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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 12 Plasma Blast Cards

#11 - Chatot  

- Plasma Blast

Date Reviewed:
Aug 16, 2013

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#11 Chatot  

Just failing to sneak into our top 10 list is this Chatot. He’s a very interesting and potentially very useful card too and should never be overlooked. 

Ok, so he’s a weak 60 HP non-evolving Basic that can’t help you set up and has no offense to speak of, but he does have some things going for him. For a start, Chatot is a Plasma Pokémon, so that means he gets some support like Team Plasma Ball and Colress Machine. More important however, Chatot is designed to fulfil a very specialized and maybe very important role. 

As we move into the new season, Tools are going to be more important than ever. We already have some very useful ones (Float Stone, Eviolite, Dark Claw), and that number is expanded in Plasma Blast which also introduces some Pokémon that can make very good use of them. This is where Chatot (may) come into his own. For just one Colourless Energy, his Misinformation attack discards all Tools attached to all of the opponent’s Pokémon.  

Now you’re probably thinking ‘but we have a Trainer to do that job, and it’s called Tool Scrapper – there’s no need to waste an attack’, and you would be absolutely right . . . except in a couple of circumstances. Firstly, although Trainer Lock will be all but absent from the new format (Zebstrika NEX, I guess), that doesn’t mean it won’t come back in some form. Secondly, there may be circumstances where just discarding a couple of Tools might not be good enough, for example when facing a deck featuring the new Sigilyph (which has an Ability that allows four to be attached) and Tool Drop Trubbish. In the latter case, you’re probably going to need both Scrapper and Chatot if you want a hard counter to the deck. 

Chatot is one of those cards that might not seem especially necessary now, but could find himself being used as a very effective niche card as the format develops. It may never see play, or it may become a very common single copy tech. 


Modified: 3 (it’s good to know he’s there)

Limited: 2 (not much of an attack, and Misinformation unlikely to be all that useful here)


Now for the second card to grace the list that normally wouldn’t, we have Chatot (BW: Plasma Blast 77/101) as the 11th most Promising Pick of Plasma Blast!  What makes this not-so-big bird worth such consideration?




Miscellaneous: This Chatot is a Team Plasma Pokémon, and with this latest set this is no longer purely advantage as some cards that specifically counter Team Plasma Pokémon have been introduced.  At this time I still believe it to be a solid advantage overall.   For the sake of clarity, I will henceforth address today’s card as Chatot [Plasma], not that I plan to talk much about the only other Modified legal Chatot (BW: Dark Explorers 85/108).


Type: Chatot [Plasma] is a Colorless-Type, so it won’t ever enjoy hitting for double damage or have to worry about Resistance.  It can tap Aspertia City Gym for some extra HP, assuming it is worth running the two together.


Stage: As a Basic Pokémon, Chatot [Plasma] requires minimal space to run, minimal time and effort to put into play, and even minimum effort to search out… which I’ll tell you now is likely very important to it making the list.  There are even cards that reward being a Basic Pokémon!  Nothing about BW: Plasma Blast seems to have changed this.


Hit Points: Chatot [Plasma] has a paltry 60 HP; this is prone to being actually or effectively OHKOed.  There is some small benefit; the HP score is low enough for Level Ball to search it out, and while that would be true even if the card had upwards of 90 HP.  Even 90 wouldn’t have been much of an improvement with the damage output of most attackers, however.


Weakness: Lightning-Type Weakness is to be expected, and could be quite unfortunate.  I am still learning how decks have shifted and where they appear to be heading, but if Thundurus EX remains a played card, it easily OHKOs Chatot with no additional help needed.  With the low HP, sometimes a Pokémon is fortunate because it results in attackers just hitting for “overkill” damage, but this time it appears at least a one notable attacker will benefit from it.


Resistance: Chatot [Plasma] enjoys Fighting Resistance, which can definitely come in handy, but only when said attacker can’t hit for 80 points of damage, or at least not easily do so.  Fighting-Type Pokémon also have a proclivity for effects that ignore Resistance.


Retreat: Chatot [Plasma] has a single Energy Retreat Cost; this is fairly easy to pay and even if not, many decks would have a work around anyway.




Attack#1: For (C) you can use Disinformation, an attack that does no damage but will discard all Pokémon Tools your opponent has in play.  Timed well this can lead to a lot of card advantage; a player can usually have up to six Pokémon Tools in play, and with the correct Pokémon the number can be as high as 26!  At the same time, you’re using up an attack and an Energy card in the deal, and while it can generate a lot of advantage, if your opponent doesn’t run Pokémon Tools or doesn’t run many, Disinformation is worthless.


Attack#2: Tone-Deaf requires (CC) and does 20 points of damage plus afflicts the Defending Pokémon with guaranteed Confusion.  Unfortunately Special Conditions are very easy to shake and thanks to Hypnotoxic Laser, few decks are likely to be unprepared to do just that.  The damage isn’t that impressive for the Energy invested, and when you consider that it is the only damaging attack this card has it could have stood hitting a bit harder; I doubt this is the card’s focus but 30 for (CC) can actually be of use given all the damage boosting tricks.


Synergy: Tone-Deaf appears to be high grade filler (that is, almost seeming like the designers tried), but Disinformation is the main focus of the card according to those trying to convince me of its worth, and I can’t see anything else being worth it.




Card Family: Chatot [Plasma] has access to the ample Plasma support cards; I’ll cover what I believe matters in the next section.  As mentioned earlier, there is one other Chatot.  BW: Dark Explorers 85/108 has 70 HP and isn’t a Plasma Pokémon, but otherwise the same Stats as today’s card.  It has a less expensive but weaker version of Tone-Deaf; just (C) buys 10 points of damage and Confusion to the Defending Pokémon on a successful coin toss.  For (CC) it can use Peck for a flat 30 points of damage.  As you should be able to tell, it is a poor card and in no way competition for Chatot [Plasma] even with 10 more HP.


Combos: Chatot [Plasma] is, in a word, “accessible”.  Level Ball and Team Plasma Ball can snag it easily.  Revive (while we still have it) can get it to the field directly from the discard, and if you’re running Super Rod we just established it is fairly easy to search back out.  Even in decks that don’t have a lot of Energy acceleration, giving up a single attachment and Energy to use the attack shouldn’t strain your resources.  As it is a Team Plasma Pokémon, Colress Machine and Plasma Energy can provide it Energy in a pinch, though I would probably save them for something that really needs it and use my manual attachment instead.


In spite of those perks that make Chatot [Plasma] and Disinformation easy to use, you’re still giving up an attack; in a format of fast, hard-hitting Pokémon that could range from “half” a Prize (few attackers won’t at least half-KO a regular Pokémon) to two Prizes (for decks that can OHKO a Pokémon-EX).  You can’t act upon opportunities created from discarding the Pokémon Tools until your next turn, save a few effects that would be relevant between turns or on your opponent’s turn.  For example, is using Garbotoxin to shut off Abilities that don’t trigger between turns, your opponent has a turn to play down a new Pokémon Tool to reactivate Garbotoxin as well as OHKO Chatot [Plasma] or of course win the game anyway.  Even pushing for a significant lead might be enough.


Of course Chatot [Plasma] itself might be a quick retaliatory KO (so add “opponent gets an easy Prize” to the cost of Disinformation), but how many decks will run enough Pokémon Tools in play at once to justify Chatot [Plasma] and then have enough to drop again to justify attacking twice with it?  If the deck Disinformation was used against wasn’t totally dependent upon Pokémon Tools for its offense, then ignoring it and focusing on whatever the “real” threat is makes sense.  Thinking about Disinformation, I would be tempting to throw important looking Pokémon Tools in my deck if Chatot [Plasma] was popular – whatever their true effect, they might as well read “Discard this Pokémon Tool and all other Pokémon Tools you have in play to prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done by your opponent’s next attack.” Something to that, effect, anyway.


Apparently something I missed, or at least undervalue if this card deserves its #11 slot.  We received some impressive Pokémon Tools this set, and have others from previous sets.  Sigilyph (BW: Plasma Blast 41/101), which can have four Pokémon Tools attached at once via its Ability, is hit really hard by Disinformation… unless one of its Pokémon Tools is Silver Mirror, which due to its own effect upon the equipped Pokémon would protect itself as well as any extra Pokémon Tools attached to that Pokémon as Disinformation is an attack from a Team Plasma Pokémon.  This trick only works for Sigilyph and its extra Pokémon Tools; Silver Mirror won’t Pokémon Tools attached to other Pokémon.  Of course, getting rid of Silver Mirror would have been a reason for running a Pokémon that can discard Pokémon Tools for me, so it is still a major concern.


Dealing with strategies that rely on Pokémon Tools would seem better served by Tool Scrapper.  As an Item, Tool Scrapper can only discard up to two Pokémon Tools that are in play, but… it is an Item.  Not as easy to search or re-use, but unless the format is going to shift so that players are putting 3+ Pokémon Tools in play at a time this allows you to take out up to two key Pokémon Tools at once while still keeping up your offensive… and it works on Silver Mirror.




Unlimited: Seldom required for decks that win first turn anyway, while anything else has access to the old Windstorm Item (by way of being a “normal” Trainer); it is the precursor of Tool Scrapper, with the same effect save it could hit Stadiums or Pokémon Tools. 1/5


Modified: The sheer versatility of being a Team Plasma Pokémon are why I keep asking myself what I am missing, instead of just assuming the players that have tried to sell me on this cards were trolling me.  Maybe for Team Plasma decks this is worth it. 2/5


Limited: 60 HP isn’t as bad here.  Confusion is a lot more useful.  Having all Colorless Energy requirements is huge as it makes it easy to use in the often tri-color decks one is forced to rely upon.  Unless you pulled a big, Basic Pokémon and are trying for it and a deck of 39 Energy, or had some amazing luck, it is pretty hard to justify skipping this. 4.95/5



Chatot [Plasma] receives a very wishy-washy review; I see little reason to run the card instead of Tool Scrapper, but some well known, proven players I respect seemed sold on it.  So I am prepared to suffer the sting of being oblivious to a card worthy of being our number 11 pick, but I’ve got to say that I just don’t see it.  Chatot [Plasma] did not make either my actual Top 12 or my Top 20 list.

Jason Klaczynski
Three-Time World Champion
Check out The Klaczynski Open. August 31, 2013
Had this at #5 on my Top 10 List.

With tools stronger than ever, One Chatot is sure to show up in some competitive decks to level the playing field.

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