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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Plasma Freeze

Date Reviewed:
June 14, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Glaceon (Plasma Freeze) 

Our final Team Plasma Eeveelution for the week is Glaceon, the Ice Type one. Or at least that’s what it is in the video games. In the TCG that translates into a Water Pokémon that is Weak to Metal. That’s quite a decent combination as Metal is relatively rare (apart from a few Cobalion), while hitting Landorus-EX for Weakness is always nice. 

Aside from the Typing though, there isn’t much to recommend this Glaceon in terms of its basic stats (just 90 HP and a retreat cost of two) or its attack, Icy Wind. This costs a Water and two Colourless and gives you 60 damage and a coin flip for Sleep. Ok, so we’ve all seen worse, but this attack positively screams mediocrity. 

So, does Glaceon have anything at all to offer? Well, it does have an Ability, Freeze Zone, which means that each of your Team Plasma Pokémon in play have their Retreat cost reduced by two. This would mean that popular Plasma cards like Deoxys-EX, Thundurus-EX, and Absol PLF would effectively become free retreaters, while even Kyurem PLF would be able to retreat for just a single Energy discard. Sounds useful doesn’t it? I mean, why waste space on Switch and Float Stone when this card can more or less do the same job? Well one (predictable) answer is that one Pokémon Catcher would be all it took to ruin your plans for an army of free retreating Plasma Pokémon, but another serious issue is Bench space. Competitive Plasma decks are looking to Bench three Deoxys-EX, while even the offbeat lists usually want multiple Umbreon PLF out for the HP boosting Ability. 

Nice as it is, Glaceon does not really justify its place on a crowded Bench of Plasma Pokémon, especially when it is such an easy Prize. Cutting your retreat costs with a simple tech Stage 1 might seem like a great idea at first, but in the end you are going to find Switch and Float Stone more reliable and easier to use. 


Modified: 2.5 (nice Ability, but is it really necessary in any deck?)

Limited: 3 (attack is ok here, and the Ability would be good if you pulled a lot of Plasma)


A happy Friday to you readers! I began typing up a “full” review for today’s Card of the Day, Glaceon (BW: Plasma Freeze 23/116), but I won’t finish in time.  As such, I am going to condense what I have and finish up with a much less detailed conclusion than I prefer, but which some of you might.




Glaceon [Plasma] is a small Stage 1 Water-Type Pokémon.  Its 90 HP won’t last but it would have to be a lot higher to make much of a difference, and at this size at least it is still a legal Level Ball target.  Its Metal-Weakness will hurt occasionally, but mostly because it allows some normally low-damage attacks from the Metal-Type Pokémon that see play to hit as hard as most decks already do.  The lack of Resistance isn’t going to make much of a difference, and the Retreat Cost will normally be canceled out by the Ability, but considering I would have wanted a natural free Retreat Cost anyway on something this fragile, that isn’t a huge celebratory point.




Freeze Zone is a useful Ability that lowers the Retreat Cost of Team Plasma Pokémon by two per copy of “Freeze Zone”.  I question how useful it is on a fragile Stage 1 Pokémon, or in comparison to other cards I could be devoting similar resources towards, including but not limited to other proven forms of retreat aid or other Eeveelutions.  Icy Wind costs too much for what it does, but it is better than nothing.


Unlimited: Don’t bother. 1/5


Modified: General Eeveelution decks (which I am not saying are “competitive) will almost certainly run at least one copy, but that is practically a given.  Glancing at some of the Spring Battle Roads results, at least one player placed well with a deck that used Glaceon [Plasma], but I don’t have specific details to know how important or successful the specific usage was.  As such, I am guardedly optimistic that it has at least niche appeal. 2.75/5


Limited: The fact that the set contains two versions of Eevee as well six other Eeveelutions really boosts this card, and it aiding in retreating (usually a major part of Limited tactics) already meant it was nearly a must run.  Other than having a successful [insert big Basic Pokémon] + Energy deck, the only reasons to skip this are you didn’t pull an Eevee or you didn’t get enough Team Plasma Pokémon to make use of the Ability and can’t work in Water Energy so you can use the attack.  4.5/5


So… feel free to check out my eBay auctions.  Pojo.com is not responsible for any transactions, just kind enough to let me link so I can justify spending time on CotDs.

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