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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Plasma Freeze

Date Reviewed:
June 4, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Exeggcute (Plasma Freeze) 

In the long, long history of Pojo’s CotD there has never been a review of Exeggcute. This is not surprising. It’s almost always a rubbish low HP Basic that you would only ever play if you were using its evolution, Exeggutor, and there haven’t even been many playable versions of that Pokémon either (honourable exception would be Exeggutor δ from Holon Phantoms). 

So, why now? After all, this Exeggcute has a miserably low 30 HP which renders its Weakness and Resistance all but irrelevant and makes it an easy KO for a ton of commonly played Pokémon on turn 1 (Kyurem PLF, Landorus-EX, Sableye DEX with a Dark Claw, Thundurus-EX, to name but a few). Heck even a Hypnotoxic Laser and a Virbank City Gym will KO it – no actual attack required. Even the Seed Bomb attack is poor: two Energy for vanilla 20 damage? Ewww . . . no thank you. 

But, almost uniquely amongst Pokémon (Audino BCR is the only other example I can think of), Exeggcute is a Pokémon that you would play without ever wanting it to hit the Field. This is because it is meant to serve as perpetual discard fodder, thanks to its Propagation Ability, which allows it to return to your hand once per turn if it is in the discard pile. (Old school Yu-Gi-Oh players might remember Sinister Serpent – well this is pretty much the same thing). Remember that the Ability is optional, so you don’t have to be stuck with it in your hand if you don’t want or need it. 

So, what are the uses for a card that keeps returning to the hand? Well, the obvious combo is with the Weavile that we reviewed yesterday, but really any deck that has steep discard costs can benefit from running a copy of Exeggcute. Blastoise decks, for example, need to discard a lot because they use multiple copies of Superior Energy Removal alongside Ultra Ball and Dowsing Machine. You could also see this card being used with Empoleon DEX, effectively cutting out the discard cost for Diving Draw every single turn.

Of course, even in those decks you have to weigh the benefits against the dangers of being forced to start with it, and the last thing Empoleon decks need is another easily donked starter. But if you are running a deck where constant discarding from the hand often involves a painful choice (second Yu-Gi-Oh reference), then it’s worth testing a single copy of this weird little card in your list. 


Modified: 3 (always going to be potential combo material)

Limited: 1 (if you don’t have Weavile) 4 (if you do have Weavile)


Hello once again, Pojo viewers! Today we're reviewing a Pokemon that we've never reviewed before, and this one has potential Modified implications! Today's Card of the Day is Exeggcute from Plasma Freeze.
Exeggcute is a Basic Grass Pokemon. Grass-types are very uncommon in today's Modified, as the type is not generally good for attacking. 30 HP is the worst you can have on a Basic, and Exeggcute will likely fall to almost any attack, so be sure to keep it safe until you're ready to use it (although, it's not that good for attacking). Fire Weakness will guarantee an OHKO on all but the weakest of Fire attacks; Water Resistance can keep Exeggcute alive maybe slightly longer; and a Retreat Cost of one is easily paid, though you'll likely not want Exeggcute active for very long anyway.
This collection of Eggs have an Ability and a single attack. The Ability, Propagation, is why Exeggcute may be playable: Once per turn, if Exeggcute is in your discard pile, you can return it to your hand. Therefore, you can use Exeggcute for discards to Computer Search and Ultra Ball, as well as for attacks, like Weavile's Vilify (as I discussed yesterday). Since discarding cards to other card effects happens fairly often in the Pokemon TCG, Exeggcute may be worth running if you have an extra slot or two in your deck for this very reason (or if you have a combo with it).
Seed Bomb is the Egg Pokemon's single attack, dealing a vanilla 20 damage for a Grass and a Colorless Energy. You'll almost never be using this attack unless you're in big trouble, so it's better off to focus on Exeggcute in terms of its powerful Ability.
Modified: 3/5 Exeggcute has some potential in Modified. 30 HP with terrible typing and a lackluster attack may not seem like all that much, but Propagation is very powerful and can enable many combos, as well as simply making your ability to discard easier. It's a terrible starter and you'll never want to attack with it, but if you run a discard-heavy deck, Exeggcute is definitely worth consideration.
Limited: 2/5 Exeggcute probably won't see a ton of play in Limited, as there aren't as many things for it to combo with. It still combos decently with Weavile if you manage to pull one, and having more Basics is never a bad idea. However, 30 HP and a bad attack don't do well on their own. If you have something to combo with or pulled an Exeggutor, by all means use Exeggcute. If not, there are generally better options.

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