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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Eelektross #41

Noble Victories

Date Reviewed: Jan. 10, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.37
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Eelektross 41/101 (Noble Victories)

If you read yesterday’s review (or played in any recent tournaments), you will know that the Stage 1 of this card, Eelektrik, has a fantastic Ability. Evolving him means losing that, so this Stage 2 Pokémon had better be something utterly brilliant, or it’s just going to go unused . . .

Well, it gets off to a decent start with 140 HP, even though that’s pretty much become the standard for Stage 2s these days. The important thing is that it hits the magic 130+ that will save it from the Unova Dragons. Even with Fighting Weakness, this also puts him out of the range of an unboosted Earthquake from Donphan Prime, but then Donphan isn’t even the biggest Fighting Type threat anymore and now it’s Terrakion NV and Landorus NV that will be dishing out the OHKOs. Needless to say, the Retreat cost of three is abysmal, but Switch is a card you should probably be running anyway.

Eelektross’s first attack, Acid, is pretty good. For the cost of a Double Colourless Energy, it does 30 damage and prevents the Defending Pokémon from Retreating next turn. Retreat Lock can be a nice little strategy in combination with Pokémon Catcher: drag out a non-attacker, use Acid, and buy yourself a turn or two if your opponent doesn’t have a Switch. Nothing game-breaking, but a good start. Unfortunately, the Double Colourless cost does not carry over into Wild Charge (I hate it when that happens) which needs [L][L][C] to do a vanilla 90 damage with a 10 damage recoil to Eelektross. Nothing much to say about that: it’s not completely horrible, yet it’s certainly not good enough to be worth getting a Stage 2 out (and losing Eelektrik) for.

And that’s really the main problem with this card. Playing it involves sacrificing your Energy accelerator for a mediocre attacking Pokémon. Yes, it could be situationally useful (when you need 90 damage to close out a game and all you have left are Eelektrik on the Field), and that could tempt you to tech one into a deck that already uses the Stage 1. Honestly though, you are much better off using the space for another Zekrom, Tornadus, or even a Thundurus (which has great synergy with Eelektrik-based decks).

Eelektross is a bit of a disappointment all round. Not least because it doesn’t reflect its major asset in the video games: being a pure Electric Type with Levitate as its Ability means that Eelektross effectively has no Weakness in the game. If they could somehow translate that on to a future card (maybe as an Ability), then future Eelektross might be more playable. This one though? Not so much.


Modified: 2.25 (nice first attack, but otherwise outshone by its Stage 1 . . . can’t remember when I last got to say that in a review)

Limited: 3 (good if you can get it out . . . like most Stage 2s)


Hello once again, Pojo readers! Today we're going to review the evolution of the card that we reviewed yesterday. Today's Card of the Day is Eelektross.

Eelektross is a Stage 2 Lightning Pokemon. Lightning Pokemon are fairly common in today's Modified format, with Zekrom, Magnezone Prime, and Eelektrik (Eelektross's Stage 1 form) seeing a lot of play. Given that Eelektrik sees so much play, there is a chance that Eelektross will see some play. 140 HP is good for a Stage 2 these days, as it reaches the "magic number" of 130 HP and should allow Eelektross to take at least two hits before going down. As for bottom stats, Fighting Weakness is rather unfortunate against Donphan and Terrakion; no Resistance is also a shame; and a hefty Retreat Cost of 3 means that you'll want to use something like Switch to get Eelektross out of the Active Position.

Eelektross has two attacks. Acid deals 30 damage for two Colorless Energy, and prevents the Defending Pokemon from retreating during your opponent's next turn. While the secondary effect of preventing retreat is nice, 30 damage really isn't enough damage for a Stage 2 to be seriously effective. Additionally, without some sort of Trainer/Item lock, your opponent can simply Switch to end the effect. Wild Charge does 90 damage for two Lightning Energy and a Colorless, with the downside being that Eelektross also does 10 damage to itself. Given the Energy costs and similar effects, Wild Charge can be easily compared to Bolt Strike. While Wild Charge deals less recoil damage, Bolt Strike deals more damage to the Defending Pokemon and is on a Basic, making it easier to get into play. Overall, I wouldn't recommend Eelektross over something like Zekrom or Magnezone Prime, as its damage output pales in comparison.

Modified: 2.5/5 This is one case where you'll probably want to stop evolution. While Eelektrik sees tons of play due to its amazing Dynamotor Ability, Eelektross does very little to separate itself from the already saturated crowd of Lightning-type attackers. It can be considered as maybe a one- or two-of in a deck utilizing Eelektrik's acceleration, but most of the time you probably won't want to bother, as the other attackers in those sorts of decks (Zekrom, Magnezone, Lanturn) are generally more effective.

Limited: 4/5 Eelektross is fairly good in Limited. High HP is always a plus, Acid has Colorless Energy requirements, and Wild Charge is fairly good for its cost. Of course, Eelektross is a Stage 2 and is thus fairly difficult to get out in Limited, but once you do manage to get it into play and powered up, you should be able to easily get quite a few KOs.

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