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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Pojo Twofer:

Victini EX


Victory Piece

- Plasma Storm

Date Reviewed:
March 8, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified:  See Below
Limited: See Below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Victini-EX/Victory Piece 

We end the week with a ‘two for the price of one’ review of two cards that are so tied to each other that they really need to be looked at together.

Victory Piece is an ACE SPEC which only has an effect when attached to Victini-EX. When it is, it states that Victini can use its attacks regardless of the amount or Type of Energy attached to it. The upshot of that slightly weird wording is that Victini can attack without Energy if it has a Victory Piece. Pretty sweet, right? Of course it is, but there are downsides to consider, the most important of which is that running Victory Piece means you cannot use any of the other ACE SPECs, so you miss out on the consistency that Computer Search and Dowsing Maching can bring, as well as the surprise attacks that are possible with Scramble Switch. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it would only be worth giving Victini free attacks if those attacks were actually good, so let’s pause a moment to consider what Victini-EX can do. 

For a single Fire Energy, you get Turbo Energize, which lets you search your deck for any two Basic Energy cards and attach them to your Benched Pokémon any way you like. There’s no denying that this is pretty good Energy acceleration early game for those decks that need it. Imagine being able to drop a Fire and a Lightning on a Rayquaza-EX turn one, setting you up for a 60-120 damage attack next turn (more if you can get Eelektrik into play and some Lightning in the discard). Or how about stacking two Energy on a Mewtwo-EX and then dropping a DCE next turn. Would you need Victory Piece to use this attack? That’s debateable. It’s cheap enough anyway, and you are more likely to be able to get your hands on a Fire Energy to use the attack than your single copy of the ACE SPEC. 

Where you do need Victory Piece is when you want to use Intensifying Burn. For one Fire and two Colourless (or nothing with the ACE SPEC) you get a poor base damage of 50 . . . unless you are attacking an EX, in which case you are swinging for 100. That kind of damage on turn one against an EX is very good, but it is only a two-hit KO and all it would take would be a Tool Scrapper to ruin your day. 

There are other downsides to Victini-EX. The most important being the very low 110 HP which makes it an easy KO for Darkrai-EX with Dark Claw, Tornadus-EX with Hypnotoxic Laser, or Keldeo-EX without any help whatsoever. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to be running multiples of this card in your deck – those two Prize KOs could end your game very quickly – but if you only use a single copy, your chances of getting it and Victory Piece out early (when it is most effective) are not great. 

Intensifying Burn is a somewhat gimmicky attack that is not that easy to exploit, while Turbo Energize doesn’t really require the ACE SPEC if you run Victini-EX in a deck with Fire Energy. For these reasons, the only real competitive niche I can see Victini-EX finding is in a Rayquaza-EX deck as an additional and preferably early game means of acceleration. It would be a considerable risk, but it might just pay off on occasions and seal a second turn victory. Other than that, maybe it could be used in some off-beat Fire deck . . . something like Ninetales DRX/Mewtwo-EX perhaps? I wouldn’t be shocked to see some players giving it a try, but I would be very surprised indeed if it became a common sight at tournaments. 



Modified: 2.5 (potential first turn acceleration, if you like taking big risks)

Limited: 3 (still risky here, especially as you play with 4 Prizes) 

Victory Piece

Modified: 2 (not necessary unless you really like taking risks and want to use Victini as an attacker)

Limited: 3 (Your chances of pulling this and Victini in 6 packs are very slim. If you do, you would play them)


Happy Friday, Pojo readers! The State and Provincial Championships are upon us, so I hope that everyone is ready Today we're reviewing a Pokemon-EX (and its ACE SPEC) that may surprise some people at the upcoming tournaments. First, I'll review Victini-EX, and then Victory Piece.
Victini-EX is a Basic Fire Pokemon-EX. Fire-types are really uncommon right now due to the prevalence of Blastoise/Keldeo variants; these heavy-hitting Water decks have really diminished Fire's overall power in the current metagame. As a Pokemon-EX, Victini is going to want to do something very impressive to justify the opponent taking two Prizes. 110 HP is a bad start, being the lowest HP value for a Pokemon-EX in our current generation. Additionally, 110 HP is easily dealt with in a format that hits incredibly hard. Water Weakness means that Victini is little more than an annoyance to Keldeo-EX, which can Secret Sword for the KO with only a single Water Energy attached. Victini also has no Resistance, as well as a Retreat Cost of 1, which is decent and easily paid whenever you need to get Victini out of the Active spot.
Victini-EX has two attacks. Turbo Energize searches your deck for two basic Energy cards and attaches them to one of your Benched Pokemon however you would like for a single Fire Energy. Normally I'm not a huge fan of attacks that only accelerate, however Turbo Energize being able to search the deck and attach directly makes me feel as if this attack could potentially work well as a set-up Pokemon in some decks. Of course, Turbo Energize does require a Fire Energy, so you'd be limited to decks running that type or Blend GRPD.
Intensifying Burn is Victini's form of offense, starting off at a terrible (for an EX) 50 damage for a Fire and two Colorless, but dealing 50 more damage if the Defending Pokemon is a Pokemon-EX. 50 damage for 3 Energy is pretty bad, but 100 damage for the same price is actually decent, so you'll want to make sure that Victini is opposing a Pokemon-EX to get the highest damage output (though it won't OHKO much other than Cobalion and Shaymin). I'm not super impressed with this attack, so I'd probably just stick with using Victini as a set-up Pokemon using Turbo Energize.
Of course, one cannot properly review Victini-EX without a mention of its card-specific ACE SPEC, Victory Piece. Victory Piece is a Pokemon Tool ACE SPEC (so if you run it, you can't run things like Computer Search or Scramble Switch). When attached to Victini-EX, you ignore Victini's Energy requirements for using its attacks. While 50 damage for three Energy is lackluster, 50-100 damage for free is actually quite good, so this may be some of the reason as to why the card's damage output was designed the way it was. Additionally, it's important to note that running Victory Piece makes your deck lose out on things like Computer Search, Dowsing Machine, or Scramble Switch, all of which can be important players in many decks. Therefore, if you decide to run Victini, you should first figure out if Victory Piece is worth your ACE SPEC slot: the answer isn't as clear as one might think.
Modified: 2.75/5 Victini-EX doesn't look like very much at first, but upon closer inspection, may have quite a bit of Modified potential. Modified is a format all about Energy acceleration, and Turbo Energize can work in fast decks to quickly power up your Bench. Intensifying Burn isn't too powerful at the outset, but it works well against Metal-type Pokemon even if they aren't Pokemon-EX (Klinklang, anyone?) and can be devastating if they are. Both of these attacks are potentially made better (and free) by Victini's specific ACE SPEC, Victory Piece. Therefore, if you're building a deck utilizing Fire Energy (or some Energy cards that can produce it), Victini is worth a closer look, and isn't nearly as bad as it looks upon first glance.
Limited: 3.5/5 Victini is an interesting card in Limited play. 110 HP means that it isn't so untouchable compared to other Pokemon-EX, and neither of its attacks are that awe-inspiring, either. However, Energy acceleration wins games, and Turbo Energize won't be an exception to this, especially because it thins your deck as well. Intensifying Burn is still very expensive for its cost here, but works well if your opponent happens to have a Cobalion-EX or something similar. Of course, if you manage to pull the Victory Piece, even better. Of course, one really needs to watch out for Victini's low HP and Water Weakness - your opponent can very easily take half of their Prizes off of the Victory Pokemon!

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