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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Boundaries Crossed

Date Reviewed:
January 30, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Meloetta (Boundaries Crossed) 

Ah, Meloetta, the girly Pokémon of Generation V. She has both a singing forme and a ballet forme, so it’s difficult to imagine how any female could fail to identify with her. Even male players have been taking a bit of notice of this card though, so we really should give it a review and find out why. 

First impressions? This is a pretty janky holo rare. An unevolving Psychic Type with 80 HP, Weakness to her own Type, and a Retreat cost of one. So, what’s the attraction? Well, it’s the situational power of the first attack, Psychic, that made everyone pay attention. 

For just one Psychic Energy, the attack does 10 damage, plus 20 more for each Energy on the Defending Pokémon. That’s pretty inadequate under most circumstances, but there are a couple of common enough occasions where it’s great. The first is when facing a Mewtwo-EX loaded with Energy. Four or more of them means that you can drop Meloetta, attach a single Energy, and OHKO for the two Prizes. Sure, she’s unlikely to survive the next turn, but at least she has given you a favourable Prize Exchange. Mewtwo wars are nowhere near as common as they used to be, but they do still happen, and if you can drop Meloetta into one and take the KO, you will be in a very nice position. The other use she has is as a counter for Sigilyph DRX. If you are playing an all-EX deck, Sigilyph is an incredibly annoying wall. Assuming your opponent is using it to attack, then Meloetta can knock it out in one hit for a single Energy. Most decks will have other answers to Sigilyph, but those that don’t could consider her as an option. 

I don’t think there’s any hiding from the fact that Meloetta is a pretty poor card overall: her second attack, Echoed Voice, is expensive and underpowered. She has kind of lucked into playable status as a very situational tech though, and that makes her a lot less janky than she appears. 


Modified: 2.25 (a bit gimmicky, but it can work . . . sort of)

Limited 3.5 (decent attacking Basic)

Jebulous Maryland Player

Meloetta is a Basic Psychic Pokemon with 80 HP.  It is weak to Psychic and has a retreat cost of 1.  It is searchable by Level Ball.
'Psychic' costs 1 Psychic energy and does 10 damage, and 20 more for each energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.  It turns out this is a really good attack.  For 1 Energy, you could be doing 50-70, if timed right.  And even better, you can hit Psychics Pokemon for weakness.  This attack will OHKO a Sigilyph with at least 2 energy.  It will do 100 to a Mewtwo with 2 energy on it.  Unfortunately it doesn't usually OHKO things, but it puts a lot of damage out there for 1 Energy.
'Echoed Voice' costs 1 Psychic and 2 Colorless energy.  It does 50, and on your next turn this attack does 50 more.  This can also devastate Psychic.  For instance, OHKO their Sigilypth with this attack then next turn OHKO their Mewtwo.  Unfortunately it's not a great attack against any other type of Pokemon.
So, to me, it looks like this card is meant to counter Psychics.  It is Basic and can do some damage with 1 energy.  It powers up faster than Sigilyph and can actually damage it (unlike Exs).  If done right, it can take out Mewtwos, and any retaliation would result in them taking 1 Prize.  So if it takes out a Mewtwo, it has done its job.
The bad part about this card is that it doesn't do so well against any other type.  It hits for low damage, and just imagine going up against resistance.  So in a format that sees so many different types, this card won't see a lot of play.
Modified: 3/5
Limited: 3.5/5
Combos With:  ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com


Today we look at Meloetta (BW: Boundaries Crossed 77/149).  In the video games it has two forms; “Aria” and “Pirouette”; today’s card represents it “Aria” form.




Type: Meloetta is a Psychic-Type Pokémon; in the video games it is the unusual combination of Normal/Psychic.  The good news is that it will hit Mewtwo EX (BW: Next Destinies 54/99, 98/99; BW Promo BW45) and Sigilyph (BW: Dragons Exalted 52/124) for double damage, while the bad news is that Darkrai EX (BW: Dark Explorers 63/108, 107/108; BW Promo BW46) is Resistant.  There are other Pokémon in either category, but those two will make up the bulk of such encounters, so those are the only ones I’ll name.


As a Type, Psychic Pokémon do have some support in the form of Gardevoir (BW: Next Destinies 57/99, BW: Dark Explorers /108).  I was very pleased to learn that James Proctor managed a Masters Bracket Top 8 finish with a Gardevoir backed deck at the Missouri Regional.  Gardevoir has an Ability (Psychic Mirage) causes basic Psychic Energy cards to provide (PP) instead of just (P) when attached to Psychic-Type Pokémon; we’ll see how much help that can be for Meloetta in the appropriate sections.


Stage: Meloetta is a Basic Pokémon, the best a Pokémon can be right now.  She can tap Basic-Pokémon-only support like Prism Energy, Eviolite, and Skyarrow Bridge, plus enjoys the natural benefits of not being an Evolution; being fast and simple to play.


Hit Points: 80 HP isn’t enough to guarantee surviving one hit, though outside of Weakness or combos it usually can survive your opening turn.  This isn’t good, but it isn’t impossible to work with; most Basic Pokémon that aren’t Pokémon-EX struggle to survive one hit anymore.  It does make the card a legal target for Level Ball, at least.


Weakness: Psychic Weakness is pretty bad, and a bit odd; given the Type pairing in the video games for the Aria form, Meloetta has Weakness to Bug-Type Pokémon (half of the TCG Grass-Type) or Dark-Type Pokémon (renamed “Darkness-Type” in the TCG).  Instead the standard model of making Psychic-Type Pokémon weak to their own Type took over.


Grass-Type Weakness would be the least accurate would be the best from a game play standpoint but lead to a lot of inaccurate Weakness, while Darkness-Type Weakness would be just a little better than Psychic-Type Weakness.  Meloetta is so small Darkrai EX would OHKO it anyway, but Mewtwo EX needs the Weakness for a minimalist X-Ball to score the same OHKO.


Resistance: No Resistance is disappointing as usual, and while it doesn’t ruin the card (lacking Resistance is the norm), it is a bit annoying given that in the video games, Meloetta is Psychic Resistant and flat out Immune to Ghost-Types… two of the three Types that make up the TCG Psychic-Type.  I assume this was not utilized due to the long ago decision to make TCG Psychic-Types Weak to each other instead of Resistant.


Retreat: A Retreat cost of just one makes Meloetta fairly light on its feet; most of the time you can afford this, and without it being especially burdensome.  Plus as a Basic Pokémon, Skyarrow Bridge can drop it to “free”.




Attack#1: Psychic is the first attack, and hits for 10 points of damage plus 20 per Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.  This is a less splashable half “X-Ball”, the attack that made Mewtwo EX so famous.  The mixed blessing is it is the half that depends upon the Defending Pokémon, which you have minimal influence on, but also means you don’t have to invest a lot in Meloetta to use it well.


It is a good attack overall; it can be next to useless against targets with no Energy (like a Bench-sitter used for its Ability), and has merely adequate damage against something that hits for a single.  Damage is good against something that has two Energy on it, and just gets better as we climb.


Attack#2: The second attack, Echoed Voice, may fit the music theme but it is poorly performed.  You’re paying enough for an easy 70 to 90 points of damage, but you get 50 that can hit for 100 if you keep using the attack over and over again.  This mechanic hasn’t proven strong enough on other cards due to Pokémon Catcher (and soon Escape Rope) making it so simple to remove the “condition” of having used Echoed Voice the turn before; when a Pokémon is sent to the Bench, that effect is gone and damage is reset.


It is a somewhat baffling a design choice; other than fitting the flavor of the card it has no business being on an 80 HP Basic Pokémon with a popular Weakness.  Meloetta doing well to use a three Energy attack once even with various forms of Energy acceleration; giving the attack such a low damage output makes it highly improbable that it would ever do a better job than Psychic.  Even with the damage cut, a single Energy requiring version would have been better, but no version is really going to be “good”.




Card Family: This is the only Meloetta we have in English; as such there are no cards to list here.  There are three more versions in Japan, but I wasn’t impressed by them.  A Pokémon-EX version of the card is coming out in Japan as well, but that has little relevance as they don’t count as the same Pokémon.


Modified: Meloetta has seen some use, and not just at lower levels of Organized Play.  It can punish the Energy hungry and/or Psychic Weak.  It showed up in the aforementioned James Proctor’s deck, and I presume it was for countering opposing Mewtwo EX and Sigilyph, as I already pointed out Echoed Voice isn’t worth using and Psychic Mirage (from Gardevoir, which backed that whole deck) isn’t needed for a Meloetta relying on its Psychic attack.


This would require some care as Mewtwo EX can OHKO Meloetta with just the minimum Energy required for X-Ball; drop Meloetta before it is needed, and even with no Energy it is probably a goner.  Sigilyph can also OHKO it even when Meloetta has no Energy.  This is starting to sound bad, but Meloetta does well attacking those two.  Mewtwo EX isn’t a OHKO unless it has four Energy attached (unlikely, but it happens), but if it had enough Energy for X-Ball then Meloetta slams it for at least 100 points of damage, allowing you to sacrifice one Meloetta for a second to bring Mewtwo EX down.


Sigilyph fairs much, much worse than Mewtwo EX.  With no Energy attached, it is still a 2HKO and in most decks won’t be able to attack back before the second shot finishes it.  If it has two or more Energy attached, Sigilyph becomes a OHKO.  With Poison becoming popular and potent thanks to Virbank City Gym (BW: Plasma Storm 126/135), Meloetta may enjoy seeing some newer targets soon; video game “Poison-Type” Pokémon are lumped into the Psychic-Type, but usually have Psychic-Weakness.


Moving onto likely non Psychic-Weak targets, a Keldeo EX (BW: Boundaries Crossed 49/149, 142/149) is usually going to be loaded with Energy.  Keldeo EX is unlikely to ever have enough for a OHKO (at least against a competent opponent), but for it to attack it has to have three Energy, meaning a quick 70 points of damage from a sacrificial Meloetta which sets Keldeo EX up for an X-Ball finisher by Mewtwo EX the next turn.


Meloetta can even be of some use against Darkrai EX (again, the most likely Psychic Resistant encounter); a Darkrai EX with enough Energy to attack takes a solid 50 points of damage after Resistance.  This isn’t great, but Darkrai EX is often packed with healing and/or Energy removing cards… so it isn’t used to being hit hard, at least for long.  Meloetta is again a sacrifice, but forcing the opponent to burn through Max Potion or risk push for the KO next turn might be worth it.


One last use for Meloetta comes in the form of a deck with potential that is struggling.  Vileplume (BW: Boundaries Crossed 3/149) is waiting for more Basic Pokémon like Meloetta; something a player can snag with Level Ball and fuel with a single Prism Energy or Blend Energy (in this case, Blend Energy GRPD)… but which isn’t just as good or better in other decks, and isn’t going to give up two Prizes when KOed.


Unlimited: Meloetta doesn’t contribute to a donk or other first turn win strategy, and Pokémon are often more Energy efficient and/or protected by Focus Band… there really isn’t much room for such a smaller attacker here unless they do something unusual and/or have a useful Ability (or similar effect for older cards).


Limited: Like most adequately sized Basic Pokémon, Meloetta is nearly a must run here.  You do need to have room for some Psychic Type Energy and it can neither pull off nor outclass the usual “39 Basic Energy + Big, Basic Pokémon” routine that you see with many Pokémon-EX at Limited events.  If you don’t fail at pulling any other decent Psychic-Type Pokémon and/or don’t get too many other great pulls to crowd Meloetta out, her 80 HP should last 2-3 turns unless you are throwing her at something fully Evolved and/or powered up… and Echoed Voice is actually a great attack here.




Unlimited: 1/5


Modified: 3/5


Limited: 4.75/5



Meloetta performance receives a mixed review from me.  When it comes to exploiting Psychic Weakness and/or Energy hungry Pokémon, she isn’t the best show in town, but in the right decks she’s the bargain matinee to Mewtwo EX’s opening night.  Sometimes that is exactly what you need; something small that hits hard and isn’t a Pokémon-EX.

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