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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Leavanny #7

Emerging Powers

Date Reviewed: Sept. 9, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.13
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With: Mew Prime

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Leavanny 7/98 (Emerging Powers)

Ok, so here is the reason why people might want to bother with the Swadloon we have looked at this week: the better of the two Leavanny from Emerging Powers. Except that they most likely won’t, as I will explain later.

Leavanny is a Stage 2 Grass Pokémon, which is just about the worst Typing possible right now, considering that Grass is weak to all the commonly played Fire decks out there and hits virtually nothing of significance for Weakness (ummm . . . Feraligatr?). The 130 HP is decently average though, and the Retreat cost of one is positively good for the Black and White Block, where free retreaters are rare.

Leavanny even has an ok-ish offensive attack. X-Scissor has a poor base damage of 30 for [G][C], but gives you a coin flip chance to do an extra 50. Yeah, it’s not exactly reliable, but in a pinch you could find it useful I suppose. The real reason for this card getting any attention though, is Nurturing. This attack costs a single Energy of any Colour and allows you to search you deck for a Pokémon that evolves from one of your other Pokémon and play it down.

Sounds familiar? Yep, Nurturing does exactly the same thing as Spiritomb AR’s Darkness Grace – and we all remember how good that card was. Does this put Leavanny in the same league of usefulness? Hardly: Spiritomb was a Basic Pokémon, not a Stage 2, and it also had that Trainer-Locking Body going for it. No-one is going to want to put the effort into evolving a Stage 2 just so that they can evolve another Pokémon. I mean, why not just put those resources into getting out the evolution you wanted in the first place?

But there is just possibly a more efficient way to use Leavanny, and that is with Mew Prime. See Off a tech Leavanny to the Lost Zone, and then your Basic Mew is free to use Nurturing whenever it wants. Is this a viable strategy though? Well, it sure is a lot more practical than trying to get a Leavanny in play by conventional means, but it’s still rather slow and whether it is the best use of a Mew is highly questionable. Wouldn’t you rather be using Muk’s Sludge Drag, Jumpluff’s Mass Attack, or Gengar Prime’s Hurl on Turn 2? Yes, the Mew/Leavanny combo might be useful in getting a Vileplume up and running, but to be honest, you are probably better off using Sunflora HGSS to help out with that.

Since the rotation of Broken Time-Space and the Rare Candy rule change, evolution decks have taken a hit to their speed and playability. It’s to wonder then, that people are giving Leavanny a second look, but I fear it is not going to be the answer they are looking for.


Modified: 2 (Maybe someone can make Nurturing work, but I can’t)

Limited: 2.25 (getting a Stage 2 out is hard work here, and this isn’t really game-winning enough to be worth it)

Combos with . . .

Mew Prime

Vileplume UD


Happy Friday, Pojo viewers! Since we had our 2000th COTD earlier in the week, today's COTD is a twofer: we're going to be reviewing both Leavanny from Emerging Powers. One of them was originally in the Japanese Black and White expansion (#7), while the other has so far only been released in the Emerging Powers set. I'll start with #7, then talk about #8.

Both Leavanny have the same top and bottom stats, so I'll talk about them generally here. 130 HP is pretty good for a Stage 2, it's about the average of what we get right now, and should allow both Leavanny to take a few unboosted hits. Sadly, 130 HP is still within OHKO range for many powerful attacks in our metagame, especially with PlusPower. Fire Weakness is quite bad, meaning that Reshiram, Typhlosion, and Emboar easily OHKO. No Resistance is somewhat to be expected, and a single Retreat Cost is fairly good.

Both Leavanny have two attacks. Leavanny #7 has Nurturing for a single Colorless, which allows you to search your deck for an Evolution card, show it to your opponent, and evolve one of your Pokemon, shuffling afterward. This attack is great for its cost, only it has the problem of being on a Stage 2 already. The attack would have been much more effective on a Basic or even a Stage 1, as the early-game is when Nurturing would be most effective, and if you already have a Leavanny out, chances are you should be able to have your attacker out as well. It is worth noting, however, that if you See Off a Leavanny with Mew Prime, Mew can then use Nurturing to quickly evolve your other Pokemon. X-Scissor is this Pokemon's only form of offense, starting with a decent 30 damage for a Grass and a Colorless, but does 50 more damage if you flip heads. This is an average of 40 damage a turn, and while 80 damage for two Energy is fairly decent, our Modified metagame is in a place where that value is too low to be effective, especially for a Stage 2.

Leavanny #8, on the other hand, is all about offense. It has Slash as a cheap vanilla 30 damage for a single Colorless Energy, and Triple Cutter allows you to flip three coins, dealing 60 damage times the number of heads for two Grass and a Colorless. Neither of these attacks are really going to have much impact on Modified play right now, but both are quite decent in Limited. Triple Cutter may end up working well with Victory Star Victini (which we'll probably get in Noble Victories), but there are generally better options to pair that with as well.

Modified (#7): 2/5 I can't really see Leavanny making that much of an impact in Modified any time soon, but Nurturing is quite a nice attack that can be abused by Mew Prime. It's probably not the most reliable strategy, but it can definitely help with evolution acceleration.

Limited (#7): 4/5 Nurturing is excellent here, and X-Scissor can also be quite nice. Search is always great in Limited, and searching and evolving together is great. X-Scissor is also fairly cheap for the cost, and can end up dealing decent, if not amazing damage.

Modified (#8): 1/5 This Leavanny probably won't see play in Modified, even when Victini comes out. Slash is too vanilla and weak to be useful on a Stage 2, and Triple Cutter is too flippy.

Limited (#8): 3/5 Unlike in Modified, Leavanny #8 isn't terrible in Limited. Slash is a good attack to use while waiting to power up Triple Cutter, and a few lucky flips with Trriple Cutter can easily get a few KOs in your favor. While it's not the most consistent attacker in Emerging Powers, it's quite serviceable, especially if you draft a lot of Grass. Just wish it had slightly nicer Energy requirements, though.

Combos With: Leavanny #7 combos with Mew Prime.

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