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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Cards of 2013

#8 - Silver Bangle

- Plasma Blast

Date Reviewed:
December 20, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.85
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#8 Silver Bangle 

Today we take a look at the first Trainer to make our top 10 countdown: the fearsome-looking Silver Bangle.  

This is a Tool that only works when attached to non-EX Pokémon, and increases the damage done by attacks to Active EX Pokémon by 30. That’s a significant boost: significant enough to give non-EX attackers like Garchomp DRX and Empoleon DEX the power they need to two-hit KO EX Pokémon (which is kind of the minimum requirement in order to trade effectively). It also gets Kyurem PLF (which arguably didn’t need any help) into range for OHKOs with support from Deoxys EX and/or Hypnotoxic Laser.  

Silver Bangle is, on the whole, a good card to have in a format which is still dominated by EX decks, as it does widen the pool of playable cards somewhat. Of course some people might argue that more balanced card design in the first place would make cards like Bangle unnecessary, and they would be right. However, we are where we are and anyone playing a deck with non-EX attackers would be wise to find space for at least a couple of copies of this card. 


Modified: 4 (a very effective card in its own right which is having a positive effect on the game)


Today we look at the 8th place pick for the Top 10 Cards of 2013; Silver Bangle.  This card was originally reviewed here as it managed to secure the 4th place spot for our Top 12 Cards of Plasma Blast.  So did we call it right?  The answer is… maybe.


For those that need the reminder, Silver Bangle is a Pokémon Tool that has proven quite potent because it increases damage by attacks against Pokémon-EX by 30 points, but only if the card is attached to a non-Pokémon-EX.  This has proven quite good for a few reasons; some obvious, others perhaps less so.  Looking at how the actual metagame is… you see Pokémon-EX are still a major force, which logically means that Silver Bangle had little or no impact, or that Pokémon-EX would be even more dominant without Silver Bangle present.  Looking at actual, successful lists shows us that it is the latter; Silver Bangle is an important card and without it, decks using non-Pokémon-EX attackers would be even fewer.


Silver Bangle was outranked in the previous Top 10 by Silver Mirror.  Part of this was oversight; Team Plasma Pokémon had basically become the dominant deck so the potential to wall against them and at least protect key cards was quite appealing… but Tool Scrapper is much more effective against “passive” Pokémon Tools that wait to be triggered than those that you can drop and generate advantage with on your own turn, before they can be discarded, like Silver Bangle.  Factor in the change in rules since the cards’ release and the finite, specialized increase in offense of Silver Bangle outpaced the specialized but infinite defense of Silver Mirror because offense is the best defense in Pokémon, and Silver Mirror proved easier to deal with than Silver Bangle.  The other cards to outrank it were Genesect EX and Virizion EX, which might actually have been legitimately better.


For Unlimited play, and this is still Theorymon, I would assume Focus Band is still your best bet; First Turn Win decks win the first turn and without attacking, so they don’t care what Pokémon Tool you play because… you don’t get to play it.  Even if you choose not to run a FTW deck and go first, you’ll need to block access to Trainers (or at least Items) to really have a chance, otherwise the best FTW decks will still work going second as they clear your field before taking out the one Pokémon they can’t bounce.


For Limited play, you only skip this if you’re able to get some fantastic pulls; either the unrealistic “I have perfect deck without it” or the one that actually happens, pulling a good Pokémon-EX and choosing to run it plus 39 other cards that are not Basic Pokémon.




Unlimited: 1/5


Modified: 4/5


Limited: 4.95/5



Silver Bangle is a great card, and one that I think is quite worthy of its place in the Top 10 of 2013 list.  In fact, I actually think it once again shows up too soon; it was my second place choice for the Top 12 Cards of Plasma Blast (only beat out by Virizion EX) and I had it in the number four slot for my Top 20 of 2013.


Yes, Top 20; I like to include extras if time allows because of past experience with tie breakers and collective Top 10 lists.  Now please enjoy your weekend.


8 - Silver Bangle
  Just like Sigilyph a few days ago, here's another EX "hate card", a card printed to target a certain aspect of the game. What's notable about it is that it doesn't just help deal 30 more damage to EXs but it can't be attached to an EX itself, something that's been missing from Pokemon tools since the original ex series. Compare Float Stone to Fluffy Berry and you see how they used to prevent powerful Tools from being attached to already powerful Pokemon ex, so it's nice to see Some idea of balanced design return!
  The main deck this card benefits is probably the most powerful Stage 2 attacker deck - Empoleon, allowing it to deal an additional 30 damage for that one Water Energy or perhaps in Garchomp decks boosting their 2 Energy attack. Team Plasma decks also make significant use of it to boost their Kyurem's damage further after applying Deoxys EX's effect, maxing out at a stupendous 190 damage before even applying Weakness!
 Of course it's not all good news for Silver Bangle, the presence of Garbodor in the meta along with many other generally usable Tools means that Tool Scrapper usage is on the rise. Also, it can be a totally dead card against the aforementioned Empoleon and other non-EX / EX-light decks. The future doesn't look too bright for Silver Bangle either as XY brings a new Tool called Muscle Band which allows any Pokemon to deal and extra 20 damage to any other Pokemon. The huge removal of the "dead card" risk and the ability to attach to EXs will probably outweigh the 10 less damage, though only time will tell if this difference in damage will affect the "magic numbers" required to be hit in the upcoming format.
  Still, it has been a popular card of 2013 and has helped readdress the often huge power discrepancy between regular and EX Pokemon.
  Coming up against a 39 energy 1 EX can be a depressing experience if you've not had the luck to also pull an EX (or a Safeguard Pokemon!) and using Silver Bangle won't always make the difference. If you can get 3 40 damage attacks in with a Basic (with 10 base damage) against one of the EXs with 3 energy attacks (or Jirachi EX if your opponent was foolish enough to use it!) you might stand a chance if you're not getting donked. On the bright side, there's no Tool Scrapper in Plasma Blast Limited so once your Bangle is down it's not going anywhere without the Pokemon it's attached to.
Unlimited 150.
  To be honest, it's just not a card I've ever seen used in this format. Though there are plenty of popular ex Pokemon around, most decks don't rely solely on them. Just as I mentioned the other day with Sigilyph, Silver Bangle won't help you against other powerful card types such as LV.Xs or Pokemon LEGEND. Just as in Modified, it's soon to be outclassed by Muscle Band along with Strength Charm and perhaps even Expert Belt! Though each deck only has access to 1 Tool Scrapper there's also the more widely used Wind Storm (from the Pokemon Tool theme set, Crystal Guardians). Not a card I'd suggest as a staple by any means but it may be useful if you're in an ex-heavy meta or you're running a deck with a Tool theme.
Modified: 3.5
Limited: 2
Unlimited 150: 2

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