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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Blissey #82

Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: Aug 3, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.0
Limited: 3.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Happy Friday, Pojo readers! Today we're ending our COTD week by reviewing the evolution to yesterday's COTD. Today's Card of the Day is Blissey from Dark Explorers.
Blissey is a Stage 1 Colorless Pokemon. Colorless Pokemon can fit into any deck due to their relaxed Energy requirements, and as such, tend to make excellent Pokemon to help support your deck's main strategies. 130 HP is good for a Stage 1, but I can't help but feeling like Blissey should have more (especially since Blissey has tons of HP in the video games). For our purposes, however, 130 HP should be enough to take all but the biggest hits in the metagame and survive. Fighting Weakness means that Blissey has trouble with the likes of Terrakion, no Resistance is rather unfortunate, and a Retreat Cost of 3 is also less than ideal, so you'll want to use Switch to move Blissey from the Active Position.
Blissey has an Ability and a single attack. Softboiled, the Ability, allows you to flip a coin once per turn, and remove 30 damage from your Active Pokemon if you flip heads. While healing 30 damage every other turn on average won't make your Active Pokemon into a unkillable monster most of the time, this Ability really shines in decks built around tanking, where your Active will usually be taking a lot of hits and healing to maintain a board presence. In Modified, Blissey will likely see play in the tanking decks mentioned before. In Limited, on the other hand, Blissey could easily see play in almost any deck, since healing is better in slower formats such as this one.
Double-Edge, Blissey's only attack, is much like Chansey's attack of the same name from yesterday. For three Colorless Energy, the attack does 90 damage, with Blissey dealing 60 damage to itself. While 90 damage for three Colorless Energy is actually fairly decent, 60 self-damage is terrible in any circumstance, even if the user has 130 HP. Therefore, you'll probably want to stick to using Blissey as a support Pokemon with Softboiled.
Modified: 2.5/5 Blissey makes an excellent support Pokemon in tanking decks, where free healing every turn (if you're lucky) is quite effective. Outside of those situations, however, Blissey likely won't find space because the healing is inconsistent for the amount of work necessary, as well as taking up deck slots that could be more effectively used elsewhere in more aggro-based builds. In these cases, many players would rather use something like Max Potion instead.
Limited: 3.75/5 Blissey is once again a great supporting asset in Limited, healing your Active Pokemon in a format where it is likely to survive a bit longer. 30 damage is often the amount of a small attack in Limited, and Softboiled can easily stall your opponent. In terms of attack, Blissey's Colorless Energy requirements are always great to have when considering Limited deck-building, but Double-Edge's self-destructive side effect is a problem. That being said, Blissey works very well as a support Pokemon that can attack in a pinch, and its Colorless typing can help it fulfill this role quite nicely in the Limited format.

Jebulous Maryland Player

Blissey is a Stage 1 Colorless Pokemon with 130 HP.  It has a weakness to Fighting and a retreat cost of 3.  That means Heavy Ball can search for it.
'Softboiled' is an ability that lets you flip a coin once per turn, and if heads, remove 30 damage from your active.  I don't like it.
First of all, I like that it is an ability, not an attack.  If it was an attack it would be even worse.  But the fact that you have to flip for the ability to work, that just makes it unreliable.  Fliptini can't help increase your odds either.  And after building this Stage 1 up on your bench and flipping heads, what do you get may I ask?
Healing 30 damage.  Couldn't I just throw in 2 potions instead of Chansey and Blissey?  That way I could heal 30 off of ANY Pokemon and not have to flip to do it.
'Double-Edge' costs 3 Colorless energy, does 90 damage, and does 60 damage to Blissey.  This is the same attack that yesterday's Chansey had, only upgraded.  I appreciate what they did here.  Your Chansey evolves to Blissey, it keeps its attack, and the attack gets upgraded.
 This 'Double-Edge' does 30 more damage to the Defending Pokemon and Blissey.  It makes sense to me (though I'm glad they don't do it for all Pokemon, that'd get old quick).  But doing this for a handful of Pokemon isn't bad in my opinion.  It is still not a great attack.
Assuming Chansey had no damage when evolving, the minimum number of 'Double-Edges' Blissey can do is 2 (before Knocking itself out).  Its ability can help while its attacking, but you have to flip heads for 2 turns and avoid damage from the Defending Pokemon.  If you do that, you can use the attack 1 more time.
Compared to the Blissey that got rotated out, this one is not good at all.  Although the other could only use its ability when it evolved, it healed all damage on any Pokemon you wanted.  Anyway, the coin flip ability is what makes me not like this card the most.
Modified: 1.5/5
Limited: 2.5/5
Combo's With: ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

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