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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Klinklang #77

Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: July 31, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Greetings once again, Pojo! Today we're going to review the evolved from of yesterday's COTD. Today's Card of the Day is Klinklang from Dark Explorers.
Klinklang is a Stage 2 Metal Pokemon. Metal-types are relatively uncommon, with only Klinklang BW seeing much play at all; however, since this card is also a Klinklang, there could be a possibility of this card taking a spot or two in that deck if it's good enough as a tech. 140 HP is standard for a Stage 2 at this point, and as such, Klinklang should be able to take at least one powerful hit before going down. Fire Weakness is a non-issue with the drop in Reshiram usage, Psychic Resistance is great against Mewtwo and friends, and a Retreat Cost of 4 is ridiculously huge, and you shouldn't pay it unless one is in a very dire situation. Please use Switch instead.
Klinklang has two attacks. Metal Blast deals 20 damage for a single Colorless Energy, but deals 20 more for each Metal Energy attached to Klinklang. These sorts of attacks are good in slower formats like Limited, but considering that there is little to no Metal-type Energy acceleration in Modified, you probably won't want to use this attack there very often, since it usually won't do enough damage for the Energy investment to make a difference in the format. Lock Gear deals a rather pathetic 60 damage for two Metal and two Colorless, but also lets you draw until you have six cards in hand. The card is is good in Limited if you empty your hand, but the attack doesn't do nearly enough damage to be of any significance in Modified. Therefore, Klinklang is better suited to being played in Limited.
Modified: 1.5/5 While not useless, Klinklang isn't going to tear up the Modified competitive scene any time soon. Its attacks, while not awful, don't pack enough power to see much play here.
Limited: 3.5/5 As a Stage 2, you can expect Klinklang to have a lot of power in Limited - if you manage to get it out. Metal Blast is fairly decent (and has Colorless Energy requirements to start), but is really dependent on Metal Energy to be truly effective. Additionally, Lock Gear is very expensive for the damage output, but the card draw will be hard to beat in a format where draw and search options are limited. Overall, Klinklang is a very solid attacking option for the Limited format, only you'll probably have to make it a centerpiece of your deck / run a lot of Metal Energy to maximize the Gear Pokemon's effectiveness.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Klinklang (Dark Explorers)
Today's contestant is another rendition of the Gear Poke'mon, notable for both it's resemblance to Magneton and Magnezone, as well as for the appropriately onomatopoeic name.
Since we reviewed Klang yesterday, covering the evolution today is the usual procedure and I'm sure you can guess how the rest of this review will play out. 140 HP, Psychic Resistance and access to Special Metal Energy (for however long they remain in Modified) are all healthy things for a card to have, but the downsides like being a Stage 2 with weak lower stages, Fire Weakness and the massive retreat cost of 4 keep this card firmly rooted in reality. Unlike the competition, which routinely has upwards of 150 HP and the firepower to match.
But what to we get for burning a few draw cards and a Rare Candy to bring Metal Gear Noisy to the table? Surprisingly, you get the kind of power the Metal types usually miss out on.
Metal Blast has a deceptive initial cost of [c], which does 20 base dame plus 20 more damage for every [m] energy attached to Klinklang. Having an early attack that can be upgraded for extra power is always a plus, but we do have to divert from the entertainment for a quick Math check.
Okay, 40 damage for just [m] is great from an efficiency viewpoint but it isn't going to put much of a dent in your opponent's creatures either. Continue up the scale and you start to see the level of damage that will actually matter in a battle, but at a much higher cost than the going rate offered by the Unova Dragons and their cohorts (5 [m] energy compared to the three energy needed by the Big Basics of the tournament scene). Follow this trail to the end and you'll see the 200 damage necessary to destroy everything your opponent can muster, but at the ridiculous cost of 9 energy.
Of course, the specific energy cost is a major limiting factor. With no current energy acceleration that Metal Poke'mon can take advantage of, Klinklang has to power up the old-fashioned way which at the moment just isn't good enough.
Klinklang DEX has the tanky body necessary to weather an opponent's attacks and actually get some use out of Metal Blast, but considering how many cards you will lose when Klinklang bites the dust I can't justify a reccomendation. Most important of all, Mewtwo EX is the current king of Grind-style attacks which makes Klinklang look like the poor second choice that it is.
Lock Gear is another attack that causes excitement at first glance. The 60 damage is barely worth mentioning since it won't do more than tickle the power players, but the secondary effect of drawing until you have 6 cards in hand is well worth trying.
The disappointment here comes from the attack cost. The backlash that comes from stacking 4 or more energy on a Poke'mon is the reason I don't like Metal Blast and the same applies to this attack.
I'm hesitant to come out and say that Lock Gear is useless however. With the rotation looming we are about to lose Junk Arm from our collective arsernals, which provided a crucial safety buffer that let us play Professor Juniper without fear of losing our valuable Item cards. Magnezone Prime, Sage's Training, Twins and Professor Oak's New Theory are also all about to bite it, leaving players scrambling for a reliable way to dig through their decks that doesn't involve tossing away irretrievable assets like Eviolite, Poke'mon Catcher and Rare Candy.
As such, a Klinklang swarm deck could conceivably be created just on the strength of refreshing your hand every turn, dropping Crushing Hammer, Tool Scrapper and Poke'mon Catcher to slow the opponent to a crawl until the time is ripe to Metal Blast our way to victory. But without a fast way to accelerate [m] energy onto Klinklang, the deck will never rise above League level.
Modified: 3.25 (this one is a dark horse that combines well with it's cousin from BW, but Klinklang DEX will never be tournament viable without a Metal equivalent of Dark Patch being released)
Limited: 4 (the drop in the quality of the competition does wonders for  Klinklang, though without a lot of other Metal Poke'mon as backup you won't get much mileage from Metal Blast. Lock Gear is worth it by itself, because the worst you can do with that lovely repeatable draw is keep yourself in energy for setting up the backup attacker while the chance of drawing into your trump cards is a game-winning bonus)
Combos with: a reliable way to drop a Stage 2 and four [m] energy by Turn 3 while keeping your opponent from ripping your lower stages a new one.

Jebulous Maryland Player

Klinklang is a Stage 2 Metal Pokemon with 140 HP.  It has a Fire weakness, Psychic resistance, and a retreat cost of 4.  It is searchable by Heavy Ball.
'Metal Blast' costs 1 colorless energy and does 20 damage plus 20 more for each Metal energy attached to it.  So you would need 2-3 Metal energies on it to knock out small basics.  To knock out things of Zekrom size, 7 Metal energies... I won't bother with OHKOing EXs.  If you put 4 Metal energies on it (enough to pay for the next attack), you'll be doing 100, which is decent, but not worth that amount of energy.  It is very unlikely it will have more than 4 Metal energies on it, unless you are completely dominating with it.  With its high HP, it'll make Mewtwo EX work for an OHKO.
'Lock Gear' cost 2 Metal energy and 2 colorless energy.  It does 60 damage and lets you draw until you have 6 cards in your hand.  The damage output is not that good for the cost, but I assume it is low to balance out the drawing effect.  So the drawing effect... it seems like a watered down version of Magnezone Prime.  With Magnezone, it is an ability that you can use during the turn, so you can use the cards you draw.  For this, you attack, draw, and then have to wait to use them (which tells your opponent they should disrupt your hand if possible).  It's like how Sableye is a watered down version of Junk Arm.
Anyhow, this card is not great.  Magnezone Prime did the drawing effect better, but since we don't have it anymore, this is the closest you'll get (besides Bianca - who which, I didn't care for all that much until I ran into a Bianca cosplayer at Otakon).  Comparing this Klinklang to the other version, this one is bad.  The other allows energy moving, something which decks can be built around.  'Lock Gear'
is something you can't really build a deck around.
With so much other great effects to compete against, this Klinklang falls short.  It has a good attack, but not good enough to stand up to others out there.
Modified: 3/5
Limited: 4/5
Combo's With: ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

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