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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Palpitoad #32

Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: June 27, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.25
Limited: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Palpitoad (Dark Explorers)

I quite like the way that a lot of the Generation V Pokémon seem to parallel those from other regions. The Seismitoad line is clearly Unova’s version of Poliwrath/Politoed and it makes sense that Pokémon would have evolved slightly differently in different places. Can’t say I like this card much though. It’s an evolving Stage 1 from a set that doesn’t contain its final Stage evolution. That in itself is a bad sign, telling you that this card is just a bit of filler from a Japanese structure deck which found its way into one of our main sets.

This bad first impression is confirmed by a glance at the card itself. Low 80 HP, and the awkward Retreat cost of two are not good, but the Grass Weakness is a lot better than Lightning for a Water Pokémon. Not that this fact would save the card from Zekrom, Thundurus, and friends. The attack is nothing to be excited about either. Bubble Beam costs one Water and one Colourless Energy for 30 damage and a coin flip for Paralysis. Not the worst attack ever printed, but it isn’t something you would be eager to use in a competitive game unless you really needed a turn of Paralysis to buy some time. Honestly, if you are using this Palpitoad in that situation you may as well scoop up your cards right then.

So, just a generic Stage 1 that you use to get the Stage 2 out then? Actually no. It’s worse than that.

See, the whole point of playing Seismitoad NVI in the first place is to use his Round attack, which does 30 damage for each Pokémon with Round that you have in play. Usefully, the Palpitoad from NVI has a Round attack itself, so it can contribute to the damage Seismitoad can do, even before it evolves. Today’s card lacks that function, so if you put him in a Seismitoad deck you would be causing significant damage to the way the deck is supposed to function.

Palpitoad DEX is a card which actually makes your deck worse if you run it. Even for an evolving Stage 1, that’s probably a new low.


Modified: 1 (Seimitoad doesn’t just prefer the alternative – it needs it)

Limited: 2.25 (attack is fairly cheap and Paralysis is always good if you flip heads)


Happy midweek, Pojo readers! We're continuing our reviews of Stage 1 Water Pokemon from Dark Explorers today by reviewing the Vibration Pokemon, Palpitoad.
Palpitoad is a Stage 1 Water Pokemon. Water Pokemon are not commonly seen in Modified for reasons I've expanded upon earlier in the week, and Palpitoad will definitely be usable in Limited if you decide to use the Water type. Unfortunately, there is no Seismitoad in Dark Explorers, so Palpitoad will effectively be the highest Stage Evolution for the Limited format. 80 HP is what we'd expect for a Stage 1 with further capacity to evolve, and it will allow Palpitoad to take a weak or medium-sized hit before going down. Grass Weakness is great in the current metagame, as Grass is a practically non-existent type (though a few people are still playing Virizion, so watch out for them). Palpitoad also has no Resistance, which is unfortunate, and a Retreat Cost of 2, which is payable if you're in a pinch.
This particular version of the Vibration Pokemon only has one attack, Bubble Beam, which does 30 damage with a chance for Paralysis on a coin flip for a Water and a Colorless. Bubble Beam won't win any offensive awards in Modified as there are better options, but it's a serviceable attack in Limited, where 30 damage (solid, though still not great) with a Paralysis chance (very nice) is just about on par with the rest of the format.
Modified: 1.5/5 Palpitoad wouldn't be played on its own in Modified, and would likely only see play in the context of a deck using Seismitoad NVI, the only Seismitoad we have in print. The only deck that makes use of Seismitoad is Round, where Palpitoad NVI is strictly better due to its having the Round attack. Therefore, if you're running Round, you should use that Palpitoad in all circumstances. However, if we get another Seismitoad sometime soon that isn't reliant on Round, this Palpitoad may be relevant. Until then, use the version from Noble Victories.
Limited: 3/5 Palpitoad is fairly average for Limited, as 30 damage and a chance for Paralysis for two Energy is just about right for that cost. If you're running Water or even just looking to splash, Palpitoad can be great as another supplementary line. It's really a shame that there's no Seismitoad in Dark Explorers, as it would make Palpitoad that much more useful in Limited.

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