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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 5 Reprinted Legendary Treasure Cards

#4 - Mewtwo EX  

- Legendary Treasures

Date Reviewed:
Nov 12, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.43
Limited: 5.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#4 Mewtwo EX
I think this is the third time we have reviewed this card and I’m probably running out of things to say about it. One thing’s for sure though: you can’t keep a good card down.
Yes, Mewtwo’s heyday was in the months after it was released where Mewtwo arms races in deckbuilding ended in the Mewtwo wars that decided each and every game (that’s what it felt like anyway). Since then, he hasn’t ever been quite so dominant, but that hasn’t stopped Mewtwo turning up in successful decks with Eelektrik NVI, Blastoise BCR, a bunch of other Big Basic EXs, or most recently Virizion EX.
In fact, whether not Mewtwo is played, he still exerts a large influence over the format. Want to play something with Psychic Weakness or a Pokémon that has big Energy requirements? Well the very existence of Mewtwo EX is going to make you think twice about that one. The Colourless Energy requirement for X Ball means that Mewtwo can (and will) be splashed into just about any deck as and when necessary. It combos with most forms of Energy acceleration and is equally good at taking out low HP evolving Basics and high HP EX Pokémon, thanks to its cheap initial attack cost and effectively limitless damage capacity.
Mewtwo might not be the dominant force it once was, but it’s a Pokémon you always need to be looking out for.
Modified: 4.5 (you can never count this card out)
Limited: 5 (another must-play EX)


Now for the fourth pick of our Top 5 Reprints of BW: Legendary Treasures: Mewtwo EX!


Mewtwo EX was originally released in BW: Next Destinies as both 54/99 and 98/99 (the latter being the Full Art version).  We then received a re-release in the form of BW Promo BW45.  Interestingly, the BW: Legendary Treasures numbers 54/113 and uses the near identical art… perhaps identical as I am just referencing scans and some of the “effects” look to have different shading.  Mewtwo EX didn’t need the reprint to be legal – all previous printings are within the cut off for the current Modified Format.  This will likely keep the card legal through the next set rotation unless it is a rather drastic and/or delayed rotation, which I consider unlikely.


Mewtwo EX was hands down the best Pokémon-EX out of the original Pokémon-EX we received in BW: Next Destinies.  Each set since has added more Pokémon-EX, including at least one that (on its own or in specific decks) has rivaled Mewtwo EX.  The format no longer revolves around it, but lately it has seen resurgence in play.  At this point we’ll be diving into the realm of speculation as I lack sufficient data on the format after the changes in the rules that went into effect November 8th.


Mewtwo EX still enjoys phenomenal Stats, though the Psychic Weakness is still an Achilles Heel that allows it to be KOed as easily as it can KO other Pokémon.  As implied, there are also just several prominent decks that can hit hard enough to OHKO it regardless (the rivals mentioned above).  Mewtwo EX can no longer be used for a quick FTKO because you no longer can attack if you go first; a rule change I grudgingly accept because the designers refuse to stop designing cards that have overpowered attacks they can access first turn.  It is a real shame because some of the formats I enjoyed most didn’t have this problem and instead were made enjoyable because the best thing to do first turn was use your attack in setting up.


Mewtwo EX can also no longer employ Pokémon Catcher to reliably force up a Benched target for a strategic (or just easy) OHKO.  This and the previously listed change may not help Mewtwo EX as much as they hurt it, but they do help it.  Mewtwo EX was its own worst enemy, vulnerable to an opponent using their own copy, a Double Colorless Energy, and a Plus Power (later Hypnotoxic Laser) to secure a OHKO against a copy sans Energy.  This meant opening with it risked a donk, and building one on your Bench risked a OHKO (especially as less of those cards were required).  Now Mewtwo EX no longer fears these issues either and its own supporting Pokémon are similarly secure… which allows it to rely on brute force.


For Modified, expect a lot of “sort of” new or returning decks that use Mewtwo EX to obliterate the opposition.  With the new rules, Mewtwo EX is comfortable being backed with either Abilities or Trainers, or even just a clutch Double Colorless Energy as only a few cards can take it out without being loaded with Energy themselves (and thus vulnerable to a retaliatory X-Ball).  In both cases you’ll also need to be aware of other solid attackers as well – not many that won’t need an Ability and/or Trainers to act as back-up, but with one or the other and especially both you should be ready for something else to pop up after you take down a Mewtwo EX.


For Unlimited, Mewtwo EX is in a similar position to how I described Keldeo EX yesterday.  Decks that win (or lock) you down on the first turn take a hit with the new rules but the best remain dangerously effective.  If you are playing for fun or just prefer using a more “straightforward” strategy, Mewtwo EX is literally another great attacker for the Rain Dance/Deluge set, plus more flexible in that any Mewtwo EX can use most Energy acceleration.  So flexible that it makes tricks like surviving via a Focus Band, healing completely via Max Potion or Scoop Up, and getting ready to attack again quite plausible.


For Limited play, Mewtwo EX is a must play.  If you are going the +39 route and go first, your opponent has to have a Pokémon that specifically undercuts this strategy, such as using the reprint of Safeguard Sigilyph (BW: Legendary Treasures 66/113) or have an amazing attacker that can outpace Mewtwo EX… which mostly requires sacrificing another attacker because head to head, I don’t think anything outpaces Mewtwo EX.  Just mind Weakness and Resistance in your calculations.  If you go second, they have slightly better odds, but in either case it takes some extreme exceptions to take out a solo Mewtwo EX.  If you really are worried about those exceptions, Mewtwo EX still fits into any deck, even running alongside another “+39” worthy Pokémon in either set!




Unlimited: 3.75/5


Modified: 4.35/5


Limited: 4.99/5



As it stands, Mewtwo EX remains the best near-universal attacker.  Not every deck needs it, but any deck can make good use of it unless it somehow clashes with something unique to that deck.  This is a card that reminds us why I wanted us to be allowed up to two places after the decimal point when scoring – Mewtwo EX is not the force it was when I scored it higher than this in previous reviews, but it is mostly because of other powerful cards that were introduced providing alternatives.  Scoring isn’t a precise process, but varying things so slightly seems adequate at communicating the point.


Mewtwo EX didn’t make my list, because I intentionally excluded cards that were still Modified legal before this latest printing; without such a provision this probably would have been one of my top three picks.

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