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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Chandelure #20

Next Destinies

Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Chandelure (Next Destinies)

Due to a mix up, I already wrote a review for this card a few weeks ago, so I hope you won’t mind if I post it again. My views on the card haven’t really changed: it’s basically a nice tech with the Noble Victories Chandelure, and can be effective in a Toolbox-Style Mew deck.

Chandelure is a Stage 2 Fire Type Pokémon with 120 HP, Water Weakness, and a Retreat cost of two. The Fire Typing is quite nice at the moment: it might not be hitting much for Weakness (the occasional Cobalion, plus of course Durant), but it also rarely runs into any Water Pokémon that can exploit its own vulnerability (apart from the even more occasional Kyurem). 120 HP is a bit of a problem though: it’s low for a Stage 2 and what’s worse it puts Chandelure into unboosted OHKO range of Reshiram BW and Zekrom BW. The Retreat cost could be a pain if this Chandelure was run outside of traditional Chandelure decks which use Dodrio UD.

Flame Burst, Chandelure’s first attack, has pretty much the best (reliable) damage/cost ratio in the game. For a single Fire Energy, you do 30 to the active, plus 30 damage to two Benched Pokémon: that’s a total of 90 damage for one Energy! Ok, I am over-selling it somewhat as that 30 damage puts very little pressure on the active Pokémon (especially if it is a huge Legendary Basic), but that snipe attack is still good enough to OHKO Baby Pokémon or exceptionally weak Basics like the ever-popular 30 HP Tynamo or the increasingly less popular Solosis. It can also be used to set up easier OHKOs against higher HP attackers. The second attack, Inferno, is pretty good value too: just [R][C] for 80 plus Burn (although you do have to discard all Energy attached to Chandelure to use it).

On its own, neither Flame Burst nor Inferno are likely to get many OHKOs and this, together with the fact that Chandelure is a low HP Stage 2, means that it can’t really carry a deck as a main attacker. As a tech in existing Chandelure decks though, it can be very useful. The snipe damage has great synergy with Chandelure NV’s Cursed Shadow Ability (which places counters without using an attack). This is probably going to be where you see Chandelure played the most. The other possibility is to use it as a See Off tech in Mew Prime decks (credit to Mees Brenninkmeijer for this idea). Being able to use Flame Burst on turn two when facing Eelektrik decks that need to Bench multiple Tynamo is great, as you stand a much higher chance of picking them off before they evolve than you would if you had to wait to actually get the Stage 2 into play.

So . . . not a card to build a deck around, but a good card to place as a single copy to increase the effectiveness of existing decks.


Modified: 3 (If you’re still playing Chandelure, find a slot for him)

Limited: 3.25 (sniping is a very effective strategy here . . . but getting a Stage 2 out isn’t always easy)


Hello once again, Pojo viewers! Today we're continuing our reviews of Fire-types by reviewing a Stage 2 from Next Destinies that has seen some tournament play. Today's Card of the Day is Chandelure #20.
Chandelure is a Stage 2 Fire Pokemon. Like the other Fire Pokemon we've reviewed this week, Chandelure has to do something that Reshiram and Reshiram-EX can't in order to see Modified play. Being a Stage 2 is somewhat of a problem for Chandelure right now, as Stage 2s are essentially nonexistent in Modified due to the resources they require. 120 HP is average for a Stage 2, as the chandelier will only be able to survive weak attackss. Water Weakness is to be expected for a Fire-type, and Chandelure has the problems against Kyurem and Kyurem-EX that the other Fire-types we've reviewed this week have. Unfortunately, Chandelure still has no Resistance, but does have a Retreat Cost of 2, which is payable if you're in a bind.
Chandelure has two attacks. The first, Flame Burst, deals 30 damage to the Defending Pokemon as well as 30 damage to two of your opponent's Pokemon for a single Fire Energy. This attack is absolutely brutal in Limited in terms of efficiency for its cost, and would even be decent in Modified as well if the format weren't so reliant on huge Basics. That being said, the ability to spread damage around like this is very nice, even if it is on a Stage 2. Inferno, the second attack, deals 80 damage and Burns the Defending Pokemon for a Fire and a Colorless, but you also must discard all of the Fire Energy attached to Chandelure in the process. Given the lax Energy requirements, one can easily attach a Fire and some other type of Energy and Inferno every turn, especially if you can keep the Fire Energy coming to power the attack up. In Modified, Chandelure can get help from Emboar and Typhlosion Prime to keep the onslaught going, but once again, Reshiram is probably a better option for this sort of strategy because it is a Basic (If you want to spread, consider Kyurem).
Modified: 2.25/5 Chandelure would be great in Modified if the format weren't so reliant on huge Basics. Flame Burst is a wonderful attack that is next to useless here, as Chandelure's low HP means that it probably won't be getting in many hits. Inferno is equally great for its cost, but once again, Chandelure's being a Stage 2 ultimately lets it down, as the resources required to get it out make it a bit too slow to realistically work in the format. Players of Chandelure NV sometimes use this Chandelure as a tech, but otherwise, you're generally better with Reshiram as a Fire-type.
Limited: 4.5/5 Chandelure is a destructive force in Limited. Flame Burst is absolutely ridiculous in Limited, mowing down your opponent's Benched Pokemon with relative ease. Additionally, Inferno is a great, cheap attack for Limited, although the Energy discard can be a major downside. Overall, Chandelure is a great Pokemon to use in Next Destinies Limited, and should definitely be used if you pull its evolutionary line.

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