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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Aggron #80

Dragons Exalted

Date Reviewed: Nov. 1, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Aggron (Dragons Exalted)

Aaaargh . . . it’s Aggron! I swear I have pulled more copies of this card from packs than any other rare (holo or not) in Dragons Exalted. Does this leave me feeling lucky, or just frustrated that I didn’t get more Hydreigons and Garchomps? Let’s find out . . .

Aggron is a Stage 2 Metal Type Pokémon with a decent 140 HP. It has a Fire Weakness (which is very good as Fire see little-to-no play right now), Psychic Resistance (also good, as Mewtwo-EX is still very much a thing). Less attractive are the retreat cost of four (actually, being searchable with Heavy Ball is a real positive), and the mediocre attack: Giga Horn does 90 damage for two Metal and one Colourless Energy, with the possibility of total failure if you flip two tails. No idea why the card designers saw the need to give a 25% failure rate to something so . . . average.

But none of this really matters at all. Aggron isn’t going to be played as a tank, or even as any kind of attacker. Instead everything rests on its Toppling Wind Ability which states that when you play Aggron from your hand to evolve a Pokémon, you may discard the top three cards of your opponent’s deck. Yep, anyone missing the Durant decks from last season (there must be one or two of you, right?), now has a new deck-out win condition card to play with. Basically, the idea is to combine Aggron with Sableye DEX and Devolution Spray. You evolve Aggrons during your turn to mill your opponent’s deck, play Devolution Spray to get them back into your hand, and then attack with Sableye’s Junk Hunt to recover the Devolution Spray. Rinse and repeat as much as you possibly can, until your opponent runs out of cards.

Is it a viable competitive deck? Ehhhhhh . . . I would say semi competitive. When everything is going great, you are milling 6-9 cards a turn and winning pretty quickly. However, the deck is very dependent on being able to access all of its combo pieces (entire Stage 2 lines plus Devo Spray) all of the time. Any turns where you don’t get to use Toppling Wind are a real problem, as your opponent will almost always be able to take an easy Prize from a Sableye or (much worse) a Benched Aron or Lairon. I’ve seen the deck work, but I don’t believe it can work consistently enough or handle disruption well enough to be anything like as successful (or annoying) as Durant was at major tournaments.

So, how do I feel about pulling all those Aggrons? Well, I might make a fun deck with them one day, but I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled to see them taking up a page in my binder.


Modified: 2.75 (you can build a semi-viable mill deck with it – if you like that kind of thing)

Limited: 2.5 (not really worth setting up a Stage 2 for . . . unless you also pulled a couple of Devo Spray)


Hello once again, Pojo! Today we're reviewing a Stage 2 from Dragons Exalted that is thought to be the spiritual successor of an important deck from last year's Modified format. Today's Card of the Day is Aggron.
Aggron is a Stage 2 Metal Pokemon. Metal Pokemon rarely see play these days, as the format is more or less dominated by Darkness-, Dragon-, and Lightning-types. Therefore, if Aggron can do something good, it could easily fill a niche in the metagame. 140 HP is standard for a Stage 2, allowing the Iron Armor Pokemon to defend against one medium-sized hit before going down. Fire Weakness is not too bad at the moment, although Ho-Oh-EX still sees play, so watch out for that if you're thinking of running Aggron. Psychic Resistance is good against Mewtwo, and a Retreat Cost of 4 is huge, so you'll want to use Switch or something else to move Aggron from the Active position.
Aggron has an Ability, Toppling Wind, that allows you to discard the top three cards of your opponent's deck when it comes into play. "Milling" three cards from the opponent's deck in a single shot is good, but probably won't be that effective when only done once, so Aggron is best used when a deck is built around it. Durant NVI is always a possibility, though admittedly without proper support such as Junk Arm, the milling strategy isn't quite as viable as it used to be. In Limited, discarding the top three cards of your opponent's deck will rarely be that useful.
Giga Horn is Aggron's attack, doing 90 damage for two Metal and a Colorless, which would normally be fine, except that you also have to flip two coins and if both of them are tails, the attack does nothing. Very unimpressive in both Modified and Limited, but still slightly more usable in Limited.
Modified: 1.5/5 Given the popularity of Durant NVI last format, some people have thought that this Pokemon could carry on in having a viable mill deck, but the chances of this happening are unlikely. Toppling Wind only works when Aggron comes into play, and as such, is very difficult to consistently mill out the opponent before they take all of their Prizes, especially when Aggron is a Stage 2, and many resources need to be dedicated to getting it out in a timely fashion. If Broken Time-Space or some other forms of quick Evolution were a possibility, Aggron might have seen some play, but as it stands now, the deck is just far too slow to compete with the faster and harder-hitting Pokemon-EX that dominate Modified.
Limited: 2/5 I'm not actually that big of a fan of Aggron in Limited, either. Toppling Wind will often not do a whole lot for the trouble of getting a Stage 2 out, and Giga Horn, while dealing decent damage, requires two Metal Energy (a rare and usually underpowered type in Limited) and has a chance of failing. If you draft a lot of Metal Pokemon, Aggron is probably worth running; otherwise, you're likely better off with other options.

Jebulous Maryland Player

Aggron is a Stage 2 Metal Pokemon with 140 HP.  It is weak to Fire, resistant to Psychic, and has a retreat cost of 3.  It is searchable by Heavy Ball.
'Toppling Wind' is an ability, that when Aggron is evolved into, your opponent discards the top 3 cards of their deck.  Mill.  Wonderful mill.  When I got back into Pokemon, Durant sealed the deal.  I just loved the whole concept that rather than taking prizes, the entire deck was focused on winning by other means (if there was a way to do multiple Seekers to force your opponent into having no Pokeon, I would love to play that).  I saw Durant and decided to play competitively (which I hadn't really done in Yugioh).
'Giga Horn' costs 2 Metal and 1 colorless energy.  It does 90 damage and if you get 2 tails, it does nothing.  That's not too bad, since you'll do damage most of the time.  But when looking at Darkrai EX, the effect is awful.  Potential to do nothing or 30 to a Benched... I know which I'd rather have.  Anyhow, the damage output is great since it can 2HKO almost anything.  Bad thing is that there is no Metal Acceleration (and Klinglang has better synergy with other attackers; mixing the two seems like a mess).
So the real use of Aggron is the milling.  Wonderful wonderful milling.  Sadly it's not as good as the Durant mill used to be.  So Aggron mill typically has 2 variations: 1)Durant and 2)Sableye.  For the Durant variation, Aggron and Durant are paired for maximum milling.  Keep on pressure by milling with Durant every turn while (de)evolving Aggron for more milling.  This was the variation I first tried.  When I got multiple Durants and a couple of Aggrons it was milling 6-7 cards a turn.  That was at it's best.  It suffered from a lot of flaws.  Getting all the Pokemon out was not easy, especially without collector.  Also, people would target Aggron lines to prevent large mills.  Darkrai EX wreaks havoc on Durant, hence why it is not played anymore.  And all that is going on when there is a chance that you could get bad/awful hands (which happens a lot).  I know the worst thing was having key cards prized, since you never really go on the offensive (at least Durant had Rotom to help).
The other variation, which I'm trying now, is the combination of Aggron and Sableye.  This version uses Junk Hunt to get back all the items to continue stall/mill.  Mostly Dev. Spray, Hammers, and Catchers.  I found this to be more consistent  but against anything with acceleration, I usually lose.  Honestly, I've only played a couple matches with this one, so I'll have to try more.
My favorite story was with the first variation.  I went to my first Battle Roads (this Autumn) and in between matches I would play this deck against people.  I remember the guy I beat in Round 1 was playing against me for fun and it ended up with a huge crowd watching the game go down.  I was milling like crazy and just trying to survive.  It was a lot of fun.
Oh, one thing I found with this deck is that it always comes very close at the end of the match.  My opponent usually has 1 prize left when/if I deck them out.  It feels really good to win, but losing you feel like you spent a lot of energy for nothing.  I still enjoy the deck though.
Modified: 2.5/5
Limited: 3/5
Combos With:  ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

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