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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Glaceon #30

Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: June 26, 2012

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3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Glaceon (Dark Explorers)

Will the Eeveelution reviews never end? I thought we got them all out of the way the other week, but no. At least this one comes with a nice sparkly action-pose picture, courtesy of Ryo Ueda who normally does the artwork for things like LV Xs and EX Pokémon.

Glaceon is a Water Type Stage 1 with a low 90 HP, meaning it will be an easy OHKO for virtually any main attacker. Because it is actually an Ice Pokémon in the video games, it at least avoids the dreaded Lightning Weakness. Instead, it’s weak to Metal, which sees very little competitive play at the moment: even the occasional Klinklang and Durant aren’t used as attackers so that shouldn’t be a worry. The Retreat cost of one seems reasonable and is easy enough to pay.

No Abilities here (sadly), so let’s take a look at what else Glaceon has to offer. Quick Attack is something we have been seeing on cards since Base Set. This version offers 10 damage for one Colourless Energy, with a coin flip for 30 more if heads. It’s not bad for what it costs, I guess, but your opponent’s 180 HP EX Pokémon aren’t exactly going to be trembling with fear over the outcome of the flip. The same could be said of Glaceon’s second attack, Reflect Energy. Although the cost of [W][C] is reasonable, and the Energy-conserving effect of moving one Energy from Glaceon to a Benched Pokémon can be useful, this is again very mediocre, considering the effort needed to get a Stage 1 into play.

To the shock of absolutely no-one, Glaceon is just another filler Stage 1. Underpowered and generally uninteresting (unless you really happen to like Eeveelutions, of course).


Modified: 1.5 (one for the fans only)

Limited: 2.5 (fairly cheap attacks are never completely useless)


Greetings once again, Pojo viewers! Today we're reviewing another Stage 1 Water Pokemon from Dark Explorers, but this one's a final Evolution and a Rare. Today's Card of the Day is Glaceon.
Glaceon is a Stage 1 Water Pokemon. Water-types are rare in Modified for reasons I've been saying for the past few days, the most common of which is the Lightning-type Weakness that most members of this type share. Fortuitously, Glaceon doesn't share that problem. 90 HP is just about average for a finally-evolved Stage 1, with enough HP to survive a weak hit as well as just hitting the cut off for being searched out with Level Ball. Metal Weakness is great to have, as Metal Pokemon are exceedingly rare these days (except for the occasional Klinklang, a support Pokemon, or Cobalion, which doesn't see much play anymore). To round out the bottom stats, Glaceon has no Resistance and a Retreat Cost of 1, both of which we'd expect and are fairly average.
Like a majority of Pokemon in the Pokemon TCG, Glaceon has two attacks. Quick Attack starts off at a paltry 10 damage for a single Colorless Energy, but can deal 30 more if you flip heads. 40 damage for a single Energy is decent, but 10 damage for that price isn't even average anymore. While you won't get any significant mileage in Modified with this attack, it's quite serviceable in Limited, with Colorless Energy requirements and a fairly decent potential damage output. Reflect Energy is Glaceon's other form of offense, dealing 40 damage for a Water and a Colorless while moving an Energy from Glaceon to one of your Benched Pokemon. 40 damage for two Energy is solid (but not great) in both formats, with the Energy moving effect somewhat unnecessary for that attack's damage output. In Modified you're better off using Tornadus EP for an attack resembling this one, or even better off using something like Klinklang or other Energy-moving Pokemon as an Ability. Alternatively, you could skip Energy movement altogether and go with Energy acceleration, which is often a better strategy.
Modified: 1.5/5 Glaceon's combination of low HP, being a Stage 1, and disappointing damage output mean that it won't see play here except maybe in dedicated Eeveelution decks, where Reflect Energy can move around Energy (and not just Basic Energy!) to your various Eeveelutions to power them up. In this way, you can easily move a Prism or a Rainbow to one of your Benched Pokemon, making sure they're ready to attack once Glaceon goes down. Outside of this limited scope, there are generally better options.
Limited: 3/5 Glaceon is decent in Limited. Quick Attack is fairly lackluster, but Reflect Energy is good for powering up your Benched Pokemon, even though 40 damage is somewhat disappointing for the big attack on a fully-evolved Pokemon. Overall, if you're running Water (or Eeveelutions) and would like to have a way to move your Energy around, it won't hurt to give Glaceon a try.

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