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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Yanmega #5

Dragons Exalted

Date Reviewed: Sept. 18, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.38
Limited: 3.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Yanmega (Dragons Exalted)

Yesterday’s Pokémon may have been useless, but it was pretty adorable. If today’s card doesn’t make the grade, it won’t even have cuteness to fall back on as Yanmega is one of the least attractive of all the 649 Pokémon. Only Garbodor is less appealing to me than this deeply ugly bug. To be fair, Yanmega Prime did become a more than decent card (once Dialga G LV X and Luxray GL rotated out of the format), so let’s see if this version can pull off the same trick.

Well, having free Retreat is a very good start as no-one likes wasting resources like Energy or Switch to Retreat a Pokémon if they don’t have to. Lightning Resistance is still not a good thing to have, though not as disastrous as it was now that some Eelektrik decks are primarily focusing on the Dragon Type Rayquaza. To be honest though, a Stage 1 with 100 HP isn’t terribly hard to KO regardless. Fighting Resistance is a nice-ish bonus, I suppose, though mono-Fighting decks are pretty rare these days.

Yanmega’s first attack, Agility, costs two Energy of any Colour (or a DCE) and does low damage with the coin flip possibility of protecting Yanmega from any damage or effects of an attack on the next turn. Of course, even if you hit the flip, the opponent has the option of using Pokémon Catcher. It’s not exactly an unbreakable wall, but it could be a mildly annoying stall tactic. That strategy would only be worth it though if Yanmega had something bigger and better to offer in return for its survival. The sad truth is that it falls way short of this: Cutting Wind costs 3 Energy (again, any Colour will do), but only does a vanilla 70 damage. By the standards of the current format, that is poor. Sure, Yanmega can hang around for a while if you get lucky, but your opponent isn’t going to be too worried about what it can do in the meantime.

So, what we have here is little more than a filler Stage 1 Grass Type Pokémon which is neither hard-hitting nor fast enough to be worth playing. Agility is practically a gimmick when the rest of the card is so unimpressive. Not really worth a second glance when it comes to competitive play, I’m afraid.


Modified: 1.5 (there isn’t any kind of rotation that would help this Yanmega)

Limited: 3.5 (Colourless costs make it a reasonable, splashable attacker)


Greetings once again, Pojo viewers! We're continuing our reviews today by reviewing yet another Grass-type Pokemon from Dragons Exalted. Today's Card of the Day is Yanmega.
Yanmega is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon. As stated yesterday, Grass Pokemon are basically nowhere to be found in Modified, so a good Grass-type that pops up could definitely have a niche in the metagame. 100 HP is decent for a Stage 1, allowing Yanmega to take at least one medium-sized hit before going down, but it still unfortunately falls to heavy hits and hits for Weakness. Lightning Weakness is awful right now, as Zekrom is still fairly common; Fighting Resistance is good against Terrakion; and free Retreat is once again amazing.
The Ogre Darner Pokemon has two attacks. Agility does 30 damage for two Colorless Energy, and can prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Yanmega during your opponent's next turn. This is fairly costed for this sort of attack, and can be an absolute nightmare for your opponent in Limited if you're lucky with flips. Unfortunately, Agility probably doesn't do enough damage to see much use in Modified, and the protective effect's coin flip is unreliable. Finally, Cutting Wind does a vanilla 70 damage for three Colorless Energy, which is one again excellent in Limited, but lackluster in Modified.
Modified: 1.5/5 Yanmega has decent HP, good Resistance, and free Retreat coupled with a terrible Weakness and lackluster attacks. Therefore, there are generally better options for this format.
Limited: 4/5 Yanmega is an excellent Pokemon in the Limited format. 100 HP is great on a Stage 1, free Retreat is always a huge positive, and Colorless Energy requirements allow Yanmega to fit into any deck, allowing for great flexibility. Agility is a solid attack with real potential for frustrating your opponent, and Cutting Wind's damage output is very respectable in Limited. Overall, Yanmega is a great choice for Limited, even if you're not running Grass as a primary type.

Jebulous Maryland Player

Yanmega is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon with 100 HP.  It is weak to Lightning, resistant to Fighting, and has a free retreat cost.  The weakness is awful seeing how one of the top decks right now run Lightning (an Eelekrik could knock this out).
'Agility'  costs 2 Colorless energy and does 30 damage.  If you flip heads, prevent all effects of attacks done to Yanmega during your opponent's next turn.  This is not a great attack.  For 2 energy, it should be a minimum of 40 (Mewtwo EX).  With Pokemon Catcher existing, the effect means very little since they will just target something else.
'Cutting Wind' costs 3 Colorless energy and does 70 damage.  No effect.  If it's not going to have an effect, the attack should do more damage.
So this is not a great card.  You can't easily search for it, it has low HP, and weak attacks.  It can OHKO a Terrakion... still no reason to run a Stage 1 line (just to counter 1 Pokemon).
Modified: 1/5
Combo's With:  ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

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