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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: June 13, 2012

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Jolteon (Dark Explorers)

Today’s Eeveelution is Jolteon, possibly the most cute one of all. Fun fact time – it is the only Eevee evolution that doesn’t have a visible tail!

Jolteon is (obviously) a Stage 1 Lightning Type Pokémon. Lighting is a good Type to be right now as it hits those popular Tornadus cards for Weakness and gets brilliant support from Eelektrik. The downside is that it comes with Fighting Weakness and everyone and their mother is teching Terrakion NVI these days. Mind you, with only 90 HP, you don’t exactly have to tech to KO a Jolteon do you? On the plus side, there is free Retreat – a rare and welcome sight in our current format.

Like his fellow Eeveelutions, Jolteon has an (apparently) cheap first attack. Electrigun costs one Colourless Energy and does 20 damage. Pretty unremarkable really. However, the bonus is that if you discard a Lightning Energy, it does an extra 40, bring the total up to 60 for one Energy and a discard. This is very good value, but it has the downside of making Jolteon less splashable than he first appears. You wouldn’t want to use Electrigun without the discard, but this means you now need to run Lightning or Rainbow Energy in the deck for it, which limits its use somewhat (especially as you are required to discard the Energy you tech in).

Jolteon’s second attack, Pin Missile, has the potential to be very good or completely terrible. For [L][C][C] you flip four coins and do 40 damage for each heads. Get super lucky and you will do a massive 160 damage; fail completely and you will do nothing. The average damage output of 80 seems . . . well, average for the cost but that isn’t the point. The fact is that you will never be able to count on Jolteon to do what you need.

So poor Jolteon just doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. He could have been a Lightning tech for decks that need one, but his Energy demands are too specific. In an actual Lightning deck, he is outclassed by the many other options (Zekrom BLW, Thundurus EPO etc). If you wanted to gamble with the flips why not just play Zapdos NEX? It’s a Basic with more HP, it Resists Fighting, has a useful snipe attack, and it does 50 for every heads you flip. Jolteon is one of those cards that you start off by saying ‘hmm . . . could be interesting’, but then after a bit of thought, you realise that it just isn’t going to work.


Modified: 2.25 (nearly a tech option, but nearly isn’t good enough)

Limited: 4 (sure . . . run him with a lot of Lightning Energy and keep doing 60 for 1)


Happy midweek, Pojo readers! Today we're reviewing the final Eeveelution from Gen I in Dark Explorers, and my personal favorite of the three. Today's Card of the Day is Jolteon.
Jolteon is a Stage 1 Lightning Pokemon. Lightning is one of the most common types played in Modified right now, along with Darkness. Therefore, due to the type's popularity, Jolteon is going to have to do something really special in order to distinguish itself from other common Lightning types like Zekrom, Eelektrik, and even less common Lightning Pokemon like Thundurus, Zebstrika, and Zapdos. 90 HP is once against standard for a Stage 1, allowing Jolteon to take a weak hit before a KO. Fighting Weakness is bad against Terrakion, but if it's not common in your metagame, Fighting shouldn't be much to worry about. To round out Jolteon's bottom stats, no Resistance is unfortunate, but no Retreat Cost is amazing.
Like the other Eeveelutions we've reviewed this week, Jolteon also has two attacks. Electrigun is actually very interesting for its cost, starting off at 20 damage for a Colorless Energy, but it can deal 40 more if you discard a Lightning attached to Jolteon. 60 damage for a single Energy is amazing regardless of format, although Jolteon is still probably a little too frail for Modified. If you decide to try it there, Eelektrik is a great partner, recovering the Lightning Energy discarded by Electrigun to your Bench. It's too bad that Jolteon is a Stage 1, as it would make an awesome opener in Zekrom/Eels variants if it were a Basic.
Pin Missile is Jolteon's other attack. For a Lightning and two Colorless, Pin Missile is your standard flip attack, flipping 4 coins and dealing 40 damage times the number of heads, for a maximum damage output of 160. 160 damage for 3 Energy is obviously amazing, but you'll likely average 80, which is...rather average, at best. I suppose it can combo with Victory Star Victini, but given that any result less than 4 heads is outclassed by Zekrom, you're probably better off just sticking with Electrigun most of the time (though Pin Missile is definitely usable in Limited).
Modified: 2.25/5 Jolteon isn't completely awful in Modified, but isn't a dominant force, either. Electrigun is very interesting and useful, as fast damage with a built-in discard engine for Lightning Energy has the potential to be incredibly powerful. Free retreat is also a great boon that will serve Jolteon well in this format. However, not all is rosy for the Lightning Pokemon: a middling 90 HP, Fighting Weakness, and unreliable second attack tend to make Jolteon fall behind more reliable options like Zekrom. But if you're an Eevee lover looking for a change of pace, Jolteon has potential to surprise in a Modified deck.
Limited: 3.75/5 All of the Eevee evolutions tend to be fairly good in Modified, and Eeveelutions works as an excellent theme for this format. Electrigun tends to go against the splashiness of most Eevee decks, but is an absolute force in a format where cheap damage is relatively rare. In a deck with Lightning as a dominant type, Jolteon works as an excellent hitter. Pin Missile is still unreliable, but you'll also be more likely to use it here due to the format being much slower. Overall, Jolteon is an excellent inclusion in any Lightning deck in Limited, and can hold its own in Eeveelution decks as well.
Combos With: Eelektrik NVI

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