HIM!!
Next Time: Less cute, more spook


Welcome to our review on… Tuesday the 13th!  Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun!  Oh, you say that Tuesday the 13th isn’t unlucky, Friday the 13th is?  Well, some of the sequels are pretty bad, but depending on how you like your cards, today’s card may make you feel most unlucky.  Actually, regardless of whether the card is awesome, awful or somewhere in between this cheesy bit probably makes you feel really unfortunate. 

Pachirisu (XY: Phantom Forces 25/119) is a non-Evolving Basic Pokémon with an interesting trick.  Before that, the fundamentals: it is a Lightning-Type (kind of nice if it can bring the damage but otherwise nothing special) with 70 HP (slightly low to adequate) with Fighting Weakness (one of the worst) and Metal Resistance (any is useful and Metal-Types did get a boost from this set) with a single Energy Retreat Cost (easy to pay, though “free” would have been greatly appreciated).  Its second attack is not likely to see much use so I’ll also cover it right now: for [LC] you score 20 points of damage with a coin flip that grants another 30 (so total of 50) on a “heads”.  Underpowered by the current standard and the fact that its a 20+30 instead of 30+20 (so same final damage, but less riding on the flip) just makes it feel a little worse to me.  On “heads”, the damage return is decent. 

So what about that first attack? For [C] you can use Trick Sticker to score 10 points of damage and make the Defending Pokémon’s Weakness [L] until the end of the turn.  While Pachirisu on its own isn’t doing much with that it can allow a better Lightning-Type attacker to swoop in and take down whatever you altered in a single blow… that is still a 2HKO since you had to attack it with Pachirisu first.  Plus I lack rulings about what can remove this effect (for example, Benching the Defending Pokémon?) some of the official (but not direct from Japan) rulings went against how I read the card.  For example when I read the wording about the “amount of Weakness” not changing, I think of older cards that could have +10/20/30/40 for Weakness, or that had multiple Types listed under Weakness, but the word from Ask The Rules Team over on Pokegym.net (almost as good as it gets for rulings) tells me I’m wrong and that it means if a card has no Weakness, it won’t “gain” Lightning-Type Weakness.  Not a lot of Pokémon lack Weakness, but that makes this card even weaker.  I guess I just think too much like math; I see the Type kind of like a variable, so it could almost be α*2 and where α is whatever the Weakness is and so for a card without Weakness, α=0.  If you’re wondering, I used α for the variable and an asterisk (*) for the multiplication sign because “X” as well as “x” are common variables but also common multiplication signs.  Yay learning. 

So if you were wondering… no, I don’t have some awesome new killer deck that uses this card.  You could (and I think should) have some fun with it, at least if you already enjoy using a strong Lightning-Type attacker that would benefit from the combo; something that goes from 2HKOing through brute force to 2HKOing through the combo.  While it looks fun, it also doesn’t look effective as the only way Pachirisu survives is if something else is more important to KO.


Standard: 1.5/5 

Expanded: 1.75/5 

Limited: 2.5/5 

Summary: A novel trick but not effective enough to be worth it in competitive play, even if all the rulings were to be in its favor, Pachirisu seems like something to enjoy in decks that are focused on fun, or perhaps if you get some nice supporting pulls at a Limited event.

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