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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Boundaries Crossed Countdown!

#1 - Computer Search

- Boundaries Crossed

Date Reviewed: Nov. 16, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.95
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#1 Computer Search (Boundaries Crossed)

Yeah. If you’re surprised by this you probably don’t even play the Pokémon TCG at all.

If you were to make a list of the most powerful not-banned Pokémon cards of all time, what would be on it? Gust of Wind/Pokémon Catcher, Item Finder, Base Set Professor Oak, Energy Removal/Super Energy Removal and . . . this card: Computer Search.

Yep, Boundaries Crossed brings the return of one of the best cards ever printed. Sure, it’s now got fancy new shiny art treatment, yes it’s one of those new ACE SPEC Trainers that’s limited to one per deck, but essentially it’s exactly the same as it always was. What does it do? Pretty much anything you want it to.

See with Computer Search, you discard two cards from your hand and then you search your deck for any card you like: the Pokémon Catcher you want to take a crucial KO, the Max Potion you need to save your Pokémon, the Professor Juniper you are desperate for to re-fill your hand . . . any one of these can be yours. As for the discard cost? Well some decks positively adore it (Eelektrik and Dark Patch decks love to discard Energy), and pretty much any deck can bear the cost quite well. After all, we all play Ultra Ball and that makes us discard two just to get a Pokémon.

Some decks will get more out of Computer Search than others - anything running Sableye DEX will be able to exploit it on an almost ridiculous scale – but the plain fact of the matter is that, if you own this card, you put it in your deck. No ifs or buts: Computer Search is the very definition of the term ‘staple card’. I can’t ever remember giving a card a perfect score before, but this time I don’t feel I could justify not doing so.


Modified: 5 (the only reason not to run it is because you don’t own one)

Limited: 5 (the only reason not to run it is because you didn’t pull it)

Jebulous Maryland Player

Computer Search
Computer Search is an ACE SPEC item that allows you to search for any card in your deck (not revealing it) after discarding 2 cards from your hand.  Well there is a reason it is an ACE SPEC card: it's great.  You can get ANY card from your deck.  And it only helps out decks that want things discarded (Eels, Dark, Ho-oh).  With Skyla in the format as well, she can grab Computer Search.  Sableye can Junk Hunt for it, though doing it multiple times might not be great (most Dark decks run about 8 energy, so at some point you'll be discarding other things).
Computer Search is THE ACE SPEC to have in your deck.  It outshines the others so much.  Gold Potion comes in second, and that should only be chosen if your deck is so consistent, that there is no need for a Computer Search.
I didn't play competitively when Pokemon first started, but I knew how good Computer Search was back then.  I (and a lot of other people) didn't think it would be reprinted.  But it being an ACE SPEC is good (I can only imagine 4 Computer Searches allowed in this format).
The only times this card is bad is when you don't have 2 cards to discard, or the 2 cards you have are too valuable to discard.  Though in the latter case, you can always grab a Juniper and see what you get from that...


Happy Friday, Pojo readers! Today is the big day: we're going to review our #1 card from the Top 10 Boundaries Crossed countdown! Anyway, today's Card of the Day is a (pseudo-) reprint of a very old favorite that has been slightly changed (although the effect is still the same). Today's Card of the Day, and #1 on our Boundaries Crossed countdown, is Computer Search.
Computer Search is an ACE SPEC Item, meaning you can play as many Computer Searches as you'd like per turn, and as an ACE SPEC, you're only allowed one ACE SPEC per deck. In this way, if you run a Computer Search, you can't use the other ACE SPECs like Gold Potion or Crystal Edge. Therefore, Computer Search should do something that those other cards don't to justify its deck slot. Luckily, this card has an amazing effect: you can discard two cards from your hand to search your deck for ANY card and put it into your hand, shuffling your deck afterward. The obvious flexibility of being able to grab any card can't be understated, and the only time when a Computer Search is a bad draw is when you have fewer than two cards in hand. There really isn't that much more to say about this card in terms of playability, as it's easily one of the best Trainers we've had in a while, and if you can get your hands on one, you should play it.
Another important point to bring up: If you haven't already heard, TPC have ruled that the Base Set/Base Set 2 copies of Computer Search are NOT legal for Modified use, so you'll have to try to find the new and expensive ones to use in your tournament decks, so keep that in mind when deck building.
Modified: 5/5 Computer Search is the best ACE SPEC we have available to us right now, and fits well into any deck. Unconditional search is great, and easily fits in anywhere. Expect to see tons of this card at Cities and beyond.
Limited: 5/5 Computer Search might be even better here, in the slower format with a lot less draw and search power. Computer Search will grab your key Evolution or Pokemon-EX from your deck, and is easily first pick-able in Draft (if you play that format). Overall, like in Modified, I can't really think of a reason why you wouldn't run Computer Search. It's that good.


If you’re reading this, then I forgot to write an actual intro.


Computer Search is an Ace Spec card; you may only run a single Ace Spec card in your deck. In one sense, this makes your Ace Spec choice very important; like your “Supporter usage” for the turn, if you don’t make use of it, you’re giving up some potential advantage. Unlike Supporter usage, this is a single card and without dedicating resources to making it easier to pull from your deck and/or re-use, it’s a one-and-done deal. It is possible some decks will be better off running a copy of some other card over an Ace Spec, but unlikely.

Computer Search is otherwise an Item, one of the three kinds of Trainers; you can play as many other Items per turn as you wish… and if you’re in a format that has an effective way of reclaiming Items from the discard pile, you could even spam multiple Ace Spec cards as well (use it, get it back, use it again, etc.). This actually makes it part of the best supported form of Trainer card.

Thanks to Skyla, we now have a Supporter that can grab any one Trainer card from your deck and add it to your hand, including Ace Spec Trainers. If Ace Spec cards prove potent, you may actually finally start seeing Recycle used in more decks, but glancing ahead it won’t be because of Computer Search. You probably will see Computer Search recycled frequently by Sableye (BW: Dark Explorers 62/108) via its Junk Hunt attack; the only real draw back to the combo is actual cost built into Computer Search through its own effect text.


Computer Search requires you discard two cards from hand in order to use it. If you do, you are then allowed to search your deck for any one card and add it to your hand. This is a very, very potent effect and as an iconic card from the earliest days of the game (Computer Search originally appeared in the Base Set and Base Set 2 as “normal” Trainers a.k.a. Items), it seems an appropriate choice for demonstrating the Ace Spec mechanic.

Being an Ace Spec card, however, means those of us who know it from the early days of the game (or recent Unlimited play) must be careful. Becoming an Ace Spec has “nerfed” Computer Search; what made it so formidable back in the day was that you could run up to four (I found three was usually optimal) as it allowed you to abuse the copious amounts of draw/search/recursion power available from older cards. With Computer Search it was hard not to effectively open with a Professor Oak, and with Item Finder, it was uncommon to lack the option of adding the infamous draw card to hand.


Simply put, this card will become the default Ace Spec used from now on. Even completely on its own, the one-in-60 chance of hitting a “search and add anything to hand” card is potent. Most decks are likely to pack Skyla now, and as already stated those running Sableye can use this to set-up; play out as much of your hand as possible, then you can use this to thin before using Professor Juniper or to dump your last few cards in hand to get Professor Juniper.

The discard cost will hurt, and badly at times; you may not have any good fodder (to be fair, every card in your deck really should matter) and this is why some riskier combos are almost impossible to make pay off. My earlier comment about Recycle, for example; though searching for any one card is well worth top decking something from the discard, coupled with Recycle only working on a flip and the two card discard for Computer Search, and it becomes too expensive and unreliable at the same time. Even using it with Skyla and Sableye will require caution.

Of course, there will be some decks that will make good use of (or at least mitigate) the discard cost; Sableye is a good choice for spamming it because basic Darkness Energy then can be targeted by Dark Patch or Super Rod (as needed), Pokémon can be targeted via Revive or Super Rod (as needed), and Junk Hunt itself can reclaim any discarded Items. Since everything I just described focuses on Items that also means Junk Hunt is useful for recycling the recycling cards; the combo just feeds its self.

A few decks will use one of the other Ace Spec cards currently out, and I’ve already seen a few debut in Japan that rival Computer Search, but for now this is the top Ace Spec to use in Modified… and Unlimited. Unless we get a rather odd ruling, I am assuming that just as you can only use the new version in Modified, you can only use that version in Unlimited due to the text changes (the addition of the Ace Spec rule). Here decks are going to have to adjust as we are used to running up to four copies, so most decks are losing two-to-three cards! The bright side is that this should weaken the first-turn-win/lock decks, which are most dependent upon it.

As for Limited play, this is a must run, as any Item based search would be. The Ace Spec clause is written on the card, so unlike some of the other deck building restrictions, you are still limited to running only one Ace Spec here. It seems unlikely you would pull more than one Ace Spec, but this is the top choice amongst them.


Unlimited: 4.95/5

Modified: 4.75/5

Limited: 5/5


Computer Search was my number one pick for this set as well, and it is easy to see why; search and increasing your deck’s stability/reliability/however you wish to phrase it is the chief strategy in most TCGs, not just Pokémon. I can’t bring myself to give it a perfect score for Modified or Unlimited, however; there will be a few decks where accessing one of the other Ace Spec cards is just more advantageous than being a little more reliable. Since you only have a single copy of Computer Search floating around your deck, it just isn’t as good as it was “in the old days”.

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