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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Cards of 2012:

#4 - Skyla

- Boundaries Crossed

Date Reviewed:
December 28, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#4 Skyla (Boundaries Crossed) 

Fanservice Airlines is now boarding at Gate 4 in our top 10 countdown. Today your pilot is wearing short shorts and a crop top and will be cruising at an altitude of 30,000 ft. During your flight, you will be served any Trainer card you like, and yes that does include Supporters and Stadiums. 

Weird as it seems, a few players don’t like Skyla much. Dunno if it’s the outfit (which is a silly reason not to like a card) or the fact that it means playing a Supporter that doesn’t draw (a slightly more legitimate objection). True, Skyla won’t put a bunch of random cards from your deck into your hand, but it will get you the card you need, via Computer Search if necessary. 

In Stage 2 decks, it has become a given that players will run 3-4 copies of Skyla as it massively improves their chances of hitting the Rare Candy early. However, Skyla is an incredibly good card in any deck. Let’s face it, how many times do you play a draw Supporter because you are digging for that ONE card you need (Pokémon Catcher, Switch, Max Potion . . . )? Quite a lot, right? In fact often you find yourself having to give up needed cards in your hand to play Juniper or N, and trusting to luck that you can draw into more copies. Skyla fixes this problem for you, which in turn makes your deck more consistent as it will be less dependent on the sheer luck of the draw and more able to use targeted search. And for those situations where you have burned your hand and really do need draw? Well Skyla can always fetch that Juniper or N to use on your next turn. If you run Tropical Beach . . . that could be even better. 

At the moment, I see 2-3 Skyla as being mandatory in pretty much any deck. For decks using Rare Candy, she really should be maxed out if possible. Because Skyla is such a versatile Supporter, she will be a very good option for players throughout her stay in the format, especially as we are expecting a whole lot of new, extremely powerful Trainers for her to fetch (Hypnotoxic Beam, Bicycle, Ether). If you haven’t managed to get hold of a playset yet, then I suggest you do so at your earliest opportunity. 


Modified: 4.25 (She gets the stuff you need to make your deck work)

Jebulous Maryland Player Skyla
A much anticipated card that has been a 2-3 of in some decks.  It allows you to grab the Pokemon Catcher, Dark Patch, or Switch that you need at that moment.  If need be, you can also grab a Supporter for next turn.  It's always fun during early game to drop your hand down to 1, then play Skyla for a Juniper.  What is your opponent going to do?  N you?  That's fine by me.
But the biggest use for Skyla seems to have been in the form of Rare Candy.  It helps with you chances to get a Stage 2 set up on turn 2.  So it is seeing a lot of play in Keldeo/Blastoise, and some in Hydreigon decks.
There is also the Skla into Computer Search, which lets you get anything you want (though you can use a Supporter).
So Syla is a very versatile card.  It's definitely not as good as the top Draw Supporters, but it has its uses for certain decks.

Skyla (BW: Boundaries Crossed 134/149, 149/149) takes the number four spot in our Top 10 of 2012 list.  So what does this young woman who stole classic Mega Man’s arms…


…oh, I am the only one that sees the visual similarities?  So what does this card bring to the game that gets it ranked the fourth best card of the year and the second most promising card of its set, BW: Boundaries Crossed?  You can read our initial reviews here while I summarize and update what has already been said.


In BW-On we currently have the following Supporters: Bianca, Cheren, Cilan, Hooligans – Jim & Cas, Hugh, N, and Professor Juniper in addition to Skyla herself.  Eight total Supporters sounds like a lot, but the game has shifted a bit over the years; in past formats where a deck might run just eight Supporters, there were significant sources of Pokémon, non-Supporter Trainer, and/or Energy draw/search power.  So in the past where there would 12 to 16 significant draw/search cards of varying types, here they must all be Supporters, with two exceptions.


Don’t get excited, one of those exceptions doesn’t see competitive play and neither are perfectly reliable. The first is the number seven pick for this list, Random Receiver, that you will recall adds a Supporter to your hand (unless none are in deck) at the cost of it being the first to show up as you reveal cards from the top of your deck (everything else is shuffled back in).  Xtransceiver is simply “tails fails” on the otherwise amazing effect of adding your choice of Supporter to your hand.


So eight actual Supporters and two placeholders for them… why is that still on the low side?  It is what they do and how they do it.  Simply put they clash; Professor Juniper is too powerful not to play, especially with decks that can play down their hands relatively reliably to minimize the sting of discarding your hand.  N provides nearly as much draw with a shuffle-and-draw alternative, but since it is based on Prizes, your return can get too low past the first few turns, and while it offers disruption by affecting your opponent in a similar matter, it can backfire tremendously.


Professor Juniper and N have become the gold standard, and the other draw cards just don’t measure up.  Bianca can be totally dead and seems to average only about as much as Cheren.  Cheren is reliable but with the power creep of the game might is no more useful than Bill and Mom’s Kindness were when they were legal.  Cilan grabs a lot of basic Energy but in a format where only one or two competitive decks really need that service, if even that many.  Hooligans – Jim & Cas is disruption and “tails fails” at that.  Hugh draws one less for you than Bianca with the potential of forcing you to discard and the same odds of either for your average opponent.


It is no wonder Random Receiver was being run heavily as a stopgap measure; most decks don’t actually need to play 12-16 Supporters, but run that many to avoid any missed Supporter uses early game.  Thus Random Receiver can still try and fill the void.  So with this non-competition, Skyla was looking at good odds of being useful; not a guarantee, but good odds.  She met this by being not only being the currently rare “search” Supporter, but by searching for any one Trainer, something that is quite rare in Supporters.


This format thrives on powerful plays of Items, this quickly propelled here to a must run for all but a few decks, and in some you will see her run with a three or four count.  After all, many of those big draws were being run to try and pull the correct Item or a card that a pre-existing Item could search out.  Skyla was accompanied by our first “Ace Spec” Trainers, which (so far) are powerful Item cards you may only one of; not just one copy, but only one “Ace Spec” at all!  One of our first happens to be Computer Search, making for an obvious combo where a deck can give up Skyla (and your Supporter usage for the turn) plus two discards to ultimately get any one card you need!


Despite all this, Skyla is just snagging a single card, and sometimes you’ll need quantity over quality.  For most current Modified decks she is a must run; a card with a widespread, somewhat deep impact but with a big cost.  I don’t know if she would be worth the effort in Unlimited, but for a significant amount of decks, I think she would be; this format has access to a lot of non-Supporter-based draw, with some famous Item cards (like Professor Oak) that Skyla can snag easily.  In Limited, as long as you have another Trainer besides herself to search out, she is a must run.




Unlimited: 4/5


Modified: 4/5


Limited: 4.8/5




Skyla excited more than just fans of the character, and everyone should have a play set even though most decks are running just two or three.  She and Ultra Ball are very even in value and in my own list she was also one above Ultra Ball.  The big difference is that they were in the fifth and sixth place slots instead of fourth and fifth.


The difference comes from Tornadus EX (BW: Dark Explorers 90/108, 108/108), which I apparently was more impressed by, ranking it the fourth best card of the year while collectively we only scored it as the eighth best.  Another card I ranked higher didn’t even make the list *gasp* but come back next year (relax, that’s just next Wednesday) to learn more about what did and managed to outrank even Skyla.

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