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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Cofagrigus #52   

Dark Explorers

Date Reviewed: July 12, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 2.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Cofagrigus (Dark Explorers)

Fun fact (which isn’t really fun if you think about it): Cofagrigus’s Japanese name translates as ‘death coffin’. Chances of that surviving translation for a Western audience would have been exactly zero. Ironically, the name they chose ended up causing problems of its own on the Global Trade Station in the video games, but that’s another story.

Cofagrigus is a fully evolved Stage 1 Pokémon with a mediocre 100 HP, a painful Retreat cost of two, and a Weakness to Dark which makes it easy prey for all the Darkrai-EX out there. One good thing is that it’s a Psychic Type that doesn’t have Psychic Weakness so Mewtwo-EX will need an extra Energy to OHKO it with X-Ball. Not that that is likely to be a problem.

Lock Up, Cofragrigus’s second attack, is relatively uninteresting. For two Psychic Energy, it does 40 damage and stops the Defending Pokémon from Retreating next turn. Although there could be situations where it would be useful (for example if an opponent had something like Vileplume UD active for some reason), Lock Up is nothing special and is certainly not the reason why this card was given a bit of attention when it was first revealed. To discover why that was, we have to take a look at Chuck . . .

Chuck is a somewhat original attack, which has the potential to inflict a great deal of damage. For the low cost of two Colourless Energy, you discard as many Tools as you like from your hand and get to do 40 damage for each one. With four Tools currently available (Exp Share, Eviolite, Rocky Helmet, Dark Claw), and more to be released soon, it’s clear that Cofagrigus has the ability in theory to OHKO any Pokémon ever printed.

There are, however, a couple of problems. The first is the massive HP of a lot of Pokémon these days. If Cofagrigus wanted to KO any EX Pokémon (apart from Mewtwo, which it hits for Weakness, and Shaymin), it would need to discard FIVE Tools. Even taking an easy KO on most evolving Basics, or support Pokémon like Smeargle would mean losing a couple. Yes, they can be brought back with Junk Arm, but even so, even getting that many in your hand in the first place is difficult. Doing it three times to take 6 Prizes from EX Pokémon? Very unlikely indeed. The second problem is the effect that running 16 Tools will have on your deck. That is over a quarter of the space dedicated to stuff that you are just going to discard. It means that room for consistency cards (draw and search) is squeezed and the chances of drawing into a terrible hand (imagine opening with Yamask, Junk Arm, and five Tools) is far higher than you would like. So much so, that I think it is impossible to build a Cofagrigus deck that isn’t doomed to having huge consistency issues.

It’s a neat idea. It may even be worthy of a fun League deck. But taking this to a tournament would be asking for trouble and inviting failure.


Modified: 2 (interesting but impractical)

Limited: 2.25 (only one Tool in the set, so you would be relying on the mediocre Lock Up attack)

Jebulous Maryland Player

Cofagrigus 52
Hey everyone, this is my first review on Pojo.com.  A brief backstory... I'm new.  I joined up with a league a couple months ago, so that's where I am.  I have yet to go to any of the big tournaments (I was waiting for the season to end; I didn't see a need to start when Nationals were right around the corner).  I played Pokemon from Base Set to Neo Destinies, dropped it for Yu-Gi-Oh, and recently came back.  I'll do my best with the reviews; I don't claim to be an expert at all, so hopefully my reviews won't sound horrible.  
A few of things to note:
-I'm going to do my reviews with the mindset of it being the BW and on format
-At some point I'll get lazy and not check to see if I spelled a Pokemon's name correctly
-I like typing in Notepad, which has no spell check (so expect horrible spelling errors if I don't copy it to Word)
-I'll try to describe which Pokemon I'm talking about (like the good Eelektrik) rather than use the set name, seeing as how I don't have the set names memorized (or really care to)
-Based of the previous point, I have no one to play test with, so at some point it would be nice to find people in my area
Cofagrigus is a Stage 1 Psychic with 100 HP.  It has a weakness to Dark and retreat cost of 2.  The 100 HP is okay, nothing spectacular when you have the 130+ HP Basic gang running around.  One problem this card faces is being searchable.  With 100 HP, you can't use Level Ball.  With 2 retreat cost, no Heavy Ball.  Pokemon Communication and Ultra Ball are what come to mind for getting it (but they require resources in the hand to use).
The weakness to Darkness is not doing any favors either.  Dark decks (Darkrai EX variants and Zorark) easily take this guy down.  The Stage 1 with 2 retreat reminds me of Eelektrik, but that's about it.
The first attack, 'Chuck', seems to me like a waste.  You need to discard Tools from your hand to get more damage for this attack.  But if I have Tools in my deck, I would rather use them for their purpose.  Maybe if the was a Tool that came back to the hand when discarded, this attack could be viable.  I guess you could combo it with Sableye to get the tools back... That seems like dedicating too many resources to a not so great combo. You use this attack, next turn retreat to use Sableye's attack to get the Tools back, then the turn after attack again.  That is giving your opponent too much time to set up/start Knocking out your Pokemon.  Oh, a plus is that a Double Colorless would let you do this attack.  I guess the ideal scenario is having a large hand of unusable Tools (to me, if that is the ideal situation, I shouldn't be using this card).
'Lock up' is the second attack.  Two Psychic to use; I can't think of any Psychic Energy acceleration except Gardevoir to make your Psychic energies count as double.  It does 40 and the Defending Pokemon can't retreat.  40 damage is not much, even if they are weak to it.  The effect is kind of useful, but I would think a skilled opponent would have a way to get around it (Switch or just attacking).
In the current format I can't really see much that would make me want to put this guy in a deck.  I can't think of any speedy combos to make it competitive... maybe you can?
As for Limited, I could see it being more useful depending on whether or not you are looking at huge Defending Pokemon.  Lock up could potential disrupt your opponent, but it all depends on what they have.
Modified: 1/5
Limited: 2/5
Combo's With: Sableye DEX

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