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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Plasma Blast Cards

#8 - Scoop Up Cyclone  

- Plasma Blast

Date Reviewed:
Aug 21, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.0
Limited: 5.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#8 Scoop Up Cyclone 

First there was Scoop Up, which let you pick up one of your Pokémon, but discarded all cards attached to it . . . 

Then there was the ironically-named Super Scoop Up, which let you keep the attached cards, but only worked if you flipped heads . . .  

Now there is Scoop Up Cyclone, which lets you pick up your Pokémon and everything attached to it with no flip requirement or drawback at all! 

Obviously, the effect of these cards is extremely powerful. They all allow you to heal a damaged Pokémon, re-distribute your Energy, and exert control over your Field by, say, freeing up Bench space or removing a Pokémon from the active position. You can also play Scoop Up Cyclone to re-use Abilities that trigger when a Pokémon is played (such as Jirachi-EX). The card works best of all with decks that either have a single Energy cost attack (Landorus-EX) or can accelerate the scooped up Energy from the hand (Blastoise BCR). 

However, there is a drawback involved in using Scoop Up Cyclone: it is your one-per-deck ACESPEC Trainer. Effectively, playing this means that the cost is not being able to use Computer Search or Dowsing Machine (cards that help a deck set up and run efficiently) or Scramble Switch (for that surprise attack out of nowhere). Because of this, and despite the terrific effect, I see Scoop Up Cyclone having fairly limited use for now, even in decks like Blastoise/Keldeo which seem made for it. The way the format is at the moment, set up and general utility are usually preferred to fancy tricks. 


Modified: 4 (yet more seriously good competition for that ACESPEC slot)

Limited: 5 (doesn’t get much better than Prize denial in this format)

virusyosh Had this at #6


So what’s the scoop on our number eight choice for the Promising Picks of Plasma Blast?  Yes I went for the bad pun; its Scoop Up Cyclone.


Stats& Effects


Scoop Up Cyclone is an Ace Spec, a class of Trainer for which you are only allowed to have a single member of in your deck.  This means that every Ace Spec card is in direct competition with all others.  Speaking of the others, so far all have been Items and Scoop Up Cyclone is no exception.  It continues a trend of several of the others in being an update of an older card… sort of.


First came Scoop Up, a normal Trainer (a.k.a. “Item”) that let you select one of your Pokémon in play and return it its Basic form to your hand; everything else was discarded.  Later we got Super Scoop Up, which is legal until the NXD-On rotation becomes official.  Super Scoop Up returns the target Pokémon and all cards attached to it to your hand, but requires a successful coin flip to work.  Scoop Up Cyclone is the next logical step; the effect of Super Scoop Up, sans the coin flip!




So is this effect ever worth using really?  It is hard to argue over giving up something like Computer Search for this, but indeed it can be a great card.  If you have “from hand” Energy acceleration, a means of free retreat, and are attacking using just big, Basic Pokémon, like a Deluge deck if you felt confident enough you didn’t need Computer Search or Item Finder to help set-up/manage things, yeah it makes perfect sense.  You get to remove all effects and damage from your Active, bring up something with Float Stone attached, replay your former attack, power it all up again, Retreat the Active and you’re good to go.


Outside of that, there are decks that can afford other kinds of Energy acceleration (to be fair, most of it works when used with the correct combos), or with Energy efficient attacks, or simply had the time to build up your next attacker.  I think I would favor sticking to what already works in most decks, but it’s a pretty close contest.  The other interesting thing is that if Recycle gets reprinted, one Scoop Up Cyclone can then spend the rest of the game acting like Super Scoop Up… except the coin toss is from Recycle.




Unlimited: I… don’t really know.  Too many things I haven’t been able to learn about Unlimited.  I thought that the Ace Spec Computer Search “overrode” the text of the original, but last I checked there wasn’t an official ruling.  The effect of bouncing one of your own Pokémon also might set up some First Turn Wins and would be useful in a lot of decks in general so… I am going to be hopeful in my scoring. 3/5


Modified: A great card that happens to face stiff competition – even losing Energy attachments (but not the Energy itself) is well worth it for not actually giving up a Prize, giving up the Pokémon, or giving up whatever was attached to it. 4/5


Limited: If you pull this, run it barring the usual exception of when you’re running a deck built around a single copy of a single Pokémon (as using Scoop Up Cyclone would cause you to lose). 4.95/5




Scoop Up Cyclone is a card that seems to have a lot of potential, and I only am hesitant to encourage its use due to the phenomenal Ace Spec cards we already have.  I actually had it for my number six pick.

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