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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Regigigas EX

Next Destinies

Date Reviewed: Feb. 16, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 4.60

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With: See Below

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#7 Regigigas-EX

Remember the Regigigas LV X tank decks from last format? There were people that loved that card and are probably really happy to see this EX released. Can it be turned into an unkillable monster once again?

Well, it certainly has the HP for the job. 180 on a Basic is (as I keep saying this week), barely believable. The Colourless Typing isn’t particularly great as it will hit nothing (except the pretty rare Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND) for Weakness, and it is threatened by the likes of Terrakion NV and Donphan Prime, thanks to the Fighting Weakness. On the plus side, Regigigas can use any kind of Energy, making this card pretty much splashable into any deck (if wanted). I’m sure no-one expected good news when it came to the Retreat cost, so at least no-one will be disappointed: it’s four and that’s horrible, so play some Switch.

Regigigas-EX has two attacks, and they actually have some synergy with each other which is nice (and uncommon) to see. The first, Giga Power costs three Energy of any Colour and does 60 damage. That doesn’t sound brilliant, but there are a couple of things to consider . . . Firstly, with Celebi Prime, Skyarrow Bridge, a DCE, and a Grass Energy, Gigas could be hitting that 60 on turn 1. That’s right, your evolving Basics and Baby Pokémon could be getting donked by a Regigigas. Don’t know about you, but I think that’s kind of funny (or at least I will do until it happens to me). You could pull off the same trick with Pachirisu, Shaymin, and Lightning Energy of course. The second thing about Giga Power is that you have the option to increase the damage to 80 (which will KO most evolving Stage 1s, plus things like Smeargle and Absol Prime). If you do this, Gigas will then do 20 damage to itself. Sounds like a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Of course, if you didn’t want to take the 20 damage to Gigas, but still hit for 80, you could always use Eviolite.

In fact, the self-damage can be used to the Regi-EX’s advantage. Raging Hammer, its second attack, costs 4 Colourless Energy and does 50 damage plus 10 more for each damage counter on the card. This makes it like Outrage on steroids: with 170 damage on it, Gigas can be hitting back for 220!

Managing Raging Hammer to your advantage is not always going to be easy. You will need to be aware of the possibility of Gigas being OHKO’d next turn and giving up 2 Prizes. What would be ideal is if you had the ability to add or take away damage counters as necessary, and luckily there is a card in the format that can do that for you. For this reason, Regigigas-EX might find a place in decks that play Reuniclus such as The Truth or Gothitelle (though Gothi is practically dead as far as tournament play goes). Alternatively, Gigas can be used in a similar way to that of the Outrage Dragons (Reshiram BW, Zekrom BW, Kyurem BW): simply send it up and dare your opponent to attack: if they can’t knock it out in one hit, it will be doing some serious damage on the next turn.

At the moment, I’m unsure of just how good or useful Regigigas is. The Fighting Weakness makes me doubt it could be the star of its own deck right now, but as a tech or an alternative attacker, it could well find its way into some lists.


Modified: 3.5 (unlike the LV X, you can’t build a deck around it, but it’s a good card that can fit into a lot of lists)

Limited: 4.5 (slow to set up, but very tough to KO. Capable of winning games on its own once it gets going)


Greetings, Pojo readers! Today we're reviewing #7 on our Top Cards of Next Destinies, and it's yet another Pokemon-EX. Today's Card of the Day is Regigigas-EX.
Regigigas-EX is a Basic Colorless Pokemon-EX. As a Colorless Pokemon, Regigigas can fit into any deck with relatively little difficulty, and as an EX, your opponent will take two Prizes when Regigigas is Knocked Out. Fortunately, Regigigas has a huge 180 HP, which should make it able to take a few hits before going down. Fighting Weakness is unfortunately a major problem, as Terrakion will OHKO with Retaliate (after a KO) and Land Crush. As one might expect, Regigigas also has no Resistance and a massive Retreat Cost of 4, which probably shouldn't be paid unless you're about to lose the game.
Regigigas has two attacks. Giga Power starts off at 60 damage for three Colorless Energy, and can deal 20 more if you elect to have Regigigas also do 20 damage to itself. This can be a fair tradeoff in the early game, especially if that extra 20 damage can get you a KO. Otherwise, the self-damage could be a bit of a risky proposition, as many hitters will be able to 2HKO or 3HKO Regigigas once it is damaged, even with relatively weak attacks. Raging Hammer is another additive damage attack, this time starting at 50 damage for four Colorless Energy, but increasing by 10 for each damage counter on Regigigas. As one might expect, this attack works amazingly if Regigigas has a lot of damage on it, and can eventually reach a damage output that is worth the huge 4-energy cost. In order to control the amount of damage, Reuniclus' Damage Swap can be used, preferably with Vileplume in order to block Trainers to keep the cell safe. Even if you decide to go a different route with Regigigas, its Colorless typing and good Outrage-style attack can find its way into many decks without problem.
Modified: 2.5/5 I'm rather low on Regigigas-EX for Modified right now, but that's not to say that it isn't playable. 180 HP is always amazing, and while costly, both attacks can be rather effective. However, one major problem Regigigas has right now is the popularity of Terrakion NV, which can OHKO Regigigas with both of its attacks. Therefore, Regigigas needs a way to deal with the Fighting-type Musketeer if it wants anything close to a shot in Modified. Of course, other attacks could be paired with Regigigas to make it work, but until this shortcoming is addressed (or if Terrakion sees less play), Regigigas could have an uphill battle for dominance in the format.
Limited: 5/5 Regigigas is simply amazing in Limited. 180 HP on a Colorless Pokemon is outstanding, and it can easily fit into any deck. A few people at my local prerelease used Regigigas-EX as their only Pokemon (so 1 Regigigas, ~6 Trainers, and 30+ Energy) as their deck, with great success. Even if you don't decide to go that route, Regigigas easily makes every deck better. If you manage to pull Double Colorless Energy to run with it, even better.
Combos With: Reuniclus BW, Vileplume UD


Now for number seven of our Top 10 Promising Picks of BW: Next Destinies is Regigigas EX. Yes, another day, another Pokémon EX. It should be interesting to note that even if all six Pokémon EX end up in our Top 10 (and I am not saying if all the remaining ones are or are not in it), despite being the set’s big new feature they are making up the bottom half of the Top 10. Is the basic design inherently good but these first few are just slightly flawed gems, or do we just have some great non-Pokémon EX this set? I am not certain, so I guess I’d better focus on Regigigas EX.

Let’s see if we can get a feel for this card!


As usual, I will remind you that we must weigh things a bit different for Pokémon EX than for non-Pokémon EX. So different that they don’t even count as having the same card name, thus you could run four copies of Regigigas EX alongside four copies of Regigigas in the same deck. Receiving an extra Prize card of compensation means they can be approximately twice as good as the non-Pokémon EX equivalent. The inherent advantages to having a single, even bigger Basic Pokémon over two different, still big Basic Pokémon means that it isn’t as simple as multiplying all quantities by two. In case someone (most likely a new player) is poking around the CotDs and not reading the last few, I will remind everyone that an effect like Space Virus (the Poké-Body on Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND) will add a third Prize to what a player receives for KOing a Pokémon EX; three Prizes is half your starting Prizes, so while not a probable occurrence be wary of it. Similarly unlikely to matter for most players, if you’re using Pokémon EX with older cards in Unlimited play, Pokémon ex do not count as Pokémon EX in either terms of card name or card effects.

Being a Basic Pokémon is the best in this format: you have the normal benefits of requiring less deck space and being faster and easier to get into play than any other Stage, plus we keep getting cards that support Basic Pokémon usage! Being a Colorless-Type Pokémon, on the other hand, isn’t really good or bad right now: neither Weakness nor Resistance to it is often played, nor is there any support or counters currently legal that specifically target the Colorless Type.

Regigigas EX, like most of the other Pokémon EX, sports a magnificent HP score of 180. Only a handful of cards have met or surpassed this mark in the entire history of the game. Outside of exploiting Weakness, few Pokémon will be able to take Regigigas EX down in a single shot. Speaking of Weakness, Regigigas EX is Fighting Weak. Mono- or mostly mono-Fighting-Type decks aren’t seeing much competitive play right now, but at least the occasional Donphan Prime deck is still likely, while Fighting-Types splashed into decks means a Terrakion is likely to put the hurt on an unwary Regigigas EX. Even a Fighting deck that isn’t truly successful might also sport a Landorus. These potent Fighting Types can put the serious hurt on Regigigas EX, some even scoring a OHKO without outside help! Conversely, this card possesses no Resistance to offset this Weakness, but if the pattern holds the rest of the card should be good enough that this is justified.

Last for the stats is a gargantuan Retreat Cost of four, the second highest printed and the highest currently being printed. This is awful; you’ll have a hard time paying it except in decks with abundant Energy acceleration and even there, the cost will hurt. You will rarely ever manually retreat this card: bring Switch to help. On the bright side, this makes Regigigas EX a legal candidate for Heavy Ball to search from your deck.


Regigigas EX has two attacks, the standard for the Pokémon EX we’ve seen. The first is Giga Power, which does 60 points of damage for (CCC), with the option of doing another 20 points of damage on top of that if Regigigas EX does 20 points to itself. Completely on its own, this a good attack: especially with Double Colorless Energy any deck can afford to pay it, and those with Energy acceleration of any kind will have it ready in two turns, tops. The secondary affect allows it to hit a little harder when needed, and you get to judge if it is worth the self damage. Thanks to Eviolite, you can essentially do 80 for (CCC) with no drawbacks!

Of course, you almost want that self damage because of the second attack, Raging Hammer. The base damage for this attack is 50 for (CCCC), which is pretty bad even when you can use Energy acceleration. However the effect is that it does another 10 points of damage for each damage counter on Regigigas EX. Obviously his means Giga Power is superior until Regigigas EX is hurting. You need one damage counter on Regigigas EX for Raging Hammer to even equal the minimum damage output of Giga Power without that attack’s optional effect; three damage counters for the boosted version. Especially if you have Eviolite soaking the self damage from Giga Power, Raging Hammer is only stronger when you have at least four damage counters on Regigigas EX, and really worth four Energy when you’ve got at least five damage counters on it.

Raging Hammer is another attack that is only good when you factor in the rest of the card. Use Giga Power a few turns and finish off with a bang!


So what use is there for this card? As much of an overstatement as this may sound, Regigigas EX may become the budget player’s Mewtwo EX. 180 HP is great (better than Mewtwo EX, actually) and Pokémon EX versus Pokémon EX revenge KO fests are going to be likely. Starting with an injured Regigigas EX, Shaymin EX needs your opponent to have taken five Prizes in order for it to score a OHKO. Mewtwo EX needs nine total Energy attached between itself and Regigigas EX to score a OHKO. Kyurem EX, Reshiram EX, and Zekrom EX need outside help. Even if you used Giga Power and did the 20 points of damage to yourself, odds are still good Regigigas EX is surviving the next turn. If your opponent uses a “big” attack that (as indicated) is unlikely to score an actual OHKO, you are just empowering the Regigigas EX player to drop one more Energy and finish off your own big hitter. If that is a Pokémon EX, it doesn’t really matter that you can knock Regigigas EX out with a feather the next turn; it did its job.

Just to emphasize the point, once Regigigas EX has 130 damage on it (leaving it with 50 HP), Raging Hammer OHKOs anything in the game that lacks protection. When it has just 30 HP left, it will still hit for 200 points of damage before other effects, which means unless something negates the attack or you have more protection that Eviolite or two Special Energy Metal Energy or a single Defender etc. that Pokémon is going down. If you try to slowly wear down the HP of Regigigas EX, even without using self damage Giga Power is a threat: 60 points of damage adds up fast, and once you’ve done more than 30 points to Regigigas EX odds are Raging Hammer will be used instead for even more damage. Yes, Eviolite offers some great protection to all the Pokémon EX, but Regigigas EX uses it the best of all. With it now Giga Power is a guilt free 80 points of damage and you can more gradually build damage to make Raging Hammer truly devastating.

Plus the full potential of Regigigas EX really just needs a deck that runs Double Colorless Energy and Eviolite; a trick to get a third Energy in a single turn is nice but not necessary; an opponent that does anything but chip away at its HP is begging for you to drop a second Double Colorless Energy and push for a OHKO. If it was a Pokémon EX it will often be worth two Special Energy cards and Prizes, and if it is a non Pokémon EX you can probably take another attack and rely on Giga Power. If Regigigas EX isn’t facing down a Zekrom or Reshiram (normal versions) with adequate backing, proper procedure will allow it to come out on top. I wonder if Regigigas EX could be the “big hitter” of a good “self-damage” deck. Exactly what that looks like, I don’t know, but I expect to see Regigigas EX alongside Zekrom and maybe Reshiram (yes, the non-Pokémon EX versions of those two).

So what about Unlimited? Unlimited is currently dominated in competitive matches by vicious First Turn Win decks that will all but ensure you have a single Pokémon start and place enough damage counters on it for a OHKO, possibly with the ability to resort to the more classic “donk” formula that simply hit hard enough to take most Pokémon out first turn (since some of the biggest Basic Pokémon like Regigigas EX will require both anyway). There are also decks that completely strip away your hand first turn so that you’re top-decking, in which case they have good odds of KOing you before you can get going. After that there are vicious lock decks that will completely deny a resource like Pokémon Powers (so far Abilities are safe, but remember this includes original Pokémon Powers, Poké-Powers, and Poké-Bodies), Trainers (all Trainers and not just a subcategory), and even Evolutions. Such lock decks may even mix multiple forms of denial together!

After all of this, you get the fun, crazy matches that use the best of the rest. Normally that is a bit of a knock, but not here: once you get past the outright broken combos, you’ll get to enjoy the madness that is… well probably something backed by Slowking from Neo Genesis. Trainer denial is important, and Slowking is easy to work into most decks, especially if the deck already has Evolutions and thus pretty much has to run Broken Time Space. At least, this is my current understanding of how Unlimited works: your mileage may vary. Once we get to the bottom of all of that… Regigigas EX isn’t actually too bad. I’ve been somewhat hard on the Pokémon EX (though I think it is deserved) because most seem to be over killing machines that require too much support. Regigigas EX is a bit different. The bad news is that yes, its Weakness a problem: you’ll have little Tyrogue from Neo Discovery hitting you half the time for 60 point of damage on a single Energy, protected by both “the Baby Rule” and an equipped Focus Band. Then again you’ll remember how Regigigas EX works and the fact that it would take three successful hits for a KO… and Regigigas EX probably has its own Focus Band. Don’t sweat the self-damage from Giga Power; for one thing many turns you won’t need it as 60 points of damage is enough to OHKO something (at least if its Focus Band doesn’t save it).

Yes, I am going into a lot of detail here, but (and I confess this is all conjecture) as I began writing, I realized exactly how much Regigigas EX has going for it in this format, and how close it could be to enjoying this in other formats. With its mono-Colorless Energy costs, Regigigas EX can enjoy many classical, long retired forms of Energy like Call Energy (allowing it to open), Cyclone Energy (allowing you to hopefully disrupt your opponent’s set up), etc. Regigigas EX is otherwise a blank slate to build a deck around. Using the traditional route, not only would you have room for Slowking, but possibly something healing Bench sitter as well, or something with a Pokémon Power or Poké-Power that has a Gust of Wind-like effect (but isn’t hurt by an opponent’s anti-Trainer measures). You could use Chaos Gym instead to protect yourself from Trainers, and build the deck in a manner to exploit this.

The only real concern is that if people are expecting Regigigas EX, they might run Sprout Tower and Unown N (Neo Discovery): the former drops all damage done (including self damage) from Colorless Pokémon by 30, while the latter just drops the damage received by 30 points for the controlling player. Sprout Tower actually helps Regigigas EX almost as much as it hurts, and even both together are just going to delay your ability to hit for decent damage, since I’ll remind you that you’ll regularly be smacking Pokémon with less than 100 HP (the infamous Neo Genesis Sneasel only has 60 HP!).

In Limited play, Regigigas EX is a must run. If you get stuck opening with it, you still have decent odds of taking one Prize or breaking even and taking two Prizes, due to the lower average damage of this format. Yes, unless you are extremely lucky and managed to pull and then draw a Double Colorless Energy when you have this problematic opening, you’ll need three turns to use Giga Power and four to use Raging Hammer. The thing is most Pokémon can’t hit you too hard until their player's third turn. Even against the Fighting-Type Pokémon in this set, most need to get lucky to take Regigigas EX down in three hits in this scenario. Late game, if you’re foolish and promote a Regigigas EX when your opponent has a fully powered Stage 1 Fighting-Type Pokémon in this set, you might be looking at a OHKO and probably a 2HKO. So in short, unless you’re really unfortunate or really stupid, you should break even with Regigigas EX and probably sweep for four Prizes.


Unlimited: 3.75/5

Modified: 4.25/5

Limited: 5/5


I am giving this card pretty high praise all around, but while the attacks seem ‘so-so’ or even poor at a glance, on top of the HP and the ability to use any Type of Energy for the full cost creates amazing utility, and that results in power. I really think that someone struggling to get a Mewtwo EX should consider this as an alternative. They do not use the same technique so don’t try to run them the exact same way, but both should make for good “big basic Pokémon EX beatsticks”. I also may not be giving Fighting-Type Pokémon their full do. Certainly if more Fighting-Type decks (or at least splashed Pokémon) start popping up, Regigigas EX loses up to a full point off of its score.

If my gushing didn’t make it obvious, Regigigas EX placed higher on my list… in the number four slot, in fact!

Please check out my eBay sales by clicking here. It’s me whittling away at about two decades worth of attempted collecting, spanning action figures, comic books, TCGs, and video games. Exactly what is up is a bit random. Pojo.com is in no way responsible for any transactions; Pojo is merely doing me a favor by letting me link at the end of my reviews.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
#7: Regigigas EX (Next Destinies)
Okay, so we've had some Poke'mon EX so far this week that are undoubtably powerful and will see at least a little table time, but none of them quite caught my imagination, which is why my reviews of Reshiram and Zekrom seem to be all over the place. However that changes today with Regigigas, the Poke'mon that finally feels like a true collosus!
Regigigas is a non-evolving Colourless Basic with 180 HP, Fighting Weakness, a retreat cost of 4 and two attacks to bring the pain. To me, these stats say 'Continental Crusher' from both a practical and a flavour standpoint. Like the other Poke'mon EX we've seen so far, once this gargantuan beatstick gets KOed it won't be coming back for a second round because of the lousy lower stats and costs (that's 2 Prizes for those not paying attention!), but it should last a while to begin with and lay waste to all it lays its multicoloured eyes on because of the impressive attacks and HP.
Let's go to the first of thos attacks. Giga Hammer is a [c][c][c] attack that deals 60 damage with the option of dealing 80 damage instead if you also hit yourself for 20. Aside from the obvious combo with Eviolite (both to cover the drawback and make your opponents shed tears or desspair), Giga Hammer isn't all that impressive. Just like the other 3 Poke'mon this week that is done deliberately to offset the raw power of the second attack, but unlike the previous contestants Giga Hammer has a beautiful synergy that makes up for its flaws.
Raging Hammer is the heavy attack of this behemoth, and the reason that the synergy exists is because it is like Outrage on a diet of Rare Candy. The cost is [c][c][c][c] and the inital output is 50 damage, but that increases by 10 for each damage counter on Regigigas. Since getting a 1HKO against Regigigas is ridiculously difficult, your opponent usually has to make a choice; face a brutal Raging Hammer backlash after damaging Regigigas, or lay back and suffer a painful chain of blows from Giga Hammer (which conveniently enough will usually 2HKO the target Poke'mon).
As is the case with Druddigon, Regigigas EX is the titan that anyone can use provided you can cough up the energy. I look forward to seeing the big guy around and I especially hope to see a mirror match with 2 Regigigas' as lone starters! Outrage fights would have nothing on that!
Modified: 4.25 (Regigigas is a massive resouce sink, but I can't help feeling that in this case it is actually justified. The Hulk (TM) isn't an all-occasions kind of monster but I can see calculating players actually getting their Prizes' worth out of this card)
Limited: 5 (there is no reason not to play this, it's the gift that keeps on smashing!)
Combos with: a bigger list of adjectives to describe the size of this giant, I've run out!

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