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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Plasma Storm

Date Reviewed:
March 21, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2
Limited: 3,87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With: See Below

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Weezing (Plasma Storm) 

It seems kind of wrong to me that today’s card is a Team Plasma Pokémon. I mean, it’s impossible to think of Weezing without being reminded of the one owned by James from Team Rocket. 

Weezing is a Stage 1 Pokémon with just 100 HP, making it a very easy KO in the current format. However, that might just play into Weezing’s hands, thanks to its Aftermath Ability. This states that when Weezing is KO’d by an attack, the opponent discards the top three cards of their deck. 

So, one obvious idea is a mill deck focused around the Ability. There are two problems with this though: firstly, the Ability is not activated when Weezing is knocked out by Poison, which means a lot of decks will have the option to finish it off using Hypnotoxic Laser and not have to worry about triggering the Aftermath. Secondly, even if you were able to pull off some tricks with Rescue Scarf or Super Rod to force the opponent to KO multiple Weezing, you would only be able to mill a total of 15 cards (the 6th KO would win them the game right there). This isn’t going to be enough, so you would need to partner Weezing with another mill card such as Durant NVI or Aggron DRX, and the problem there is that you would be providing your opponent with other targets to hit so that they could just play around the Weezing. Not to mention that it would make the deck more clunky and less focused.

The other way of playing Weezing would try to make use of its Smogbank attack, and just treat the Ability as a useful bonus. For one Psychic and one Colourless Energy, this does 20 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokémon. That’s fairly ineffective in itself, so once again you would need some kind of partner for Weezing: maybe Lugia-EX to take extra Prizes after Smogbank puts their Pokémon within range of its 120 damage Plasma Gale, or Dusknoir BCR which could use its Sinister Hand Ability to move the spread damage around and take KOs. While I don’t see either of those options as being especially competitive, they could be fun to try out at league or in casual play. 

And that’s basically where we are with Weezing. It’s a card that does a couple of interesting things (though sadly with little or no synergy between them), but neither is enough to make it tournament calibre. It practically screams ‘combo me!’ to players, but is ultimately awkward to use and not as effective as it seems. 


Modified: 2 (fun to mess around with, but that’s all for now)

Limited: 4 (mill is fun with 40 card decks, and spread works well when most Pokémon have low HP)

Jebulous Maryland Player

Weezing is a Stage 1 Psychic Pokemon with 100 HP.  It is weak to Psychic, has a retreat cost of 2, and is a Team Plasma Pokemon.
'Aftermath' is an ability that when Weezing is Knocked Out, your opponent discards the top 3 cards of their deck.
'Smogbank' costs 1 Psychic and 1 Colorless energy.  It does 20 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon.  This is okay, I know Kyurem does 'Glaciate' for 3 energy with 30 to each Pokemon (so it seems fair that 2 energy does 20).  With the way the game is now, 20 is bairly anything.  It would definitely be better if there were more weaker Basics floating around (pretty much any Stage 2 deck minus Squirtle).
So I saved the 'Aftermath' talk for here.  Aftermath seems like one of those abilities that you would center a deck around.  Just running Weezing as part of a deck and milling 3 the entire game is not going to have a great impact on your opponent.  You want them to mill a lot.  With the way Weezing works, to maximize mill, your opponent would have to Knock Out 5 Weezing, which is 15 cards.  5 prizes for 15 cards is not a good trade off at all.  When Durant was big, you had a Durant that would mill ~8 cards before being Knocked Out.  That's ~40 cards from the 5 that get Knocked out, plus ~8 from the 6th Durant.  That has a lot more impact than 15 cards.
It would have been better if Weezing milled more cards, then you could build a more solid deck around it.
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 2/5
Combos With:  ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com


Greetings once again, Pojo readers! I hope that you all are almost ready for the last weekend of State/Province Championships this weekend! Today we're going to be reviewing a card that probably won't be seeing much play there, but is interesting nonetheless. Today's Card of the Day is Weezing from Plasma Storm.
Weezing is a Stage 1 Psychic Team Plasma Pokemon. As a Psychic-type, Weezing has stiff competition against Mewtwo-EX in Modified, so it's going to have to be able to fill a niche where the Genetic Pokemon can't, a tough act to follow. As a Team Plasma Pokemon, Weezing can be powered up by Colress Machine and will get other forms of Team Plasma support in later sets. 100 HP is pretty standard for a Stage 1 these days, and unfortunately, Weezing won't be able to survive most of Modified's big hits before going down. Of course, it still should be able to stand up for a while in Limited. Psychic Weakness is bad against the likes of the aforementioned Mewtwo, which will easily KO if Weezing has any Energy attached (or if Mewtwo has 3). Weezing also has no Resistance and a Retreat Cost of 2, which is payable in a pinch (but you shouldn't want to make a habit out of it).
The Poison Gas Pokemon has an Ability and a single attack. Aftermath discards the top three cards of your opponent's deck after Weezing is Knocked Out, which is honestly not relevant most of the time. While "milling" was good once upon a time with Durant NVI, the recursion options in the current Modified metagame are too strong for this Ability to make much of a difference. Of course, free discard is never a bad thing either, forcing the opponent to use resources where they wouldn't have had to before. That being said, in order for Weezing to see play, the attack had better be pretty good.
Smogbank is Weezing's attack, dealing 20 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon for a Psychic and a Colorless. This attack is actually pretty good, only not in Modified right now, where your opponent will likely be running huge Pokemon-EX with even bigger attacks. This attack is an absolute powerhouse in Limited since it puts your opponent on a clock, and that is unfortunately where Weezing has to stay for the time being.
Modified: 2/5 Weezing, like many other Pokemon, is a victim of the Modified metagame. While Aftermath isn't anything special, Smogbank could be incredible in the right format, as it is an impressive spreading attack for a low Energy cost. That being said, with Pokemon-EX having HP values well above 150 and attacks easily dealing 100+ damage a turn, true spread strategies are dead at the moment, leaving Weezing to watch on the sidelines.
Limited: 4.5/5 Weezing is a powerhouse in Limited. Aftermath CAN actually make a difference here as the opponent probably won't have many recursion options, and Smogbank is fantastic for the cost, probably putting your opponent on a four- to six-turn clock. The only possible problem with Weezing is its somewhat low HP, but even still, its spreading potential more than makes up for it.

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