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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Simipour #29

Next Destinies

Date Reviewed: April 20, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.25
Limited: 3.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Simipour (Next Destinies)

We finish the week with a review of yet another one of the Monkey Trio cards. Since they made their debut in Black and White, we have seen ten of them in just four sets, and precisely none of them have been competitively viable. I can’t decide if that means the designers like them or not.

Today’s subject is Simipour ND, a 90 HP Stage 1 Water Pokémon with Lightning Weakness and a Retreat cost of one. There’s absolutely nothing to like about any of that (from a competitive point of view): all it means is that you have a Pokémon which is relatively slow to get out (compared to a Basic), and is incredibly easy to KO. Well, all I can say is that it better have some stellar attacks . . .

The first, Collect, costs a single Water Energy and has the effect of drawing three cards. Attack-based draw has not really been viable for a long time and although Simipour does give you a generous amount of cards, the fact that it is a Stage 1 means that you draw less over two turns than you would with Virizion NV (the only draw-based starter to see play in a very long time). The fact that you need to run Water Energy to use it is also a severe drawback as it means Simipour use is restricted to one (rarely played) Type of deck as I doubt anyone would want to waste a Special Energy (Prism or Rainbow) on it. Simipour does have an offensive attack too though. Stadium Wave costs one Water and one Colourless Energy, which isn’t too bad, but for that you get just 30 damage unless there is a Stadium Card in play, in which case it does a still underwhelming 60. It isn’t even as if there is a playable Stadium out there that you would want to play with a card like Simipour, so you are forced to either rely on an opponent to play one, or waste deck space on an otherwise useless card just to be able to do 60 damage with a Stage 1 (and no-one is going to do that).

So, what we are left with is a card that is incredibly similar to the Simisage from the same set. This either makes it on-theme or a lazy piece of design, depending on your point of view. Either way, it’s useless for Modified play and probably intended just for use in the Limited format where any form of draw is great and 60 damage isn’t too bad (plus there are a couple of Stadiums in Next Destinies). There’s nothing wrong with having cards that are meant to shine in Limited, but once the prereleases are done . . . so is this Simipour.


Modified: 1.5 (too slow to be a draw engine, too weak to be an attacker)

Limited: 4 (just because draw is so valuable here)


Happy Friday, Pojo readers! Today we're ending our COTD week with yet another member of the Unova monkey trio. Today's Card of the Day is Simipour from Next Destinies.
Simipour is a Stage 1 Water Pokemon. Water Pokemon aren't so common right now due to the prevalence of Lightning-types, and Evolutions have to be really good in general in order to see play because they require more resources and time to get out when compared to Basics. 90 HP is just what we'd expect from Simipour, and it's unfortunately not enough to compete in Modified as an attack (some support Pokemon can get away with it, but that's not really what Simipour would be used for). Lightning Weakness is also bad, as Lightning-types are among the most common Pokemon you'll see in the format, because Zekrom/Eels is a very powerful deck right now. Unfortunately, Simipour doesn't have any Resistance, but it does have a reasonable Retreat Cost of 1.
Like the other members of its trio, Simipour has Collect and an attacking move that has an additional effect with a Stadium in play. Collect draws three cards for a single Water Energy, which is once again great in Limited and not in Modified, as ideally you'll want to be dealing lots of damage in Modified. As for Stadium Wave, it starts off at 30 damage for a Water and a Colorless, dealing 30 more and putting the Defending Pokemon to sleep if you have a Stadium in play. Like the other Next Destinies monkeys, this attack doesn't do enough damage to be a major factor in Modified, but is good enough to see play in Limited.
Modified: 1/5 Simipour won't see any play here due to its low HP, bad Weakness, and lackluster attacks. There are generally better options for card draw and status effects.
Limited: 3.75/5 On the other hand, Simipour is quite nice in Limited. Collect is great in a format where card draw is lacking, and Stadium Wave can easily do good damage for its cost if you can manage to get a Skyarrow Bridge or Pokemon Center into play, which is fairly easy to do in Next Destinies Limited. Just look out for Lightning-types, and Simipour should work as either a Water-type support Pokemon, or an attacker on its own.

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