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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Plasma Frigate  

- Plasma Storm

Date Reviewed:
February 22, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.13
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Plasma Frigate 

Ever since the return to double Weakness with the HGSS block, Weakness has been a huge part of the game. It is what makes any Psychic-Weak Pokémon virtually unplayable around Mewtwo-EX and makes the mighty Darkrai-EX tremble in fear at the sight of an opponent dropping Terrakion. It stands to reason then, that any card that can eliminate Weakness altogether will be worth a look. We do already have one in the shape of Leavanny NVI, but that’s a low HP Stage 2 that takes up a ton of deck space and is vulnerable to Pokémon Catcher. Unsurprisingly, it never got any tournament play. Now we have a new option: Plasma Frigate. 

Plasma Frigate is a Stadium card which states that any Pokémon that has a Plasma Energy attached to it has no Weakness. The good thing is that its effect is not limited to Plasma Pokémon. You could attach a Plasma Energy to your Darkrai, Mewtwo, Cobalion, or anything else and still get the effect. The downside is that it means running Plasma Energy, which only provides one Colourless and cannot be accelerated on to non-Plasma Pokémon with Colress Machine. This may make for some awkward Energy lines. 

Nevertheless, the idea of negating Weakness with a Stadium and an Energy intrigues me, and I can certainly see some possibilities with it, even outside of any future Plasma decks we may see. Some Klingklang lists are already experimenting with it as a way of countering non-EX Fire techs (like Victini NVI 15). As a general answer to the Weakness issue, I don’t really see it taking off, but it may be an option for those decks that (like Klinklang) can have their whole strategy destroyed by the right tech. 

Whether Plasma Frigate protection is something that any player will be able to count on in future is somewhat questionable as well. As we see more and more Stadium cards becoming playable (Tropical Beach, Virbank City Gym, Skyarrow Bridge), it’s going to be more and more difficult to make one stick when you really need it to. This is a card which does something good, and has a lot of potential, but right now I’m just not sure how effective it can be in the game. 


Modified: 3 (Great effect . . . can anyone make it work for them?)

Limited: 3 (if you pull Plasma Energy . . . sure. But it will likely have limited use)


Happy Friday, Pojo readers! Today we're reviewing one of the new Stadium cards from Plasma Storm. Today's Card of the Day is Plasma Frigate.

Plasma Frigate is a Trainer - Stadium card, meaning that once played it will provide a global effect (and you can't play another Plasma Frigate while another copy of the card is in play). Plasma Frigate's effect is simple, but effective: each player's Pokemon with a Plasma Energy attached has no Weakness. Obviously, Team Plasma decks will get a boon from this card, as it will greatly aid in keeping their heavy hitters alive, but the card has some other benefits too. First, dropping a Plasma Frigate of your own can counter your opponent's Virbank City Gym for Hypnotoxic Laser abuse, or it can get rid of an opponent's Tropical Beach that is giving them powerful card advantage. Also, Plasma Frigate's effect works for any Pokemon (not just Team Plasma), meaning that cards like Mewtwo-EX will also get the benefit by having a Plasma Energy attached, adding to the survivability of the card against your opponent's Mewtwos. Overall, Plasma Frigate is a surprisingly useful and versatile card that should see play in Team Plasma decks and elsewhere.

Modified: 3.5/5 Plasma Frigate doesn't belong in every deck, but it does have some nice benefits. First, Plasma decks will likely want to run a copy or two to protect their main attackers (at least those with relevant Weaknesses), with other decks following suit if they can find the space. However, more offensive builds will still want to focus on Tropical Beach and Virbank City Gym as their Stadiums, as these decks will likely benefit from the more active effects more often.

Limited: 4/5 Plasma Frigate can work well to protect your Team Plasma Pokemon in Limited, but can also work to trigger cards like Team Plasma Grunt and other Plasma support cards, as well. There's little reason not to play it here, as well (even though it's not as effective).

Jebulous Maryland Player

Plasma Frigate

Plasma Frigate is a Stadium that makes any Pokemon with Plasma Energy attached to it have no weakness. That's pretty magical considering most EX OHKOs occur from weakness (Black Kyurem EX is pretty much the exception... 200...). The only thing is, Plasma Pokemon (the reason you would use Plasma energy, or at least get more of an advantage from it) are not super big at the moment. You have Lugia, which will use it, so Frigate will help if you run into a lot of Lightning. Klingklang doesn't really need it since it can't be manipulated like Metal energy (for that deck).

Then there's always the case of not using Plasma Energy for Plasma Pokemon. Since that is not a restriction, you can throw that energy on anything. Terrakion and Landorus causing your Darkrai problems? Test this out. The stadium is also good to counter Virbank, since you know that's going to see play.

This card is just something to keep in mind if you run Plasma Energy and don't run Virbank. Or you could run both, but that seems a little clunky to me.

Modified: 3.5/5
Limited: 4/5
Combos With: ...

Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com


At last it is Friday!  It also happens to be George Washington’s birthday; he was quite influential to the founding of the United States of America and if you’ve never bothered learning about him, I recommend it.  It is also my younger sister’s birthday.  Happy birthday Jennie!



I suppose I should actually get to the topic at hand; our final runner-up for the Top 10 Promising Picks of Plasma Storm is Plasma Frigate (BW: Plasma Storm 124/135)!



You can only play one Stadium per turn and you can’t play down a copy of one already in play, making this the most difficult to play of the three core Trainer subdivisions (Item, Supporter, and Stadium).  Stadiums stick around until discarded.  This means gives Plasma Stadium at least one default use in any format where Stadiums are important, as they can discard a different Stadium even if their own effect isn’t that useful.


Playing another Stadium is the only way to discard another Stadium card in Modified to my knowledge; in the past we have had Pokémon and even an Items (though it was not known as an Item at the time) to do this.  For the record, this is how Stadiums should be; my time with other games has confirmed that if such cards are too easy to discard, they tend to become useless.


This is a Team Plasma affiliated card, but it can currently make use of very little of the Team Plasma Support.  This will change in the future, but for now it’s barely worth mentioning.  Most of the actual Team Plasma cards don’t affect it nor does it have any specific effects restricted to them.



While Plasma Frigate is in play, Pokémon with a Plasma Energy card don’t have Weakness applied when they are damaged by an attack.  Like all Stadiums, this effect applies equally to both players, but it will be hard to take advantage of without a deck being built around it.


Perhaps a bit too hard; you can only have four copies of Plasma Energy in your deck, so even if you can get them out, attached, and keep them in place, you’ll only be able to protect four total Pokémon at once.  In fact, even over the course of the game, without resorting to Recycle and/or Scramble Switch you can’t protect more than four.


The effect isn’t going to always matter; all currently legal cards only have one form of Weakness and if you aren’t facing it, you won’t need protection from it.  If you have a Weakness to a seldom (successfully) played Type like Grass, you shouldn’t really worry about it.  Only if it is commonly played and the Weakness damage is going to matter should you consider it.



Plasma Energy is required for the effect, but Plasma Frigate doesn’t care if it is a Team Plasma Pokémon.  You can indirectly tap Colress Machine as added support if you are wanting to protect a Team Plasma Pokémon; otherwise only Team Plasma Grunt can directly make use of it for being a Team Plasma card, and you’ll notice I haven’t been recommending that Supporter even though I keep bringing it up.


In Unlimited, unless things have greatly improved most decks that dominate aren’t worrying about Weakness; they win or at least lock you down first turn without heavy emphasis or even any attack that does damage.  There are other options here as well, but there might be a few decks that can at least consider using it because the Stadium slot might be the least important for them.  Granted, you’ll probably need something like Slowking (Neo Genesis 14/111) to both protect your Plasma Energy and Plasma Frigate itself.


In Modified, it really doesn’t seem likely to help.  Your deck has to constantly be running afoul of Weakness, and not just as the odd off-Type attacker in decks but as a fairly consistent thing, in addition to having room for Plasma Frigate and Plasma Energy.  There is some benefit in that several decks are cutting whatever they can, including Crushing Hammer and Enhanced Hammer to make room for Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym; this reduces the chance of your opponent voiding the effect via discarding Plasma Energy, and while it provides most deck with a Stadium to knock out Plasma Frigate, in turn Plasma Frigate becomes useful in general for ditching Virbank City Gym.


In Limited I highly recommend it, but only because I fear Virbank City Gym and usually you have a filler Pokémon or spare basic Energy you can cut for it.  If you actually have Plasma Energy to use with it: great.  Odds are against it really mattering, but Limited decks usually have room for this sort of thing.




Unlimited: 1.5/5


Modified: 2.5/5


Limited: 5/5




Plasma Frigate will struggle to see play due to the incomplete nature of our Team Plasma card pool, the crowded nature of decks, and the raw power of offense in the current metagame.  If a deck can already make good use if Plasma Energy and also keeps it in play (and the Pokémon it is attached to) long enough to matter, you still might use this card; this could be the “back-up” Stadium for some decks.  Yes, in formats where Stadiums are important but too many copies of the same one redundant, it can be well worth running a split on your Stadiums!


Plasma Frigate clocked in as my number 14 pick for my extended Promising Picks of Plasma Storm list.  It may still be worth that position, but that speaks more to the state of the format and potential of the remaining cards than to the prospects of Plasma Frigate seeing heavy play.

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