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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Klang #76

Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: July 30, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.33
Limited: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Welcome back, Pojo readers! We're doing more Dark Explorers reviews this week, but we'll definitely be reviewing the new cards in Dragons Exalted really soon! In the meantime, we're reviewing some Metal-types and Colorless Pokemon this week. We'll kick things off by reviewing Klang.
Klang is a Stage 1 Metal Pokemon. Metal Pokemon are somewhat rare in Modified these days, although Klinklang has made an appearance in a top deck when paired with Darkrai-EX and Prism/Rainbow Energy. As Klinklang's lower form, Klang would most likely see play in that deck. 80 HP is decent for an evolving Stage 1, but not great, as many high-powered attacks will still take out this Gear Pokemon in a single hit. Fire Weakness isn't as bad as it used to be, considering Reshiram and Reshiram-EX rarely see play these days. You'll have to watch out for Fire-types in Limited, though. Psychic Resistance is great against the likes of Pokemon like Mewtwo-EX, although Mewtwo will still only need one extra Energy in order to make up the damage. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 3 is terrible but unexpected. At any rate, you'll want to use Switch to get Klang out of the Active Position.
Klang has two attacks. Charge Beam deals a decent 20 for two Colorless Energy, and can also add an Energy to Klang from your discard pile on a coin flip. While 20 damage for two Energy is absolutely nothing special, the free Energy acceleration can be good in the early game if you manage to get some Energy into the discard pile early on, or even later in the game in Limited, as well. Vice Grip deals a vanilla 50 damage for a Metal and two Colorless, which is unimpressive. It is consistent damage for Limited, however, which can be fairly decent there.
Modified: 3.5/5 This is purely in the context of a deck involving Klinklang. While nothing special, Klang's 80 HP matches the HP scores of all of its other forms, as well has having identical bottom stats. What sets this Klinklang apart is Charge Beam, which allows for Energy acceleration, which is always great. However, since most of the time you won't be attacking with Klang in Modified unless you're in big trouble, the choice is largely a matter of personal preference.
Limited: 3.75/5 Klang is pretty nice in Limited, even if you don't have Klinklang. While Charge Beam's damage isn't stellar, Energy acceleration is always excellent, and this attack can recycle any type of Energy, allowing it to easily fit in decks with multiple types. Additionally, Vice Grip deals unimpressive but solid damage for its cost, which is also type-friendly by only requiring a single Metal Energy. Overall, Klang can work in a deck where Klinklang is a main attacker, or as a supplementary attacker in any deck running some Metal Energy.

Jebulous Maryland Player

Klang is a Stage 1 Metal Pokemon with 80 HP.  It has a weakness to
Fire, resistance to Psychic, and a retreat cost of 3.    With those
stats, it is searchable by Level Ball and Heavy Ball.  In the BW- format, being searchable by both helps increase the odds of getting it (and it's even better that the whole line has cards that are printed with 3 retreat cost).
'Charge Beam' costs 2 Colorless, does 20 damage, and if you flip heads, you can attach an Energy from the discard to this Pokemon.
It's not that great of an attack, except the retreiving the Energy part.  The Klinklang deck (I don't know if winning Nationals was when it got into the spotlight or if it was before) is a deck that conserves energy, not accelerates it.  So having an attack that could possible get an energy back is helpful.  I still don't like that you have to flip, but in this case I understand because you are getting an extra energy attachment.
'Vice Grip' costs 1 Metal and 2 Colorless Energy and does 50.  It is not that great of a move and probably won't be used unless you are in a pinch or you just want to finish off the opponent with it.
So this card is pretty much like all Stage 1 Pokemon (except Gabite from the new set).  They are pretty much there to get you to the Stage
2 (in case you can't use/haven't gotten a Rare Candy).  They usually are not used for attacking, so the attacks don't matter most of the time.  But 'Charge Beam' can help if you need to get energy on the field and are using Klang to stall in the active spot.
Modified: 4/5
Limited: 3.5/5
Combo's With: ...
Questions, comments, concerns: jebulousthemighty@yahoo.com

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Klang (Dark Explorers)
To start a fresh week, we're moving on to Metal types from Dark Explorers. Although personally I've always though it a bit strange that the TCG has a different name whereas the video games call it the Steel type.
Klang is an evolving Stage 1 with at least 1 interesting evolution, so if it can pass muster as a superior option to Rare Candy then it could see some tournament play. Unfortunately, the Weakness to Fire (mostly meaning Entei and Reshiram EX), the relatively low 80HP and the heavy retreat cost are all easily converted into a Prize for the opponent so Klang is already behind the eight-ball.
The Psychic Resistance is all that Klang has in the way of survival assets because neither of the attacks will disrupt the opponent in any way. In fact, Energy Charge is a cheap attack that actively negates the Resistance (at least as far as Mewtwo EX is concerned) because the secondary effect is to attach an energy to Klang from the discard on a successful coin flip. At least the [c][c] cost is cheap enough, but the 20 damage is negligible. The only upside to Energy Charge is that you could get an extra energy onto the field for Klinklang BW to move around and you aren't restricted to just Basic energy either. Still, this isn't much help.
Vice Grip is worse, being [m][c][c] for 50 vanilla damage. Not high enough to be threatening but expensive enough to ensure that Klang becomes Catcher bait and/or target practice for Raikou EX, you should avoid this attack entirely.
To conclude today's writeup, this Klang is not the one to be using if you want to use Klingklang BW in your deck. Another Klang has a flip-for-Paralysis attack that works much better than Energy Charge and the demise of Vileplume UD has made Rare Candy attractive again, so this card offers nothing new. Use this in a Metal build only if you really, really need extra means of retrieving your Special energy from the discard.
Modified: 2.5 (Klingklang BW is a niche tech at best so Klang will rarely be more than a singleton in the deck, if indeed it isn't dropped completely in favour of Rare Candy)
Limited: 3.5 (energy recursion is fairly useful in Limited and it works to power up the decently powered Klingklang from this set, so go for it if you pull the entire line)
Combos with: a wrench. Still, unrestricted energy recursion is useful even if Klang will likely languish in the binder for all time.

Baby Mario
2010 UK National
Is in Hawaii for the World Championships!

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