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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Plasma Blast Cards

#7 - G Booster  

- Plasma Blast

Date Reviewed:
Aug 22, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#7 G Booster 

Today’s card on our Plasma Blast countdown is another ACESPEC. Unlike Scoop Up Cyclone, however, it can’t just be slotted in to any deck: like with Victory Piece and Victini-EX, G Booster only works with one specific Pokémon. 

Luckily, that Pokémon happens to be the already very-good-indeed Genesect-EX, and this is the card that may well put that Pokémon over the top. It is a Pokémon Tool which functions very like the Technical Machine cards that we saw in the past, in that it gives another attack option to the Pokémon that has it attached. 

And what an attack it is. For two Grass and one Colourless Energy you get the guaranteed OHKO-on-anything holy grail of 200 damage (which is what made Black Kyurem-EX so great in Blastoise decks). But the fun doesn’t stop there: G Booster also has the ‘Shred’ effect (as seen on Rayquaza DR and Giratina-EX) which means that the damage isn’t affected by any effects on the Defending Pokémon. This gives Genesect an answer to blocking effects like the Safeguard Ability or the Silver Mirror Trainer, allowing it to hit through them and take the Prize. 

G Booster needs a bit of care when playing: it is a single copy ACESPEC and so vulnerable to being Prized or discarded via Tool Scrapper. The Shadow Triad Supporter is invaluable here, as G Booster is a Plasma card which it can recover from the discard pile. The fact that you need to discard two Energy to use G Booster is somewhat of a problem too, as Grass doesn’t really have the type of acceleration that would allow you to chain G Booster easily. Nevertheless, G Booster is probably the single most powerful damage-based attack in the history of the TCG. And it costs three Energy. 



Modified: 4 (not always easy to use, but when you do use it, you are taking a Prize)

Limited: 3 (you won’t pull both this and Genesect, and even if you did you wouldn’t need it)


Hello once again, Pojo readers! Today we're reviewing the #7 card on our Top 12 countdown, an ACE SPEC that is thought to see a lot of play in one or two of the new hyped decks to come out of Plasma Blast. Today's Card of the Day is G Booster.
G Booster is an Item card that is also Team Plasma, a Pokemon Tool, and an ACE SPEC. As a Plasma card, it gains access to Plasma support, so it can be fetched with cards like Shadow Triad. As an ACE SPEC, you can only have one in your deck, and as such, can't use any other ACE SPECs (like Computer Search, Scramble Switch, or Dowsing Machine) either. Finally, as a Pokemon Tool, G Booster has an effect when attached to a Pokemon. If attached to a Genesect-EX, that Pokemon can use the G Booster attack, which does 200(!) damage while breaking through opposing effects for two Grass and a Colorless, with the added effect of discarding two Energy attached to Genesect. Normally these Pokemon-specific ACE SPECs are rarely worth it, but G Booster's sheer power makes it a very worthy candidate in Virizion/Genesect builds (and MAYBE some normal Plasma lists containing Genesect, as well). G Booster's attack damage will easily OHKO anything in the format, making it a very powerful move against many of the powerful Pokemon-EX. Unfortunately, once your Genesect-EX is KO'd or your opponent Tool Scrappers, you'll lose the effect, so be sure to have a plan other than just "G Booster three times, good game."
Modified: 3/5 G Booster is a fantastic card in builds containing Genesect-EX, but the same caveats for all ACE SPECs apply here. When building your list, make sure to get the maximum amount of value/power from G Booster as you can, or else you're probably better off with Computer Search, Dowsing Machine, or Scramble Switch. Likewise, since G Booster only works with Genesect-EX, it is only limited to decks that run it (obviously). Finally, as a Pokemon Tool, G Booster is very susceptible to cards like Tool Scrapper and Chatot, though Shadow Triad helps mitigate this somewhat. Therefore, even though this rating seems somewhat low, it's more a reflection of the number of restrictions on this card than the card's abilities itself. That being said, G Booster can be a truly frightening proposition for the opponent, and will easily blow away any opposing Pokemon if you manage to get it powered up.
Limited: 3/5 Since G Booster is specifically for Genesect-EX, you should only run it if you pull a Genesect-EX to go with it. If you do, have fun, because your opponent's definitely won't.

Had this at #4

Jason Klaczynski
Three-Time World Champion
Check out The Klaczynski Open. August 31, 2013

Had this at #7

G Booster

Genesect EX can now OHKO any EX Pokémon!

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