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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Plasma Freeze

Date Reviewed:
July 30, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Jason Klaczynski
Two-Time World Champion
Check out The Klaczynski Open. August 31, 2013


Turning item cards off can be extremely disruptive in modified, as decks often run 20+ item cards. However, one issue facing Dragonite is that a three-energy requirement on a Stage 2 makes Deafen sometimes too slow to disrupt your opponent. In a fast format where our opponent often plays Rare Candy on Turn 2, a Turn 3 Deafen will be too late to disrupt our opponent. 

One neat aspect of stopping our opponent from playing items is that our opponent is unable to play Pokémon Catcher nor Tool Scrapper, making a Garbodor with a tool on it basically untouchable. 

Modified: 4/5

Limited: 1/5

Combos with: Double Colorless Energy, Garbodor


Hello once again, Pojo readers! Today we're reviewing a card that some people have been trying to build around in Modified, since it is superficially similar to a very popular card from years past. Today's Card of the Day is Dragonite.
Dragonite is a Stage 2 Dragon Pokemon. Dragons still see some play, with Black Kyurem-EX still a popular force in Blastoise decks, as well as Rayquaza-EX occasionally popping up as well. 150 HP is decent for a Stage 2, and should allow Dragonite to take at least one hit (along with a Hypnotoxic Laser/Virbank) combo before going down. Like in the video games, Dragonite is weak to Dragon, but since both Black Kyurem-EX and Rayquaza-EX will OHKO anyway, it doesn't matter all that much in Modified. Dragonite also has no Resistance and a Retreat Cost of three, which is a bit of a pain to pay for, so be sure to have a Switch, Escape Rope, Float Stone, or Scramble Switch ready.
This Dragon Pokemon has two attacks. Deafen is very similar to Dialga G's attack from Platinum, dealing 60 damage for three Colorless Energy and prevents your opponent from playing Item cards from their hand during their next turn. With Gothitelle rotating out, many are looking for the next big Pokemon for Item lock, so many are testing with Dragonite and Zebstrika NXD. Dragonite is the slower of the the two with a more expensive attack and higher Retreat Cost, but it also deals more damage and has more HP. For the attack itself, 60 damage and locking Items for three Energy is fair, but not amazing. That being said, a deck built around this effect (and able to use it well) will be quite formidable in a game driven by Item use.
Healwing is Dragonite's second attack, dealing 90 damage for a Grass, a Lightning, and two Colorless, while also healing 30 damage from Dragonite. This is great in Limited, but it's a tad expensive for Modified (where you'll be primarily focusing on using Deafen anyway). However, Healwing also heals 30 damage from Dragonite, so it allows Dragonite to tank, making Dragonite an excellent Pokemon to use in the Limited environment.
Modified: 2.5/5 Dragonite has some Modified potential, but it has a few roadblocks, as well. First, Deafen has great potential as a new Item locking Pokemon, but it requires three Energy and has a somewhat average damage output. Second, unlike Gothitelle/Accelgor, Deafen leaves Dragonite open to attack, so your opponent will be able to hit Dragonite back, which is much less effective than using Accelgor's Deck and Cover to Paralyze the Defending Pokemon. Then again, since we are left without Gothitelle in the next rotation and Item lock is still a popular strategy, Dragonite could still be viable. Expect to see a little bit of Dragonite (as well as Zebstrika) next format, as people experiment with new Item locking strategies.
Limited: 5/5 Dragonite is an excellent Pokemon for Limited. Deafen is great due to its Colorless Energy requirements, though the Item locking ability will not be quite as great here. Of course, Healwing is excellent, dealing great damage and healing Dragonite, though the cost and the split Energy requirements are a bit disappointing. That being said, like many powerful Stage 2s in Limited, getting Dragonite out and powered up should be enough to seal you the win.

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