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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Plasma Blast Cards

#5 - Caitlin  

- Plasma Blast

Date Reviewed:
Aug 26, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

 #5 Caitlin 

Hello and welcome to part 2 of our top 10 countdown here on Pojo’s CotD. We kick off the week with Caitlin . . . who wears a hat that is ridiculous even by anime standards of dress. 

A new draw Supporter in the TCG is always good news: we rely on them so very much right now, and none of them are exactly perfect. This one has an interesting effect which will remind players of the deeply-missed Claydol GE: you put as many cards as you like from your hand to the bottom of your deck, and then draw that many cards. 

Obviously, Caitlin will become a staple in Fossil Restored Pokémon decks (surely someone wants to play one? No? Ok then) which need the Restored Pokémon at the bottom of the deck. Outside of that, as a generic draw card, Caitlin obviously has a few flaws – she won’t increase your hand size, and she isn’t much help if you don’t have many cards in hand, or don’t have anything you want to return to the deck. On the other hand, she doesn’t force you to discard a bunch of cards like Juniper and, unlike shuffle-draw cards like N and Colress, you make certain that you avoid re-drawing anything in your hand that you don’t want. 

I’d feel a little more comfortable about including Caitlin in a deck if we had some other decent non-Supporter draw in the format (preferably in the form of a Pokémon Ability), because as things stand there could be too many situations where she just won’t do enough to justify play during a game. It’s possible that she could fit nicely into decks using Tropical Beach though. Whatever, she provides an interesting new option and that is always a good thing. 


Modified: 3.25 (ok, but can we have Claydol back now please?)

Limited: 5 (it’s draw. You play it. No questions) 



Welcome to the final week of our Top 12 list!  This should be posted Monday August 26th, 2013 which means we are still technically under the BW-On format, but as I sincerely doubt any tournaments are happening today or tomorrow, I’ll finally review strictly for the new format that features BW: Next Destinies and later sets, Black Star Promo cards numbered BW33 and higher, and the McDonald’s Collection.


With that out of the way, let us get to our fifth most Promising Pick of Plasma Blast: Caitlin (BW: Plasma Blast 78/101)!




Caitlin is a Trainer-Supporter, affected by Trainer targeting cards (like Skyla) in addition to Supporter specific cards (like Jirachi EX).  Nothing has changed with the newest set or the rotation: Supporters will be the driving force for getting resources out of your deck, and thus Caitlin will be forced to compete for deck space against many staples and near staples of competitive play.




Caitlin is draw supporter; you are allowed to place as many cards as you wish from your hand onto the bottom of your deck and then draw an equal amount.  The nature of this makes Caitlin the weakest “draw Supporter” in terms of card advantage; no matter how much you draw it will always be a “-1” because you are losing as many cards from your hand as you draw in addition to “spending” Caitlin herself.  I am aware of no combo that would allow you to change this fact.


The draw power of Caitlin in actual terms is variable; if I understand the rules correctly you can get a maximum draw of 57 cards with Caitlin from an unlikely and almost certainly pointless play of returning a 57 card hand.  We arrive at that number through an opponent using cards that KO themselves so that you can take five of your six Prizes, and of course you also need to us a copy of Caitlin and have a Pokémon in play the whole time, so 60-3=57.  Yes, I not only wasted time on figuring that out, but I even did it wrong multiple times; go ahead and enjoy a chuckle at my expense so that it was worth it.


You also can draw as few as zero cards with Caitlin, though as I don’t have a ruling I am uncertain if that is because you just can’t play her if she is the only card in hand or if you are allowed to bottom deck zero cards and “draw” zero cards.  I would ere on the side of caution and assume you can’t actually play her unless you bottom deck one card, so the technical minimum is then one.


Unlike a “shuffle and draw” card, there is no risk of getting the exact same card you put on the bottom of the deck back, unless you put more back into your deck than your deck originally had left.  As for quantity you can expect to draw using Caitlin, consider the average hand size of your deck after playing everything you want to play that turn and less any cards you would want to sit in your hand.  As such, Caitlin usage favors combos and large hands from before it is played, either because you are trying to get the remaining card(s) for one into hand or because you have something that directly combos with bottom decking.


There is of course more to winning the game than having the most cards in hand.  Caitlin is about control of your own hand and deck while drawing.  Cards you don’t need can be placed on the bottom of your deck, meaning if you don’t shuffle they won’t show up until the last possible moment.  For better or worse you are not losing them completely (as if you had discarded) but just delaying them for later (and again, shuffling can change that).


This level of self-control can set up for a few different combos, described later.  In general, Caitlin would seem useful for decks that need to remove “clutter” from hand but don’t wish to discard it, that need to save useful cards in hand while still drawing more cards, and for decks that need to draw without shuffling the deck.  Personally I suspect raw draw power is more useful, but this presents enough options to still seem useful.




The card can always be used to aid in set-up (barring no other cards in hand), but whether or not it is the best choice for a given slot is the point of the entire review, so let us get a little more specific.  I’ve already covered the general, abstract usage that would apply to most if not all decks.  There are some cards still in the format that target the bottom of your deck; this allows you to utilize such cards (like Cover Fossil) without relying on blind luck or having triggered Prehistoric Call (an Ability seen on recent Restored Pokémon from this set).


There is synergy between Caitlin and Professor Juniper; you cannot use them on the same turn unless you are running Magnezone (BW: Plasma Storm 46/135), but Caitlin can be played to improve hand “quality”, bottom-decking cards from hand that you just couldn’t use right away.  If your designed your deck well and it cooperates, then you’ll find yourself discarding much less for Professor Juniper as you’ll have less hand “clutter”.  Related to that is the synergy between Caitlin and Bianca, Caitlin and Bicycle, as well as Caitlin and Tropical Beach: less clutter in hand should increase the yields from those three.


In the end, I don’t believe the above is enough to justify running Caitlin as anything more than the third best choice for big draw power; despite their draw backs Professor Juniper and N will remain superior for all but a few possible decks even in decks that don’t rapidly play down a player’s hand and/or are trying to set-up multi-card combos where the component’s can’t be played down separately over the course of one (or more) turns.  Even being the third choice should not be assumed; I just know that Professor Juniper and N are clearly better except under extenuating circumstances.




Unlimited: This is a format where you have non-Supporter draw power that I recommend you stick to; if you need a Supporter, save it for something “special” like Seeker.  It isn’t totally worthless, as it does function better with a large hand and trying to piece together combos, it is just what already exists is so effective already. 2/5


Modified: Not for every deck, but there are a few where Caitlin will likely see play.  Some players still haven’t warmed to Colress and/or never liked N (which is potent but can be a tricky play), so there may be more room than I realize for it.  3/5


Limited: This is a draw card in a Limited format that will almost always function.  If you pull it, you run it. 5/5



Caitlin is a solid addition to the Supporter line-up but I don’t expect it to become even a loose staple anytime soon.  On my own list, I surprisingly her in the number five slot… and I am pretty sure I placed her too high.  She’s on the happy side of “average” for the Pokémon TCG, and for better or worse right now the game belongs to card pool of mostly “great” cards.


Welcome back, Pojo readers! We're continuing our Top 10 countdown of Plasma Blast cards this week, so be sure to check back to see which cards managed to make our top five. For starters, we're going to look at a Supporter that could see some play in most decks. Today's Card of the Day is Caitlin.
Caitlin is a Supporter, as previously stated above, meaning that you can play it once per turn, and once you do, you can't play any other Supporters for the rest of the turn. Many Supporters commonly used are used to draw cards, and Caitlin is no exception: you may put any number of cards from your hand onto the bottom of your deck, and then draw that many cards. Caitlin has some pros and cons relative to other commonly played draw Supporters like N and Professor Juniper, but is somewhere in the Colress range of playability - 1 or 2 per deck. Caitlin's strengths lie in the fact that you can keep certain cards in your hand without having to throw your entire hand away for an N or Juniper, but the number of cards you can draw is limited by your hand size when you play the card, and as such, this card is a dead draw when you have a low hand size. That being said, more draw is always good, especially in a format where realistic draw options are limited.
Modified: 3.5/5 Caitlin will likely see play as a 1- or 2-of in decks, as it's not that strong on its own, but is quite good situationally. The ability to refresh your hand without giving up key cards is great, although you'll likely not get more than three or four cards from playing the card. Even still, Caitlin is another great addition to our collection of draw Supporters in Modified, and will likely see some play.
Limited: 5/5 Supporters aren't very common here and card draw is king. In addition, Caitlin even allows you to get rid of the junk you've drawn in your hand. Definitely run it here.

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