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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Cinccino #85  

Emerging Powers

Date Reviewed: April 2, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Cinccino (Emerging Powers)

Hello and welcome to a new week of reviews here on Pojo’s CotD. We’ll be continuing to round up some of the cards we haven’t got round to reviewing yet. Maybe there will be some undiscovered gems in there? Who knows? (Well, hopefully I do, or I wouldn’t be much use as a reviewer).

We kick off the week with Cinccino, one of the most adorable Pokémon ever created. Unfortunately, there isn’t very much that is adorable about being a 90 HP Stage 1 with Fighting Weakness. Eelektrik NV gets away with it thanks to its amazing Energy acceleration Ability. Cinccino is going to need something similarly good to make it a viable competitive card.

Sadly, it has no Ability, but it does get two attacks. The first, Captivate, costs a single Energy of any Colour. It doesn’t do any damage, but what it does do is let you switch one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon with their Active. Sounds familiar? Yep, it’s Pokémon Catcher in the form of an attack. The trouble with this is that effects which are amazing when you do them with a Trainer or Ability, are much less amazing when they take up your attack for the turn. Yes, Captivate can still be disruptive and annoying for an opponent that has a high Retreat non-attacking Pokémon on the Bench (like Vileplume UD, Emboar BW, or Eelektrik NV), but they still have the chance to Retreat on their turn and carry on with their game plan. Besides, if this is the kind of attack you are looking for, you don’t need a Stage 1 to get it: Carnivine TM and Bellsprout TM do the same job for the same cost, and they are Basics.

However, if Cinccino boasted a good second attack, Captivate would be a useful way of setting up a KO, or messing with your opponent while you waited for the Energy to use it. What Cinccino has instead of a good attack is Fluffy Tail. You know what? I really wish Fluffy Tail was good. In a game filled with tough-sounding attacks like Land Crush and Disaster Volt, it would be awesome to go and take some Prizes with something as cute as ‘Fluffy Tail’. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. For two Energy (any Colour will do), you get a pathetic 30 damage and a Sleep Condition which only has a 50/50 chance of sticking. With a damage output like that, your opponent would need to flip a lot of consecutive tails for Cinccino to actually manage a KO on a Dragon or an EX.

So, if you want to play Cinccino (and he is adorable enough to make this tempting, even though you won’t win anything), stick with the BW version, or even the one from Next Destinies. This one is by far the weakest of the three, even if he does have the best attack name.


Modified: 1.5 (too weak to compete)

Limited: 4 (like it a lot here – disruption and Status Conditions can be amazing, and the low damage output isn’t so much of a problem)


Hello, hello, Pojo readers! We're going to review more cards from a variety of sets this week, so be sure to check back for updates daily. Today we're going to kick things off with a Colorless Pokemon from Emerging Powers. Today's Card of the Day is the Fluffy Coat Pokemon, Cinccino.

Cinccino is a Stage 1 Colorless Pokemon. Colorless Pokemon are generally good in the Pokemon TCG, as they can use any type of Energy and can therefore fit into any type of deck. 90 HP is fairly standard for a Stage 1 right now, and leaves Cinccino with just enough HP to take a weak attack, but falls prey to the heaviest hitters in Modified. Fighting Weakness is a major problem against Terrakion, no Resistance is what we'd come to expect, and a single Retreat Cost is easily paid.

Cinccino has two attacks: Captivate and Fluffy Tail. Captivate acts like Pokemon Catcher in attack form, forcing your opponent to switch out for a single Colorless Energy. Most of the time it simply makes more sense to just use Pokemon Catcher (at least in Modified), but Captivate can come in handy under Trainer Lock conditions, so using Cinccino could be good in that type of deck, if your local metagame is slow enough. Fluffy Tail is Cinccino's offensive maneuver, dealing 30 damage and putting the Defending Pokemon to sleep for two Colorless Energy. This attack can be decent in Limited, as auto-Sleep can be very annoying there, but it simply doesn't do enough damage in Modified to usually warrant a deck slot, unless you're using Cinccino for Captivate in a Trainer Lock deck as described above.

Modified: 2/5 Cinccino is really only good for Captivate here, and only in very limited circumstances. Otherwise, there are many other Pokemon that can do its job better.

Limited: 3.5/5 Cinccino is a very solid pick in Limited. Colorless typing allows the fluffy rodent to fit in anywhere, and both Captivate and Fluffy Tail are serviceable here. The disruption that forced switching and Sleep provides is very good, especially on a Colorless support Pokemon. Overall, I highly recommend using Cinccino here.

Combos With: Vileplume UD (see above)

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